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Crossing the Rubicon
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The following piece contains the further adventures of the quantum quartet otherwise known as THE SLIDERS. This document is encouraged to be freely distributed but the characters and most of the elements of this story belong to St. Clare Entertainment and Universal Studios. They have been used without permission, but no copyright infringement is intended as this story is for the enjoyment of Sliders fans everywhere and not for profit. Enjoy the story and please send any comments to the e-mail address below as I would love to hear from you.

Crossing the Rubicon
Written on July 25, 1997
by TemporalFlux (

The following story takes place in the continuity set forth by my prior stories also found on this site. You will need minimal knowledge of "Possible Finale Resolution" to fully understand the beginning of the story, but it is not necessary for the enjoyment of the story as a whole. Please read on, and if you have any questions refer to the story mentioned above for the answers or feel free to e-mail me.

Part 1

As Quinn rips into the circuitry that controls and powers the speeding bullet train, he can't help but think of the Professor. He can almost hear his British accent complaining about the below standard engineering on this world where Japan won World War II and thus took over the United States as their own. He doesn't have much time for stray thoughts, though, since those Manta ships are closing in despite the 200 mph speed the train has achieved. "Q-ball! What are you doing?!?" Rembrandt cries as he unbuckles the empty cars behind the train that are not only dead weight but only serve as good decoys for their pursuer at the moment, "whose idea was it to try to outrun them anyway? I thought we were going to hide out in here!" Maggie speaks up, "So, I guess you thought they would inspect the entire train BUT the engine...what does it matter anyway, we'll just open the vortex and escape to another world in just a few minutes." "Well, if you would discuss what you want to do with the rest of us BEFORE you do it, then you might know that the vortex doesn't work like that!!" exclaims Wade.

Quinn turns to his fellow travelers holding a handful of newly liberated wires from the console, "Look guys, what matters now is that we get out of this alive...we can't open the vortex in the train because it's moving and the portal is stationary, but if I can boost enough power into the timer, then we can open the vortex far enough in front of the train so that the vortex can have time to form and the engine can pass through it...of course, that will likely burn out the power chip of the timer in the process, but we'll deal with that on the next world....I hope."

Quinn makes the final connections into the timer just as it enters the five second countdown. Sparks fly from the console, but the others aren't concerned about Quinn's safety or the train's rapid deceleration caused from the power transferring to the the timer. Instead, they are concerned about the pile of debris that now rests on the tracks in front of them. Debris that was expelled from the crater in the nearby mountain courtesy of stray laser blasts from the Kromagg Dynasty...

Part 2

Quinn makes the final connection and immediately feels the timer begin to heat up from the power now surging through it. He looks up to give the others a redundant warning about the bumpy ride ahead due to the fact that few parallel worlds have magnetic train tracks laid everywhere, but he stops himself.

Upon seeing the fear in his companions eyes, he quickly whips his head around to see the fast approaching pile of boulders and on pure instinct, he points the now smoldering timer at the window and presses the button. He doesn't feel the pain of the heat burning his hand, he only sees a brilliant flash of light, hears a noise equal to that of sonic boom and then......silence.

Quinn opens his eyes again to blurred vision and a change of venue as he now has Wade over him, looking down with caring eyes. "We made it Quinn," she says in a soft voice, "are you alright?" Quinn picks himself off the floor, now noticing the pain his burned hand now possesses and with a slight flinch he murmurs, "Yeah, I'm fine....where are the others?" "They went to see where we wound up this time, now let me see that hand," Wade commands with her usual girlish charm as she begins to wrap her scarf around Quinn's injury. Wade only partially finishes her task because Quinn, with a new sense of urgency, jerks his hand away and says, "There's no time to worry about that right now, where's the timer?!?"

Walking over to where he was standing just minutes ago, Quinn picks up the now slightly deformed piece of plastic that has held them prisoner for 3 years now. "Well, it's hard to believe by looking at it, but the readout still works on the timer. We have a few days here, but the problem is that as soon as I unhook it from the train's batteries, the timer's going to go dead. The power chip was toasted by our last little stunt, but at least the photon scrambler* was working when we entered the vortex. We've got to find somewhere to fix up the timer while we've still got some time." No sooner than Quinn gets the words from his mouth, Remmy comes to the door, "You guys better get out here!" Quinn and Wade emerge from the wreckage of the train to see one of our world's great wonders in the distance...the Hoover Dam.

