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The Kromagg Alphabet
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If you get enough questions correct from the Kromagg perspective during the "Genesis" Online Slide, then you receive a copy of the Kromagg alphabet:

Kromagg Alphabet

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Now, the first thing you will notice is that some letters are missing...C, G, K, W, Y, and Z. The neat thing, however, is that the alphabet is compatible with the show for the most part...and that allows us to find some of the missing symbols.

For instance, in the first episode of season four, "Genesis," there is a Kromagg sign near the end of the episode which is destroyed by a laser blast just as Remmy and Maggie help Quinn escape the Kromaggs. Using the alphabet, every letter but the first one translates, leaving this (with the dash being the untranslatable letter):


Now, the placement of that sign shows us that the unrecognizable symbol must stand for "K" which would complete the message:


It is further interesting to note that the untranslatable symbol is prominently featured on the collars of all Kromagg command uniforms. So, by the reasoning above, this symbol on their collars means "K" (apparently an honored symbol since all Kromagg names begin with K as well). To close out the look at the uniform, the shoulder patch symbol stands for "E".

Kromagg Collar with 'K' Symbol

The only other set of symbols to translate in "Genesis" are the symbols on Remmy's prison uniform. Those symbols translate to what must be code (possibly some inside reference):


The next time we see the Kromagg alphabet is in the episode "Common Ground".

The first sighting is a white sign with black type which is hanging in the hallway Kromanus exits from after telling his subcommander to stop trying to "cook" Maggie's eyes. This same sign also later reappears hanging in the background behind the human subjects who are disintegrated, and at the end of the episode hanging behind our Sliders as they watch the weapon self-destruct and kill the Kromaggs. The message reads:


Another smaller sign hangs next to that one in the distengration scenes, but clarity of picture has so far not allowed translation.

Another time we see Kromagg signs is when Remmy makes his first outting into the restricted area and ends up locked in a room with radiated humans on stretchers. As Remmy exits, you briefly see a sign on the door which once again translates into:


As Remmy goes down the hall, he enters another ward which has a very long red strip warning on the glass door. This same door reappears several other times in the episode, such as when Kromanus is contemplating what he is doing near the end of the episode. Now, the first symbol of this message is the symbol for "D", but if that were the case...then the message would read translate like this:


This leads me to believe that the "D" symbol has a double meaning in the language (such as many foreign and ancient languages do and have done). For if the symbol also stood for "C", then the message would make sense:


Lastly are more coded messages which Jon Stipe of took the time to translate. Here are the results:

The large letters under Kromanus' interdimensional transmission say "URLB MAJ" (which Jon theorizes could be the coordinates of that world). The large letters at the top say "JAQ URLB", while the smaller letters directly underneath translate to "LOVS". Could this be some type of behind the scenes inside message such as "Jack loves URLB"? That is uncertain...the rest of the letters scattered over the map are just more coded letters which make no sense from our point of view.

The control panel for the weapon reads:

+---+---+ |8888| +---+---+
| F | R | +----+ | A | F |
| V | A | | () | | I | A |
| S | D | +----+ | P | D |
+---+---++ [I]  ++---+---+
+------+ | [O]  | +------+
| IBAM | ^      ^ |      |
|      | |      | | PALU |
| JMNN | |      | |      |
+------+ +-1234-+ +------+
+------+   5678   +------+
|      |<--90-->| NNMJ |
| PALU |          |      |
|      |          | MABI |
+------+          +------+

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