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Have you come into the middle of Season Five of Sliders and found yourself saying "What the bloody hell?!" Well, that's what this section is for.

Compiled below is what I feel you need to know in order to have a general grasp of Sliders continuity. Obviously, I have not covered the entire series, but these high points should fill you in on the basics and answer those questions concerning the drastic changes in the series. If you know what season you stopped watching, then you can use the links below to jump to the information needed.

Season One

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Season Three

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Season Five

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Season One - "The Pilot" - While trying to discover anti-gravity, Quinn Mallory accidentally opens the gateway to another dimension. After creating a return mechanism in the form of a timer, Quinn tested out the vortex; but upon his return home, Quinn found himself blamed for things he never did. It would turn out that Quinn's double from another dimension had come to visit and was having a little fun with his alter ego. This double of Quinn discovered the gateway earlier than our Quinn and had been traveling quite a bit (or "sliding" as the double called it). Quinn's double finally runs out of time on our Quinn's world, but not before attempting to give our Quinn a warning. Unfortunately, the double is pulled home before he can finish the sentence.

Anxious to show off his discovery, Quinn calls his co-worker Wade. He asks her to call his college Professor (Arturo) and ask him to come over (since Quinn's double had made him angry earlier in the day). Unaware of what they are getting into, Wade and Arturo arrive at Quinn's house and enter the basement lab of the young scientist. Of course, the basement was amazing enough; but the two visitors were completely blown away when Quinn activated the vortex. Never before had they seen such a spectacle as the floating portal. Of course, Wade immediately wants to try it out; but the wise Arturo is a bit more cautious. Ultimately Arturo agrees to go along, but an increase of power causes the vortex to perform oddly. The vortex jumps forward scooping up the 3 basement dwellers and continues through the basement wall to the outside street where it scoops up an unwilling Rembrandt Brown and his red Cadillac.

The world the four travel to is nothing short of a disaster. A world devoid of life and completely covered in ice. When a massive ice tornado threatens to kill them all, Quinn must advance the timer and activate the vortex early to keep them alive. This action takes them to a new world...but the coordinates to home have been erased as a result of the timer advancement. So, Quinn, Wade, Arturo and an unwilling Rembrandt are now sliding aimlessly through an infinite number of alternate earths in an attempt to find their home dimension again.

Season One - "Summer of Love" - Using the timer at will has finally taken its toll. With the Sliders separated on a world where a 60's-like movement is going strong, Quinn and Arturo must devise a way to use what's left of the timer to continue their dimensional journey. The answer lies in the Helix Spiral theory which points out that there will be one window of opportunity on each world where the weakened timer can open a vortex with the power it has left. However, if they miss the's 29.7 years until the next window of opportunity on any earth. So the sliders are now stuck with a ticking clock on each world they visit; and if they miss a vortex, then they could potentially be stranded on that world for practically the rest of their lives.

Season One - "Luck of the Draw" - On a world where a lottery system decides who lives in and dies, Wade is marked for death as one of the most current winners. With her death scheduled for around the time of the slide out, the sliders find themselves in a perilous race for life from a world that doesn't understand they don't belong there. With the help of another lottery winner, Ryan Simms, the sliders escape; but not without a price. Quinn is shot as he jumps through the vortex, and it is not certain if he'll survive the wound...

Season Two - "Into the Mystic" - Thanks to the medical skills of Ryan, Quinn survives the gun shot. With Wade not wanting a relationship, Ryan decides to stay behind on the lush world they escaped to; and the sliders continue their search for home only to end up on a world of superstition dominated by a mysterious Sorcerer. The Sorcerer turns out to be another double of Quinn who was using the image as a marketing scheme, but Sorcerer Quinn has the key to getting the sliders home. Albeit briefly, the sliders do return home at the end of the episode; but so many unbelievable things had happened since they left that they couldn't believe they were home in the minute the timer gave them to decide. So the sliders slide on...

Season Two - "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome" - The sliders believe they have made it home only to discover that the Golden Gate Bridge is blue. The desperate Arturo double on that earth had replaced our own and was stealing the credit for inventing sliding. Our sliders free an imprisoned Arturo, but another shows up also claiming to be real. As the vortex is fading, one Arturo punches out the other and slides on with our group...the Arturo who is left behind can only say "My God..." as the vortex closes. It has never been revealed if our group took the right Arturo with them.

