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The Sliders Season Three Gag Reel
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Warning: This gag reel does contain language which some people may find offensive.

Also, it is not the same as the gag reel on the third season DVD set.
This is the uncut gag reel, which is over twice as long.

Above is a screen capture from a true treasure. The Season Three Gag Reel is a short tape of bloopers and in-jokes which were put together by members of the Sliders crew (Paul Fontaine and Paul Leonard) to be shown at the season three wrap party. In case you don't know, this is the party held to commemorate the end of filming for an entire season.

The running time (or actual viewing time) of the clip is approximately 13 minutes. Right click here or on the image above to save the Season Three Gag Reel to your computer for viewing. If you do not have a program to unzip the file, then visit for a free evaluation download of WinZip. Due to the size of the file, you might also want to install a download manager such as GetRight for Windows or iGetter for Mac.

Now, for a bit of explanation of some of the in-jokes which aren't self explanatory (you may want to view the clip before reading, or vice versa - it shouldn't ruin anything). Also, keep in mind that they aren't serious with any of this reel.

First, there is a picture of Sabrina Lloyd in an unfamiliar look during the "elegant hair style" section. This shot was a little in-joke for Sabrina since it was taken from Sabrina's role in the Patrick Swayze film "Father Hood." (thanks for pointing that out to me Aaron! :-)

Next up is the "original ideas" section. It is a bit uncanny, but watch as they flawlessly splice the episode "Electric Twister Acid Test" into a scene from the hit film "Twister" and likewise splice the cage scene from "The Other Slide of Darkness" into the film "Apocalypse Now!"

You'll also notice a quick shot of Rembrandt stopped by a talking garden gnome during "Rules of the Game". This was the filmed sequence with the 3 gargoyle puzzle in the original production draft of the script. As you can see, the final product turned out to be rather ridiculous, and was thankfully cut from the final broadcast version.

Next up is the shot just after the scorpion walks through the doorway (one of the early references for the digital scarab in "Slide Like an Egyptian"). The gag in question has Jerry O'Connell fighting off a machete wielding villian during "The Other Slide of Darkness" when Jerry looks to the camera and screams "Who loves ya, Bobby!" Jerry was shouting to Robert Hudecek, one of the Directors of Photography during season three, and the man behind the camera at the time. Robert stayed on with Sliders through the end, and Jerry continued his playful banter with Robert through to the Season Four Gag Reel.

A few more inside moments: the concert scene was the fabled Roger Daltrey on-set concert he gave after the filming of "Exodus" which you hear so much about in cast interviews. The music, however, is overdubbed for the reel and not what Roger was singing at the time. That is a live Kari Wuhrer performance later in the reel, though.

During the introduction of Quinn's character near the end of the reel, there is a cut scene to a child with a gun in the forest. Most should recognize this, but this is a spliced in scene from Jerry O'Connell's much-referred-to role as Vern Tessio in "Stand By Me."

The Arturo death scene from "Exodus" also has some additions with creatively placed cut scenes from "Carrie," "Phantasm," and "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen"; and I believe the overdub speaks for itself.

Lastly you have the squeaky little voice at the end asking for a wider shot. This was an impersonation of Alan Barnette...I am told that Barnette had a habit during the filming of season three for always asking for a wider shot on everything. If you watch the can see this. So, at the end of the reel they took it as far as they could...

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