"I didn't think we could slide this far from L.A." Maggie says in here usual tone. Quinn replies, "The timer has a 400 mile radius and we're on the outskirts of least we're not too far from civilization. Those lights in the distance must be Las Vegas." "Vegas!!" Remmy shouts, "Now that's what I'm talking about! I remember when The Topps played the Sands. Man! That audience was..."

As Remmy continues his rememberance, the Sliders begin to move toward the bright lights in the distance, they fail to notice a sign that the train knocked over when they abruptly entered this dimension. It simply read, "Now Entering The Trans-Dimensional Warp Facility...Launching Your World Into a New Plane of Existence"...

*Photon Scrambler - a device created by Quinn Mallory with the help of his double in my season 3 finale resolution. It scrambles photon trails left when sliding so that the Sliders cannot be followed into the next dimension....when it works.

Part 3

"I don't remember Vegas being this far from the Dam!" Rembrandt complains. "Well, we are on a parallel earth, remember? Anyway, we're almost there." Maggie says as they top what seems more like a mountain than a hill.

Our quantum quartet climbs over the hill, but once on the other side they see something they didn't quite expect. On earth prime, Vegas was a town of bright lights and huge, gaudy buildings, but this earth's Vegas was more of a complex than a city and there was only one building that really stood out...a towering building that might even rival the Sears Tower in height and at the top was a glowing dome that seemed to pulse with energy much like a human heartbeat.

"What the hell..." Remmy says in shock. "Yeah, I don't think Elvis would have made a song about this town," sarcasm dripping from Wade's words. In a sense of urgency, Remmy grabs Wade's arm, "No! I meant what the hell was THAT!!" Remmy quickly throws his hand up in the air to point at a blurred, translucent image which almost immediately de-cloaks into the crystal clear image of an approaching helicopter. A search light flicks to life and illuminates the spot where our quantum quartet stands. "Stay where you are!" a loudspeaker from the copter commands, "We are dispatching personnel to your location." With that said, the sides of the copter open and men with jetpacks begin to quickly descend to the ground in front of Quinn and Co.

"Shouldn't we try to get out of here?!?" Maggie says with a hint of concern. Quinn looks over towards her, "Well, we can't outrun them and there's no where to hide our here. Just be ready to improvise." "The art of sliding, right?" Maggie responds.

The troops land and the leader uses the hand which is not carrying a firearm to lift his visor in order to get a better look at the Sliders. "Commander Beckett!" He says with surprise, "You're back already? And it looks like you caught the renegade (he says as the troops grab Rembrandt)! The emperor will surely be pleased by this news!"

Part 4

Quinn and Wade watch in shock as the "agents of the empire" grab their long time friend, Rembrandt Brown, who is screaming several explicatives and such phrases as "Hey!! Don't wrinkle my suit, you Darth Vader lookin...". Maggie does not falter, though. She calmly looks to the leader of the darkly clothed soldiers and says, "Uhhh, Yes! I have returned with the renegade so that he can finally be brought to...uhh...justice for his crimes against the.....ummm...empire!"

"Excellent!" cries the leader as color drains from Wade's face with this latest impulsive decision by Maggie, "I don't know how you do it, Commander. By the way, what happened to your equipment and who are these strangers with you?" Maggie quickly responds, "These are recruits for the empire...who were..ah...instrumental in the capture of the traitor. My equipment was comprised in the mission...but that has never stopped me before." "We expect nothing else," says the leader, "come on, we'll give you a lift back to the base. The emperor will want to see this as soon as possible!" Then giving a type of salute that is something reminiscent of the sign given by the Axis powers in WWII but inexplicably combined with the ritual that most football players give when they make a touchdown, he turns and motions for the helicopter to land. Quinn can't help but snicker a bit at that sight.

Taking the opportunity of the distraction provided by the copter landing, Wade leans up to Maggie and whispers with a slightly forceful tone, "What Do You Think You're Doing?!?" but Quinn breaks in to say, "Shhh. Give her a chance, this may work out. Just keep playing along with this, Maggie, and we may be able to get the equipment we need plus get out of here. Just make sure you stay with Remmy and don't let anything happen to him. If something starts to go wrong, just try to get out of there and meet us back at the trai..." The leader starts to walk back over. "Let's go!" he shouts and Maggie casually nods at Remmy and the others with an expression of assurance as they enter the helicopter. "No turning back now," Quinn thinks to himself as the copter rise above the ground and begins its journey to the city, "I just hope we pull this one off...."

