Our Fleet

We are focused on delivering the best experiences to our clients and that’s the reason why our fleet get changed pretty quickly. We change cars, invest in finding even the rarest models and the most luxurious ones. Whenever we get a client who wants to rent a specific car, we try to find it. That constant communication with the customers and responsiveness to their needs is what makes us the best in the sphere.

We also specialize in retro models, so you can find 53’ Rolls Royce, 54’ Packard, the oldest Cadillacs (38’), and so much more. Those are the coolest vehicles for weddings or big themed ceremonies. They are also a new way to spend your date night elegantly and simply.

But apart from those older models, we have a huge number of Hummers, including the newest ones. People love Hummers for their comfortability and ability to contain so many passengers without them feeling squashed one into another.

We have 2 limo buses that are your best choice for partying and having fun. Those include pylons and dancing rooms where you can stay private or just have fun with your friends. Our limo buses also have extended bars and we can arrange to get your favorite drinks.

We have 5 business class Sedans that are much shorter than a regular limo but still, are considered a limousine. Those are usually used for taking people to an airport or driving them back. A nice Sedan is the best way to tell your business client or a partner that you value and appreciate them without looking like if “you are trying too hard”.

We also have different cars with specific items for disabled people or unique limos that are sort of “one of a kind” for those, who love interesting things and cars. We have them in different colors, so if your wedding is supposed to be yellow or blue, we can find a car for you. Anything else that can be arranged in advance, should be done that way and so we can make your biggest dreams come true.

All of our stretch vehicles get checked each month and we always know that they are in excellent condition. Since we started our business we have no accidents, so you should know that you are completely safe with us. Our drivers are also checked and have insurances, so there will never be a problem with that. We truly hope that you will have the best day in your life while riding in our limos and will leave us a positive reply or help us improve if there are any inconveniences.