Season Two - "Invasion" - The sliders are kidnapped by a alternate dimension race of evolved killer apes named "Kromaggs". These Kromaggs have perfected sliding (they can control when and where they go), and they are using that ability to conquer world after world. After interrogating our sliders through a series of mind games, the Kromaggs allow the sliders to believe they have escaped. However, the Kromaggs "tagged" one of the sliders with an implanted tracking device...and they are now going to watch where they go in anticipation of the day the sliders reveal their home base to the Kromagg war machine.

Season Three - "Double Cross" - An encounter with a female double of Quinn leaves the sliders with a changed landing zone. With the timer geo-spectrum stabilizer switched behind Quinn's back, the sliders now have a 400 mile radius in which they can land (with San Francisco as the center point). With the previous radius only 2 miles inside San Francisco, this change means the sliders can now land in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or anywhere in between.

Season Three - "The Guardian" - It is revealed that Arturo has a terminal illness and does not have long to live. Reluctantly, he continues onward with the group. Later in the episode, Arturo comments that he has just seen his first American football game. However, the original Arturo seemed like a pretty big American football fan (he even immediately knew what a Wish Bone offense was). Co creator and writer Tracy Tormeé has hinted that seeming gaffe was actually a clue inserted to show our Sliders no longer had the Arturo they began with.

Season Three - "Slide Like an Egyptian" - Separated from Quinn, the remaining Sliders make a difficult decision to miss their vortex window of opportunity. This renders their original timer useless for 29 years until the next window opens. When Quinn finally reunites with the team, he has found another timer (sliding was discovered awhile back on this world and used by royalty). Being an undamaged timer, they are able to activate it and continue forward on their journey with a new Egyptian timer. The countdown is installed to avoid the burn out problem they faced on the original timer.

Season Three - "The Exodus Part One and Two" - Stranded on a world facing an armageddon from Pulsar radiation before their time is up, the sliders strike a deal with an unstable military commander named Rickman to help them escape using sliding. Dr. Jensen (a scientist of that world and husband of Maggie Beckett) had almost cracked the secret and even figured out how to store coordinates so they could be returned to (thus meaning someone couldn't get lost). Jensen had also cracked the secret of tracking the destination of other sliding vortices so they could be followed. Using this, Quinn (along with Captain Maggie Beckett of that world) scout suitable worlds so that at least some of the pulsar endangered world can be saved. While scouting, Quinn finds what he thinks to be Earth Prime and has the coordinate stored...the Sliders are going to be able to go home. The wrinkle? Maggie's people can't go to Earth Prime...for some reason they can't breathe the atmosphere.

Quinn and company decide to make sure Maggie's people are safe before finally going home, and no good deed goes unpunished. It turns out that Col Rickman is not only insane, but he contracted a virus in the Gulf War of that world which forces him to inject other people's brain fluid into his neck to survive. Rickman created the list of Exodus candidates so he could have a reserve. Arturo and Jensen discover Rickman's plan, and Rickman kills Jensen while partially taking Arturo's brain fluid...thus causing Arturo to become slightly mentally retarded. Using Jensen's sliding device, the Exodus refugees go to their new world...and our Sliders confront Rickman as he is the last man in line for the Exodus vortex. Rickman tries to kill Quinn, but Arturo musters enough cognition to step in front of the bullet and save Quinn's life. The sliders survive until their timer's time is up by going into secret underground tunnels under the base, and they use Jensen's tracking ability to follow Rickman. Once there, Quinn and co. tell Maggie the truth about her husband's death and they all go after Rickman for revenge. Rickman escapes using the Jensen sliding device, but our Sliders can track him anywhere and decide to persue (their main reason being to get that timer back so they can have Earth Prime's coordinates). Maggie joins with them so she can get revenge on Rickman for her husband's death.

Season Three - "The Other Slide of Darkness" - The sliders encounter a world of dense yellow fog that choke our sliders...but not Maggie or Rickman. Maggie and Rickman are able to breathe for short periods of time...and their lungs eventually adapt to be strong enough to breathe for long periods of time in the fog.

Season Three - "This Slide of Paradise" - The sliders finally catch up to Rickman and have a final showdown. The Jensen timer is retrieved and Rickman is thought to be dealt the sliders decide to go home. The problem is Maggie...she can't breathe on Earth Prime. Quinn gives her the Egyptian timer so she can go back to her people on their new world...and then Quinn activates the Jensen timer with the portal to Earth Prime. But nothing is ever that the bad horror movie villain he is, Rickman shows up again at the last moment. With Maggie in danger, Quinn pushes Rembrandt and Wade into the Earth Prime vortex and stays behind. After saving Maggie, the Earth Prime vortex has Maggie decides to risk her life so that Quinn can use the Egyptian timer's feature to track vortices and follow Wade and Remmy home. However, the Egyptian timer was damaged in the fight...they slide randomly instead of tracking the vortex. Quinn and Maggie are lost.