Part 5

The helicopter lands and Quinn keeps telling himself, "We've been in worse spots..." hoping that will alleviate the anxiety he feels for going into a situation that only a crazy or desperate man would go into. He feels their group and current situation fits into the later. Of course, being the eternal scientist, he also has in mind what that tower must be for as it now appears to be some type of energy conduit upon a closer look. He doesn't have time to worry about that, though, because the helicopter doors open and the two agents begin to escort our group into the building at the base of the tower which appears to be a headquarter of some kind.

Once inside, Quinn and Maggie both see that no else happens to be around at the moment, and with a quick sudden motion they overtake the agents and free Remmy from captivity. The two agents hit the ground, and Remmy turns around to his friends, "What do you think you were doing?!? I could've been killed or worse...and I thought I was going to be on vacation, being back in Vegas..." Quinn breaks in, "Come on Remmy, let's get these guys out of the hall before somebody else sees us! Anyway, you knew we wouldn't let anything happen to you.....on purpose." Rembrandt gives Quinn a sarcastic, squinted look and continues on mumbling to himself as they pull the bodies off into a broom closet that Maggie found on one side of the hall.

After dragging the agents into their hiding place, Quinn tells Wade to come with him so that they can go find the parts they need. He needs her because they will probably have to liberate some information from the computer in order to accomplish finding what they seek. He then tells Remmy and Maggie to find a way out of there and get back to the train since Remmy appears to be in some danger from something on this world and Maggie has some authority here. Reluctantly, Remmy goes along with this, even though he's still a bit miffed about being the "bait" in this operation, and he and Maggie leave the group to find their escape.

Quinn and Wade explore the complex for awhile, wondering the entire time why it's so empty for apparently being such an important building. They enter a room at the end of the hall, to find what they needed without much fact, it's a little too much of what they needed. After all, in this armory they had stumbled across, why would there be a timer exactly like the one they discovered on the Egyptian world....even more, why would there be enough to equip an army?

Part 6

Quinn and Wade are astonished at the site of the multitude of timers before them. Wade slowly walks over to them and carefull pulls one free from the foam casing which conforms around the familiar shape. "How is this possible, Quinn?" she says in a slightly uneasy voice. Quinn answers her in a tone similar to the one she delivered, "Well, there's several possibilites. After all, there are an infinite number of earths so anything is possible. Of course, the timer was counting down when we found it on Egypti..." Quinn never finishes his statement, he grabs Wade's free hand, and starts walking for the door.

"What's wrong with you?!?" Wade exclaims as Quinn continues to walk swiftly down the corridor with her arm in tow. "I think I know what's going on here." Quinn says in calm but slightly paniced voice, "Regardless of the fact that those timers look just like ours, they prove that this world has sliding technology. This further proves something else I've been thinking...that tower outside is not just for decoration. That's a larger version of what you're holding in your hand (referring to the timer that Wade confiscated from the room), and with the way the tower was glowing and the fact that this building is obviously not long been evacuated, they must be about to use it." Wade, still being a bit puzzled by this, responds, "But what would they be using a timer that size for?" Quinn stops and turns to her with seriousness overflowing from his eyes, "Simple, with the dam being close enough to use a power source...a LARGE power source, and the size of the energy conduit used in breaking the dimensional barrier, this person intends to slide this entire WORLD into another dimension! The personnel were at least smart to evacuate the complex in knowing that the vast amount of energy being released in order to accomplish feat would be sufficent to disentegrate them...and us if we don't leave...but they apparently either didn't think about or were mad enough to ignore that by shifting the mass of an entire planet into another dimension it will....well, be really bad. We've got to stop it Wade, before it's too late. Now, let's go find the control center."

Just as Quinn turns around to continue on his frantic search, a metal door quickly slams down in front of him and Wade. "Maybe we aren't alone in here after all..." Wade points out with her usual accuracy. Quinn and Wade turn and begin to go down the opposite direction of the corridor where they started from, and after choosing to go straight instead of turning when they had the opportunity, another metal door slams down in front them at an incredible rate of speed. Quinn rubs his brow in frustration until the pain from moving his burned hand makes him stop, "Well..looks like we go that way, unless you've got a butane torch in your pocket..." "I just hope Remmy made it out okay," Wade thinks to herself as she shakes her head and follows Quinn into the uncertain fate of the path that has obviously been laid before them.

