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Kromagg Reproduction
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At the beginning of season four, it was revealed that the Kromaggs are taking women to be held in breeding camps for study. At first, this was presented to just be for sickening purposes...but later on we discovered it had a true purpose.

In the episode "The Dying Fields," we are told that the super weapon developed by Quinn's "dad" had a side effect...the weapon caused all Kromagg women to die two days after child birth. This allegedly engineered effect would obviously cause one result over time if unchecked...the complete genocide of the Kromaggs.

Once the Kromaggs began conquering alternate earths, they found a solution. If they were to take human females from their new dominions and breed with them...then the Kromagg race would live on in the form of Humaggs (introduced in "The Dying Fields"). There is a ironic problem with that, though. The Kromagg plan will still cause the Kromaggs to become extinct over time...instead, the only traces of Kromaggs left remaining will be a bizarre hybrid of themselves and their greatest enemy. As time goes on, a pure Kromagg will become the outcast and the freak...and the tide will turn.

With the Kromagg exile from their homeworld occurring close to 20 years ago, those Kromaggs who escaped are already becoming old...many have died in battle...and the Kromagg females are almost gone (as evidenced by their scarcity in the series). Yes, the dynasty will soon be as much human as it is Kromagg...and the Humaggs may even revolt since they obviously share as much human characteristics as they do Kromagg (as seen in "The Dying Fields").

Of course, there is a solution. Via Quinn's tracking implant, the Kromaggs are charting the worlds our Sliders have visited since "Invasion" (this was evidenced in the "Common Ground" Online Slide which states that the Kromaggs have taken over "Dream Master" earth from early in season three). With the Dream Masters' world taken over, the Kromaggs will soon come across another in which the women were infected with a virus that kills them after their child's birth...remember "Prince of Slides"? The problem on that earth is almost identical to that of the Kromaggs...and that world found a solution. By implanting the baby into an artifical womb in the father during the second trimester, the death of the woman is avoided. So, when the Kromaggs reach this earth and confiscate its technology (The Online Slide predicts they conquer five earths a it's not far off), they have the chance to use this tech to keep their race pure. Of course, it would mean forcing the male Kromaggs to carry the future of their race to term...which in turn could quell their ability to fight and invade. Oh, but what a humorous turn of events this solution would make...and a fitting setback to the Dynasty!

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