Published: Wednesday, May 17, 1995
Page: B5

Tonight's season finale of Sliders, at 9 on Fox (WJW-Channel 8), puts a different slant on winning the lottery. On what appears to be the perfect Earth, Wade (Sabrina Lloyd) wins the lottery, but Quinn (Jerry O'Connell) learns that is this world's attempt at the ultimate population control: Wade has only a few hours left to live. Meanwhile, Rembrandt (Cleavant Derricks) falls for a lottery winner and risks his life to save hers.

In tonight's other season finales:

+ Ellen, 8:30, ABC. Ellen's (Ellen DeGeneres) relationship with Dan (William Ragsdale) heats up and Adam (Arye Gross) caves in to Audrey's (Clea Lewis) desire.

+ Marker, 9 p.m., Paramount's UPN (WUAB-Channel 43). After a brutal attack, a young woman has amnesia and needs Richard's (Richard Grieco) protection from her assailants.

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