Part 7

The frantic energy of before has now turned into caution, as both Quinn and Wade realize that they are more than likely about to see the command center of this little operation just as they wanted to do, but no longer under their own conditions which is a bit unsettling. After walking for long minutes down the seemingly endless hallway, our two adventurers finally come to their end of their journey.

Before them stands a large golden door that would rival those seen from the ancient civilizations in history texts. Not to mention, the artistry of the design that it possesses. In the center of the door there is a large dragon set inside an unbroken circle with a large lightning bolt in one claw and the entire world in the other. Within only a brief moment of the Sliders arrival, the door slowly swings open to reveal a large room that would rival mission control at Houston. From wall to wall there are nothing but computer consoles and monitors all set up in front of a large window that covers both the wall and ceiling in front of Quinn and Wade so that it gives maximum coverage of the dimension breaking tower as it powers up for it's purpose. The only obstruction to the view is a large throne in the center of the room which sits above everything else clutched inside a towering dragon claw staircase and on this throne, one man sits...glaring at the Sliders with cold, calculating fiercity while maintaining a sense of aristocracy about him.

"Let me guess....the emperor, right?" Quinn says as he looks up at the occupant of the throne whose style of dress might even make Christopher Walken envious. "How astute of you," the emperor says as he stands and begins to descend down the long spiraling stair case to the floor, "I have been waiting for you, boy." Wade speaks up, "Why are you doing all of this?"

The emperor continues to descend downward while he reponds, "Doing what? Talking with you?!? I didn't know that was a crime on ANY earth! Ahhhhhhh. You are probably referring to my impressive tower behind and above us that is powering up as we speak to break the dimesnsional barrier and take my world into a new realm for us to conquer. Of course..." The emperor snaps his fingers just as he reaches the bottom and someone steps from behind the column he has been descending. It's Maggie! And she has not only changed her wardrobe to match the emperor's but she also has a very impressive looking automatic rifle now pointed at our Sliders and nothing but a sly looking smirk on her face as she cocks the gun for readiness. The emperor continues, "Of course, you may have meant, why I am about to kill you."

Part 8

Wade looks on at this new revelation and immediately feels vindicated for all of the times she tried to tell the other Sliders that Maggie was nothing but bad news. She begins to voice her opinions even though it's not a very good thing to do in this type of situation, where you're number one with a bullet, but Quinn slightly turns his head her way, already knowing what she must be thinking, and just slightly shakes his head so that Wade won't continue.

"I think she meant why are you wanting to slide a planet into another dimension...don't you know how dangerous that is?" Quinn says. The emperor gives a callous laugh as he walks over to where Quinn stands.

"Sliding? Interesting term for transversing dimensions, I must remember it. You know, you sound just like my scientists..." the emperor says with a smirk, "They didn't think it wise either, which is why you see none of them here today. They just didn't have any vision, they didn't understand that I know what is best for, I had them all killed.

Ever since the days when my family's empire of Byzantanium was founded, we have controlled. We are the greatest empire to ever come on to this earth...even better than glorius Rome which spurned us! Of course, that comes with a price. There is nothing left to conquer on this planet...nothing left in this solar system that we have not explored or taken under our flag. So, when dimensional travel was discovered, it was only logical that we make the next step and conquer other worlds, but not without taking the security of our own earth with, I must be on the front lines of battle, the center of the invasion and I will not do that without my empire!"

"You're insane!" Quinn exclaims to the emperor, but his words are cut short as the emperor, now close enough to Quinn to touch him, picks him up by his neck and says, "INSANE?!? YOU WOULD DARE CALL ME INSANE!!"

As the emperor lifts Quinn from the ground, Wade runs over to help but the emperor swats her away like some annoying fly. With all of this commotion, the remnants of the burnt out Egyptian timer fall from Quinn's pocket to the floor and into the notice of the enraged emperor. He throws Quinn to the floor who is now gasping and wheezing from the emperor's steel grip. The emperor picks up the timer from the floor.

