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July 30, 1996

Wondering how Jerry O'Connell from Sliders was picked over thousands of other actors to star in the roach-infested new flick Joe's Apartment? Well, we weren't exactly pondering the question, either.

But we found out last night anyway. Not only was O'Connell the best of the bunch, he was also willing to put two live roaches in his mouth. They tasted like chicken--no, I'm kidding. The only funny sensation was their antenna tickling my mouth. I was hoping they wouldn't lay eggs, he told us.

Mmm. Actually, we hear that they taste just like lobster.

Coming Attractions: O'Connell, who's currently shooting the third season of Sliders, is definitely a young man to keep your eyes on. Next, he plays a quarterback for the Denver Broncos in Jerry McGuire, starring Tom Cruise.

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