Season Four - "Genesis" - The episode begins 3 months and 10 slides after we last saw Quinn and Maggie. Quinn has been working on the timer and believes he has fixed it so it can finally track the vortex Wade and Remmy used to go to Earth Prime. Quinn and Maggie arrive on what is supposed to be Earth Prime to find that Maggie can now breathe there...but more shocking is the fact that the world is in ruin. After scouring around, Quinn and Maggie find out that this is where Wade and Remmy went...but the now Nazi-like Kromaggs invaded only a few weeks after they arrived. As a result, Wade and Remmy were captured and are now in detainment camps. With the help of the local resistance force, Quinn and Maggie are able to find Rembrandt's camp...but Wade is now lost. Wade was shipped to a Kromagg breeder camp on an alternate earth and the coordinates can't be found. Again with the help of the resistance, Quinn and Maggie free Rembrandt...but Quinn is captured in the process. During his incarceration, Quinn conveniently finds his mother in the same camp. Quinn's mother (acting like this is the last time she will see her son), tells Quinn a fantastical story of how Quinn is not really her son. That Quinn was left in her care by a double of his father...a human from the Kromagg homeworld. It turns out that both humans and Kromaggs lived together on Kromagg Prime, but a civil war erupted and the Mallorys of that planet sent their sons to alternate earths for protection. Yes...sons. Quinn is given a psychic microdot which mentally programs the coordinates to his lost brother's homeworld into his brain...and he escapes the Kromaggs (who are pleased with his escape). Reunited with Remmy and Maggie, the sliders decide to leave "Earth Prime" and continue find Wade, to find Quinn's long lost brother, and to find some way to help save "Earth Prime' from it's Kromagg oppression.

Season Four - "Common Ground" - Trapped on a world used a Kromagg weapons testing area, the sliders discover that the humans of Kromagg Prime created a super weapon that drove the Kromaggs away. This now focused their save "Earth Prime", they just had to find Kromagg Prime (now Quinn's supposed home world). The Kromaggs again let the Sliders escape on purpose, and it is revealed that Quinn has the tracking implant from season two's "Invasion". The Kromaggs keep letting them go so they can follow them...

Season Four - "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" - The sliders land on an extremely under developed world (circa 1700's) with an Amish-like lifestyle. This is the world where Colin Mallory is...Quinn's long lost brother. Colin doesn't seem to have a real past though...his adopted family is all dead...and everyone in the local region believes him to be a sorcerer (due to the fact that he is also a scientific genius...but creating things on the level of Ben Franklin due to the resources of that world). In convincing Colin to join them, the Sliders find that Colin was left a psychic microdot too...hidden inside his dead adopted mother's locket. This microdot contains another coordinate...but broken. Quinn theorizes that this broken information must be the coordinate to Kromagg Prime (his supposed homeworld)...and somehow it must be encrypted so that only Quinn and Colin can unlock it. Colin finally decides to go with the sliders to help in their search of Kromagg Prime and his supposed parents.

Season Four - "Slidecage" - Quinn finally deciphers the broken information of Colin's microdot. Apparently, it took combining the two microdots together in order to get the full coordinate for Kromagg Prime. The Sliders punch in the coordinate and prepare to go to Kromagg Prime...but they end up in a run down complex on a seemingly alien world. This roach motel for sliders is called the Slidecage...and it was built by the residents of Kromagg Prime after they drove the Kromaggs away. It's function? Anyone who tries to go to Kromagg Prime gets redirected to this complex where they remain trapped...dampening fields killing all sliding equipment. And as I'm sure you can guess...this was meant to stop the Kromaggs from ever coming back. After much interaction with the poor souls trapped in this cage (a sect of humans and a sect of Kromaggs constantly at war), Quinn figures out how to unlock the Slidecage and opens a portal to Kromagg Prime. However, Rembrandt suddenly changes when this happens. It turns out that during his time in the camps, the Kromaggs has mentally programmed Rembrandt to kill Quinn once he unlocked the Slidecage (thus meaning that the Kromaggs reason for letting Quinn go all those times was so he could open this door for them). Rembrandt is stopped in time, but this makes Quinn realize that he can't leave the door open to Kromagg Prime...and thus the Sliders will be denied going there as well. Quinn uses the Slidecage to send everyone back to the last world they were on before getting trapped, and leaves the cage with a new program...from now on people will just bounce back to the last world they were on instead of being trapped in the interdimensional roach motel.

