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Currently still under construction, this is the heart of the Dimension. This section contains various theories for continuity resolution in Sliders. These theories use facts from sanctioned sources (such as the show itself, official websites, etc.) as the framework to work in. Of course, the facts are presented to us in such a way to leave interpretation, so there is more than one answer to all of these problems.

It is possible (and hopeful) that we will see answers to these mysteries presented in future tales of the Sliders. For now though, take a look below and see if any of these thoughts add clarification to otherwise confusing situations.

Properties of Interdimensional Travel

The Sliding Radius

Egyptian Timer Mysteries

Dynasty of Lies

The Arturo Shell Game

The Disappearance of Logan St. Clair

The Sliders Comics' Place in Continuity

The Sliders Card Set's Place in Continuity

The Quantum Leap Connection

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