Seeing the new timer laying on the floor next Wade, he knows that it must be the one these intruders retrieved from the store room, but this melted timer...this well used timer could not have come from the store room. With trembling hands, the emperor bends down to pick up the useless device. "Where did you get this, boy?" he says with a soft, anger filled voice. Coughing, Quinn replies, "From another dimension, but I invente...." The emperor does not let Quinn finish as he lets forth a loud scream of anger as tears begin to well up in his eyes from the anger and sorrow he feels all at the same instant. "I KNEW that no one else had developed this trans dimensional technology!!!" The emperor screams as he continues to writhe in agony over his realization, "In all of our jaunts to other worlds, there was no evidence of it...that is why I sent my most trusted general on the longest jaunt we had ever committed to. His mission was to set up a homing beacon so that our newly developed tracking technology could find the world which was worthy enough for my attention. He obviously did, as the beacon is functioning perfectly and we are well under way to going there, but he didn't return when his time was up. He never returned...and up until this moment, I didn't know why. But you...YOU.... MUST HAVE KILLED HIM!!!"

Part 9

The insane emperor lunges at Quinn screaming along the way "KILL THE GIRL! THE BOY IS MINE!!!!!!!" as a command to Maggie. Quinn does a quick roll out of the way of the emperor's emotionally clouded attack and quickly jumps to push the petrified Wade from the unyielding path of the bullets newly fired from Maggie's gun upon the emperor's order. Quinn succeeds in saving the life of his ex-coworker but at a cost, he takes the bullet meant for her in his shoulder...the shoulder that hasn't been shot before. "Great, now I've got a matched set..." Quinn moans to himself.

Showing her "military prowess", Maggie doesn't concern herself with Wade, who is now lying off to the side, but instead continues to point the gun at Quinn. She decides it will be better to help her emperor and finish off the one most likely to cause further problems than deal with the "little mouse" who will be easy prey once he's gone. She is about to the pull the trigger, when the emperor finally gains back his senses (what are left of them) and speaks. "Wait!" the emporer commands, "We seem to have a noble spirit amoung us, dear Commander Beckett! I could never make him suffer enough for...for...killing my son by merely killing him in return." Wade breaks in, "But we didn't kill you son!" The emperor, now possessing a slight tick as a sign of the insanity he has always had, silences Wade by pulling a hand gun of his own and pointing it at her as he walks back towards Maggie's position, "Silence!! As I was saying, It is not enough to merely kill you...I'm going to have to make you suffer by killing your of whom bears a striking resemblance to the renegade lieutenant who recently tried to defect from my empire and form a revolution, but fortunately my commander was able to put a stop to that by killing the mongrel dog before his support became too great. She returned just in time to ironically find herself leaving! (the emperor flips a switch on a console that causes the stairway of his thone to lift up and reveal Remmy and OUR Maggie as his prisoners...chained in some form of energy cuffs) Now boy! You will have the pleasure of watching me dispatch your friends from this plane, starting with these two (pointing at Remmy and Maggie) and you won't be able to do anything about it in your condition and your weak little friend lacks the strength to stop me. Say goodbye to them, boy, and let your suffering begin!"

Both Commander Beckett and the emperor point their guns at Remmy and Maggie prepared to fire while Wade watches in horror as Quinn lies on the floor, losing a profuse amount of blood, desperately trying to reach the timer lying on the floor beside him...

Part 10

Just as the emperor and his prized commander are firing the shots at Quinn's beloved partners, Quinn reaches the timer and once again ignoring the pain of his burned hand, he quickly hits two buttons which cause the vortex to open directly in front of Remmy and Maggie. Remmy closes his eyes as all of this takes place, not wanting to view his own death, but he misses the miracle that takes place. The vortex fully forms just as the bullets are about to reach Remmy and the bullets go in the vortex! The dimensional tunnel abruptly closes....only to reopen again a second later and spew the bullets back towards the very guns and people who fired them! The bullets rip into fatal areas of the emperor and the commander (ripping her shirt in the process to reveal foam padding that was used to enhance her....ummm..womanhood) thus knocking them to the floor as the bullets continue on their journey and fly over Quinn who is still lying on the floor about to lose consciousness from loss of blood.

Wade runs over to Quinn immediately once the firing stops to see what his condition is. "Don't you die on me..." she says with tears welling up in her eyes, "You mean too much to me....I mean, to the group. Come on Quinn (as she wraps his shoulder tightly with a piece of torn cloth from shirt she had tied around her waist), snap out of this! We've got to keep going! We've got to get home....we've got to get home." Quinn slowly raises his head from the ground to look up at Wade and with a soft voice he says, "Hey, I wouldn't let you have all the fun. Is everybody alright?" Wade smiles and gives Quinn a big hug, thus inflaming the pain of his wound, "OWWW!" Wade winces for a moment, "Sorry...don't ever scare me like that again!"