Season Five - "The Unstuck Man" - Still sliding in hopes of finding another way onto Kromagg Prime, the sliders end up embroiled in a horrible experiment. Dr. Oberon Geiger has experimented for years to find a cure to his see, he is unstuck from reality. An early dimensional experiment unhinged his anchor and sent him flying from dimension to dimension with no control over how long he stayed somewhere (kind of like being lost in the ocean with waves hitting you). Dr. Geiger finally found a way to stabilize himself, but he is now trapped in a force field as a result...he wants a better cure. Geiger believes that he can use his experimental findings to actually merge dimensions together...and if all dimensions are merged into one, then Geiger won't have anywhere to be unstuck from (there will only be one choice). However, Geiger is still working up to this grand vision...and part of that is a test involving Quinn Mallory - this world's fraternal duplicate of the Quinn Mallory we know (fraternal meaning that on this earth, Quinn had the same father but a different mother). The test? Geiger has detected a group of people traveling dimensionally and they are going to be intersecting with Geiger's dimension he wants to see if he can merge two people together.

The time comes, and Geiger shoots his Mallory into hyperspace just as our group is sliding. The resulting collision in hyperspace merges our Quinn and Geiger's Mallory (with Geiger's Mallory being dominant)...and Colin Mallory is either unstuck or destroyed because he's too close to Quinn in hyperspace when this merger occurs. Maggie and Rembrandt land on the next world with Geiger's Mallory instead of Quinn...and Colin no where in sight. But the most eerie part is that this Mallory seems to have some of the memories of the Quinn they knew. Geiger's research team quickly arrives on the scene and retrieves Mallory...taking Maggie and Rembrandt with them...but Maggie and Rembrandt can't help but notice how this world's population thinks the world is ending...probably due to large bolts of purple lightning, earthquakes and other disasters going on.

Once at Geiger's lab, Maggie and Rembrandt meet Dr. Diana Davis - an African American female physicist who is Geiger's right hand woman. Diana explains to Maggie and Rembrandt that she didn't know this would happen (Geiger hid his true intentions from her). Diana doesn't know how, but she's going to try to set things right and bring back our Quinn and Colin. All of this takes a back seat when our Sliders discover Geiger's true plan though...which is the reason for the apocalypse happening on this world. Geiger's next experiment is to merge two worlds together...he's getting ready.

With the help of Mallory (who seems to have recurring bouts of Quinn's memory) and Diana, Rembrandt and Maggie stop Geiger's merger plan and save this world. In the process, Geiger's force field is destroyed and he is unstuck again...lost in the multiverse. Time has run out on the Sliders timer, but Rembrandt and Maggie convince Mallory to go with them in hopes of finding a way to retrieve their Quinn one day. Diana also agrees to come along to help as she can in putting all this right again.

Season Five - "Strangers and Comrades" - Our most recent incarnation of Sliders ends up stuck on an asteriod stuck in hyperspace (between dimensions). Another creation of the people of Kromagg Prime, this is a secret bunker meant to hold the Vorton device - the ultimate weapon that the Sliders had been looking for to save "Earth Prime" from Kromagg rule. However, Kromaggs have found this place as well...and they are fighting the Kromagg Prime human force stationed there in hopes of getting the Vorton device. Our Sliders pitch in with the Kromagg Prime humans in a defense which time the sliders discover that the Vorton device has a horrible side effect. While driving off Kromaggs, the Vorton also destroys a world's atmosphere. Kromagg Prime is now in horrible shape...and so the sliders are left looking for another way to help "Earth Prime".

Season Five - "Requiem" - The sliders finally find Wade...but not as they would have liked. Deeming that she wouldn't be useful as a breeder, the Kromaggs used Wade for another project instead. The Kromaggs found a way to use the human brain to unlock a new method of sliding...dimensional doorways based on the human mental potential. These doorways don't use sliding tunnels and can not be blocked against, so the Kroamggs believe they have finally found their way back to Kromagg Prime (not knowing what shape it is in). However...the Kromaggs only had use for human minds...not much need for human bodies.

