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Applied Physics Script Outtakes
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These are scenes from the October 22, 1998 second revision draft of the script for the episode Applied Physics written by Chris Black. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

The only difference in the script deals with the teaser. We missed out on the beginning of the conversation which held a few interesting tid bits...


Applied Physics




The Caltech of this world. STUDENTS study and socialize on the grassy quad; some toss Frisbees as others hurry to class. We FIND...


on the grass taking the air. Remmy and Maggie are both on the grass with their eyes closed, sun on their serene faces. Diana works on her P.D.L. She casts a look at Maggie and Remmy.

DIANA If I wanted to sit around and get grass stains on my butt I could have done it on my world.
Maggie opens her eyes as Diana shuts down the P.D.L. in frustration.

DIANA As a matter of fact, this place doesn't seem any different from my Earth. There are some minor fluctuations in the quantum matrix, but... it's like we didn't go anywhere.
Now Remmy opens his eyes and sits up.

REMBRANDT Q-Ball used to say that with an infinite number of worlds, most of them we wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. DIANA That's the theory, but in practice... (looks around) makes the universe seem so *boring*.
Rembrandt and Maggie exchange a look.

MAGGIE That's a word we don't use much. QUINN (O.S.) Heads up!
And that's where we came in...with Remmy catching the football and Mallory throwing the ball back to his frat friends.

While not part of this script, the original intent of this story - as revealed in the Year 5 Journal - was to set up why Diana went with the Sliders. Originally, she was supposed to have tagged along to find ways to bring back Dr. Geiger...thus, she would have been a "traitor" in the group who was working against them. This idea was dropped, however...and Applied Physics was changed to have Dr. Geiger appear by accident rather than purposefully by Diana's hand.

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