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These are scenes from the October 3, 1997 4th revision draft of the script for the episode Common Ground written by Chris Black. These scenes did not make it into the aired episode due to time considerations in the US. Special thanks to CoolSlider for contributing this information, Azhure for providing the large screen capture, and Blinker for providing the video clips.

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This missing scene takes place just after Maggie has described the fate of her world's Los Angeles and the Kromagg commander has commanded her to join him for dinner...

MAGGIE (dry) Great. Four hours on this world and I got a date. QUINN I hate to put a crimp in your social life, but forget it. MAGGIE If we don't get the timer back, we're gonna join those guys outside. QUINN We'll find another way. MAGGIE There might not be another way. QUINN I said forget it. MAGGIE When did you become my chaperone? QUINN It's not worth the risk. If the 'Maggs lay a hand on you, I...
He trails off. Maggie softens, surprised by his outburst.

MAGGIE Thanks, Quinn. I didn't know you cared.
Off Quinn's concerned expression...

The scene shifts to Rembrandt as he snoops around "the project".

Just after Quinn and Remmy are caught trying to operate the door lock, the scene shifts to Maggie and Kromanus eating dinner. The original scene had a missing bit on the beginning that gave some insight on Kromagg physiology...

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Kromanus watches as Maggie picks up a grape from the spread of food laid out on the table.

MAGGIE Aren't you going to eat? KROMANUS Our dietary requirements are a bit different from yours. (diplomatic) I wouldn't want to spoil your appetite.
Too late. Maggie sets down the grape. She wanders toward the desk. The Kromagg eyes her closely.

KROMANUS You were a pilot? MAGGIE Marine aviator.
Maggie now notices...


sitting on the desk. The numbers on the timer now read about TWELVE HOURS.

Near the end of the episode, when all three Sliders are in the force field cage, Remmy had a comment to Kromanus that didn't make the US broadcast...

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QUINN This isn't about winning back your world. This is about revenge. You're going to use that weapon to exterminate every human being in every alternate earth you find. KROMANUS It is not my place to question the will of the Dynasty. REMBRANDT (laughs bitterly) Oh that's beautiful. We had a bunch of guys on our earth who thought like that. 'Just following orders,' they said. KROMANUS I don't need to justify my actions to you.
He turns and walks away. Maggie calls after him.

MAGGIE No, but you have to justify them to yourself.

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