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The Breeder Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

Working title:

Cold War

These are scenes from the February 4, 1997 production draft of the script for the episode The Breeder written by Eleah Horwitz. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Our first altered view of events comes at the hospital just after Maggie has been taken there...

Maggie's slowly thawing. The red rash [that was on her face] has subsided. Outside the cubicle, medical personnel move about their rounds as Remmy and Quinn look in the cubicle. Wade eyes a thermometer that's attached to the glass of the cubicle.

QUINN One of those swamp things jumped on her face just before we slid. REMBRANDT Did she swallow it? QUINN No. She got it off but she may have swallowed some of that water. WADE (steps up to them) Another three degrees and her body temperature will be back to normal.
DOCTOR NATALIE SYLVIUS, early 30's, beautiful, her lab coat hanging open revealing a halter top and mini skirt, approaches.

DR. SYLVIUS I'm Doctor Sylvius. I'd like to ask you a few questions. QUINN Is she going to be alright? DR. SYLVIUS Well, we don't have all the test results yet, but her vital signs seem strong. Has she eaten anything unusual recently?
From there it proceeds like the final version...

After Quinn and Wade are snatched from the street...Remmy originally used a name not heard before for the hotel...

As he leads her down the street...

REMBRANDT Let's get you back to the hotel. MAGGIE What hotel? REMBRANDT We stay at the Chancellor Arms when we're in L.A. In case we get separated we always know where to hook up.

Also, we were originally supposed to see more of how Maggie got the dress...


Maggie, still in the bathrobe, walks along a sidewalk. Some people eye her with mild curiousity but it's L.A. and hardly the weirdest sight to be seen. She stops in front of a woman's clothing store window. Eyes the mannequins, then moves inside.


Empty except for the Middle Eastern SALESMAN dressed in a sharkskin suit, shirt open three buttons revealing some gold chains. Maggie walks to a rack of clothes. The salesman approaches, amused at the bathrobe. He tries to be funny.

SALESMAN Get locked out of your house.
She turns to him. Sizes him up. Expressionless, she puts her hand on his chest. The guy loves it.

SALESMAN I understand. You have no money. That's okay. We can make other arrangements.
She withdraws her hand.

MAGGIE Sorry. You're not hot enough. SALESMAN Of course not. That's because I'm working.
He steps closer.

SALESMAN But don't worry. I can get hot very fast.
He puts his hands on her hips. She backhands her forearm into his head, driving him backward and over a display case then calmly turns back to the rack and picks out an outfit.

Then we cut over to Dr. Sylvius talking with Remmy, Wade and Quinn about Maggie's condition...

And in case you thought the Chancellor Arms mention was a typo of some appears again here. Also, we get a BIG revelation about Diggs' bar...

QUINN (to Wade) So where does a woman go when she wants a man? WADE Singles bar. REMBRANDT The closest bar's the one in the Chancellor Arms. DR. SYLVIUS That's a gay bar.
The Sliders exchange a look.

DR. SYLVIUS But there are a number of bars in that area.

Lastly, did you ever wonder how Quinn and Wade got rid of the disk-like tags implanted in their arms? There was an explanation...

DR. SYLVIUS (beat, then) Bring me Maggie. When I have the symbiont, you can have Wade. REMBRANDT And if we can't find her? DR. SYLVIUS To paraphrase you, Mr. Brown, I don't give a damn about your friend. Harvesting Wade means one less of my people have to suffer.
A cool beat between them, then Quinn and Remmy share a look. What can they do?

QUINN Deal. But you also take these damn tags out of our wrists. (off her nod) And we'll need one of those cold trauma guns. Just in case we get lucky.
If you watch carefully...when Wade is brought out after Maggie is captured...Wade no longer has a tag in her arm. This is evident because her arms are exposed...we are unable to see Quinn's wrist as well. So, it would appear that although the line was left out, it was still a part of the deal and the story.

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