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This section of the Dimension is a place for ideas. Fans of Sliders have been writing fan fiction ever since the show's premiere...and many times, the fan's visions are far greater than what we receive from the show. Below you will first find links to one of the few places where my fan fiction stories are archived (these stories first appeared on the Universal Sliders Netforum). After that you will find a listing of fan fiction devoted sites on the web so that you can enjoy a diverse group of Alternate Visions. If you are a fan of Sliders, they are worth the read.

TemporalFlux Fan Fiction

Possible Season Three Finale Resolution

The Real Thing


Crossing the Rubicon

Possible Season Five Introduction

"Rewrite" at Earth 71999

Arturo and the Magic School Bus

Sliders Fan Fiction Sites

Sliders: The Otherworlds

Started by the amazing Chaser9, The Otherworlds takes a look at a multitude of different story arcs presented by a myriad of talent. If you're looking for quality Sliders fan fiction, this is one of the best spots on the internet to find it.

Sixpage: The Virtual Sixth Season Directory

While a section of The Otherworlds, this page deserves special notation. This is the most complete list on the internet of Sliders Virtual Season Six sites. If you want to see how other fans have continued the events of "The Seer", then check out this list.

Gate Haven

For the net's best source of Sliders comedy, be sure to check out Blinker's Gate Haven! (So named for the famed San Francisco asylum mentioned in "Invasion") There is just really no way to describe the massive amount of material here...there are cartoons, transcripts of the MST3K Caption This! game based on viewing Sliders episodes, hilarious fan fiction, and a whole lot more.

The Slightly Warped Sliders Page

Did someone say "I want more comedy!"? Well, here you go. Without a doubt, one of the funniest sites regarding Sliders. Be sure to check out the parodies - especially the long-running "Sliders/X-files Crossover" and "Mr. T vs The Sliders"!

SLFIC Archive

One of the most well known Sliders fan fiction repositories, this site has tons of fan fic for you to browse. Also, this site gives instruction on how to join the Sliders Fan Fiction Mailing List (SLFIC). The first stop for people who want to read Sliders fan fiction.

This is a newsgroup specifically for the posting of Sliders fan fiction. It hasn't been as active lately as it once was, but there are good stories that pop up from time to time. Definitely worth yanking into your news server for the occasional check.

Infinite Slides

Infinite Slides picks up where third season left off and goes in some very unexpected and entertaining directions. Ever wonder why Maggie acted like she did in the third season? Ever wonder what it would be like to have five Sliders and if it could work? Check it won't be disappointed.

Wrenlea Sliders

Not only home to some fabulous fan fiction by Julia Reynolds, but also home to some joint projects she composed with Nigel Mitchell. While you're there be sure to check out the scanned images at this site. There is some stuff there you can't find elsewhere.

Quinn's Basement

Once a mecca for "Quinnsters", Slida's webpage was sadly discontinued when news of the O'Connells' departures came to light. That doesn't mean you still can't share in the great offerings of this page, however. Thanks to the efforts of LBJM, Quinn's Basement was saved from destruction so that future generations can enjoy its great stories and ideas. So, take a look...especially if you are a fan of JOC and the once vivid Quinn/Wade relationship.

The Unsolved Mystery

This is fan fiction spinoff of Sliders which follows a group of Kromagg escapees known as the Rifters. Very interesting stuff, and you never know "Who" may pop up...

Mike Kriss' Fan Fiction Page

That's right, it's time for "Papa Arturo's Fractured Fairy Tales of Quantum Physics" with Vircide! Be sure to check out not only his own work, but other works he has graciously archived -- including my own!

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