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The Sliders Season Two Gag Reel
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Warning: This gag reel does contain language which some people may find offensive.

Above is a screen capture from a true treasure. The Season Two Gag Reel is a short tape of bloopers and in-jokes which were put together by members of the Sliders crew (Paul Fontaine and Paul Leonard) to be shown at the season two wrap party. In case you don't know, this is the party held to commemorate the end of filming for an entire season.

The running time (or actual viewing time) of the clip is approximately 6 minutes. Right click here or on the image above to save the Season Two Gag Reel zip file to your computer for viewing. If you do not have a program to unzip the file, then visit for a free evaluation download of WinZip. Due to the size of the file, you might also want to install a download manager such as GetRight for Windows or iGetter for Mac.

The gag reel itself is very self-explanatory and has few "in-jokes" that aren't accessible to the general fanbase. The first in-joke is the spinning, green mannequin arm with a wheel behind it in the slide tunnel. This is a very inside joke which the film editors had with the producers. You see, the original plan for the end of "In Dino Veritas" was to have the dinosaur's arm be cut off by the closing vortex. As such, the producers wanted a CGI visual of the dinosaur arm spinning in the tunnel for the ending. Well, that stiff mannequin arm was the work that had been done for the CGI and was the way it was going to look (only colored green with the wheel hidden). The film editors begged the producers to delete this scene since the arm just looked ridiculous; and the producers listened. So the end of "In Dino Veritas" was re-written, and the CGI arm was exiled to be a big inside joke on the gag reel.

Another item is Arturo missing the vortex in the opening sequence. Despite season one reports of John Rhys-Davies often missing his mark, he actually didn't miss the mark this time. The scene was re-edited and the effects played around with to make it appear that John came up short.

You'll also note during the "Please Remain Seated" portion that John Rhys-Davies first believes he is doing a new voiceover for the fortune teller scene in "Into the Mystic". This is another in-joke that refers to John's determination to not read the fortune teller scene as written. As you may remember, the fortune teller scene featured a hint that Arturo did not measure up to Quinn in intelligence; a Salieri to Quinn's Mozart. John believed that Arturo should immediately rail back with "And can you can sing Mozart? Can you hum Salieri?"; a comment to the effect that the difference between Quinn and Arturo's intelligence was minuscule compared in the eyes of the majority of the world. They were both at the top of their field; and any comparison was quite moot. Ultimately John would lose out on the argument, and he thought he would need to voice over his previously rebellious acting; but instead he was cornered by crew member Bill Paxton (the man who did the voiceover) for a quick laugh.

Another rare treat in the Season Two Gag Reel is the extended version of Mel Tormé's song from "Greatfellas". The scat at the end was unfortunately cut for time in the final broadcast version, but we are able to enjoy it here thanks to the reel.

I know for certain that very few people outside of Sliders production ever get to see these gems, so get ready for a sight that not very many will ever get the chance to see!

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