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Conrad Bennish Jr.
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This figure is the one which turned out the best and the one I'm most proud of...but it's also one of the most complicated to make (though it may not sound like it in a moment). You may remember that Arturo was made from the Sam figure of the Todd McFarlane Spawn set...well, Bennish was made from the Twitch figure included in that set.

The Twitch figure was a Woody Allen looking figure with clown like hair who had a Hitler-esque mustache and a police vest with several "puffy" pouches. The hair, the mustache and the pouches all had to be sanded off using the drummel tool. I'll go ahead and warn you...sanding off the pouches leaves some substantial holes in the chest of the figure (showing the hollow cavity inside). Don't worry...this will be covered up by Sculptey later (found at any crafts store). In fact, Sculptey takes over from this point. Using an Exacto Knife to aid in your sculpting, you first give Bennish his trademark hair on the now bald Twitch body. Just get the basic later come back with the knife and cut in many, many grooves to give the appearance of hair strands. Another very important small detail is to add Sculptey on both cheeks of the face...the Twitch face has sunken cheeks that come to a pointy chin and Sculptey on the cheeks is needed in order to make the figure look right. Sculptey is then used to give the multi-layered appearance of the jacket over his T-shirt (with Sculptey being the unstuffed portion of his T-Shirt and cuffs on the jacket). Lastly, place Sculptey around the feet in order to transform Twitch's loafers into Bennish's tennis shoes (using the Exacto knife to cut grooves which simulate the laces, tongues and soles of the shoes). To finish it out, a lot of detailed acrylic painting is needed (from painting Twitch's glasses black to the multi-colored rings on the sleeves of Bennish's jacket).

Sam and Twitch are copyrights of Todd McFarlane. Conrad Bennish Jr. is a copyright of Universal Studios and St. Clare Entertainment.

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