Rembrandt is mentally contacted by Wade and believes it to be hallucination for a long while...but finally realizes it really is her when a dimensional doorway opens in front of him. The sliders take the doorway and find Wade...who's fighting spirit allowed her to override Kromagg commands and bring them there. Unfortunately, Wade's body has been brutalized and she is only being kept alive by Kromagg equipment...the Sliders can't save her and can't move her. And to make matters worse...the Kromaggs are about to launch an invasion fleet using the new doorway technology. Rembrandt decides to stay behind...refusing to leave Wade behind again...but the other sliders use their timer and slide on. In a last act, Wade uses her doorway ability to send Rembrandt to the safety of the world the sliders went to...and then Wade overloads the system destroying the Kromagg fleet and seemingly herself as well. Safe on the other world, Rembrandt has one last sentence from Wade flash through his mind..."I'll always be with you..."

Season Five - "To Catch a Slider" - The sliders discover that the Egyptian timer operates by using a rare vibrating crystal...a crystal which has just burnt out. Through a mis-adventure, the sliders are able to get a new crystal...but the crystal is also what stored all the coordinate information. With all the stored coordinate information wiped out, the sliders are now lost again with no way back to the Kromagg infested "Earth Prime".

Season Five - "Eye of the Storm" - The sliders land in a city with force field boundaries that seem to be constricting. Why? Well, this is where Dr. Geiger wound up after their last encounter. Geiger has used his dimensional force field knowledge to cut away a small section of one parallel world (people and all)...and due to this, Geiger is stable. But the forcefield is losing power and constricting...destroying everything it touches as it does. With time running out, Geiger has attempted a reverse strategy...he has been attempting to merge himself into other people as a way of stabilizing...but each person's body has so far rejected him while taking away a small piece of Geiger at the same time.

When Geiger sees that Mallory is there, he realizes that may be his answer. Geiger tricks the Sliders into thinking he is going to bring back Quinn, and Geiger almost merges with Mallory. Diana discovers the ploy at the last minute, though and stops Geiger. Now on death's door, Geiger reveals that he wasn't lying about bringing back they make a real attempt. Unfortunately, Geiger claims that Quinn and Mallory have just been merged too long...he doesn't know how to separate them. As Geiger is dying, he gives the Sliders a small computer disk which contains the coordinates to Rembrandt's homeworld. It is not explained how he got this information, but it was most likely obtained during the scans and scientific experiments in "The Unstuck Man".

Season Five - "The Seer" - The sliders use Geiger's information to target Rembrandt's homeworld, but their slide is diverted to a world where their adventures are a popular television series that has spurned a cult like following. The person who started the series is actually a psychic who has been attuned to our group of Sliders for years...and he just wrote down what he saw and made it into a television series.

Not long after this, the Kromaggs invaded this world. Relying on the inspiration and spirit of the Sliders stories from The Seer, this world actually beat back the Kromaggs and drove them away through use of a Kromagg specific virus. Also as a result, a religion called Slidology was formed...a religion which has since begun to lose money and interest even though they possess much of the Kromagg equipment that was left behind (hence how they diverted our Sliders earlier). The Seer tries to convince the sliders to stay on his world (especially since The Seer has had a future vision that their next slide will lead to death), but the sliders want to get the virus and liberate Remmy's homeworld.

The sliders attempt to get the virus, but there's no way it could be produced in time for their slide...thankfully, it's still in the blood of each citizen of that world. So the sliders get a vial of blood and decide to go ahead and return to Rembrandt's homeworld...but they find their slide blocked by a force field! Then thugs arrive and destroy the Egyptian timer! The sliders confront The Seer (the obvious suspect), but he knows nothing of this. It turns out his daughter Claire is behind the attempts to keep the Sliders there...she has been using the Kromagg equipment to force the Sliders to stay so that Slidology will make money again. The Seer is heartbroken to see his vision come to this...quite literally. After helping stop Claire, The Seer has a heart attack...and Claire's security forces are on the way. The sliders find a half working Kromagg sliding's got enough juice left to slide one person to Remmy's homeworld. Before a decision can be made, Rembrandt has haphazardly injected himself with the blood and is ready to slide home...even if it means dying to save his world, he'll do it. Rembrandt slides and the remaining sliders run to The Seer to find out what he saw...but The Seer has died. And thus Rembrandt's fate is unknown.

This was the end of Sliders for now. Hopefully one day we'll see a resolution to this chain of stories, but Sliders could return with a fresh start in feature films. We'll just have to wait and see what the future brings...

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