Wade continues to look after Quinn while on the other side of the room, Mr. Brown has yet to open his eyes. He is saying out loud to himself "Man, it happened just like they said...I didn't feel a thing and when I open my eyes, I'm going be up by the pearly gates...and I didn't even get to go Vegas....Damn!" Remmy opens his eyes to see the fires and sparks that have begun to spring up from the consoles the bullets hit after they richocheted. "Oh man, I went to hell!" Remmy exclaims. Maggie leans over and says while she fumbles with Remmy's energy cuffs, "No, you're still in Vegas, but what's the difference." Remmy then feels an electric shock from Maggie shorting out the cuffs, "Oww! Yeah, I'm definitely alive cause I felt that! How did you get free?" Maggie just smiles and starts to walk over to where the other Sliders are. Remmy follows and along the way passes over the body of Commander Beckett seeing the "additives" that she had been using. "Guess that gives new deifintion to the false Maggie!" he says upon seeing the sight. Wade, who now is helping Quinn across the room, can't miss the opportunity, "Depends on how you define it!" Quinn hides his face under his hand trying to mask the pained laughter as Maggie's eyes squint down to show her disgust at the comment.

There is no more time for words, though, for at that moment an alarm sounds and a cheerful voice comes on to say, "Operation: Earth Warp has been initiated. Fifteen minutes until gate formation."

Part 11

"Oh great." Quinn says upon hearing the news that it's possibly too late to stop the emperor's mad scheme, "Get me over to that computer console Wade! Fast!" Wade carries him over to one of the last functioning monitors in the room and they examine what is happening.

After sitting in a chair, Quinn gazes at the screen for a moment, "Great, there's no way to reverse it! This little emperor has apparently "crossed his rubicon" by locking out all codes to abort this 'Earth Warp'." Wade offers a quick solution, "I could probably break in and get access.." Quinn cuts Wade off before she can finish, "It would take too long to break in...we've only got 12 minutes left as it is! There's got to be a solution here! He's set up his system a lot like what we did with the train. He has to open the vortex in front of the earth and let it pass through, but he needs to open it far enough in front so that the vortex will have time to form since a vortex on this large of a scale will take a few minutes. Of course, at this point in the earth's rotation, Vegas isn't on the front of the earth according to its forward movement, but he solved that problem by setting up a satellite system to reflect the dimension breaking energy around to the front.....THAT'S IT!"

"Did you find something Q-Ball?!?" Remmy exclaims as he unbuttons the his collar from the unbearable heat that is beginning to build from the nearby energy tower. "Yes, all I have to do is realign the satellites so that the vortex doesn't form in front of the earth.." but the computer beeps and chimes when Quinn tries to alter the course of the satellites from their current goal, "He's locked that out too." "Can't we blow up one of the satellites or something?" Remmy asks in a slightly paniced tone. Maggie leans over to him, "Yeah. Are you going to do that along with your disappearing act at the next magic show, Rembrandt?" Another light begins to come in Quinn's mind upon hearing that statement. He hit a few more keys on the computer. Nine minutes to Warp.

"We can't do anything about the first setting of the tower," Quinn says, "but, we can program in another function to take place immediately after the vortex opens in front of this earth! He must not have thought about someone trying that!" Wade gives a confused expression, "How's that going do us any good?" Once again, the scientist in Quinn takes over and he explains, "Well, as it turns out from the data I've seen here, the dam is not powering the engine. In fact,there is a very large cold fusion reactor that is using all of it's energy in order to accomplish this. However, the dam does still give electrical power to the complex. If we can realign the satellites so that they rebound a second energy beam composed of the electrical energy produced from the dam thus producing a continous loop of electrical energy around this earth, then we can create an electric umbrella around the planet. When the electrical field collides with the vortex, it should cause the same reaction I as when the lightning bolt struck the vortex! This entire earth will be taken to the astral plane and become intangible which should keep them from colliding with another earth or even attacking it if they have the notion. They won't even be able to slide anymore due to the fact that it takes a certain amount of time for the vortex to move up and I don't think they can ever open it far enough in front of the earth in give them enough time! Of course, the transferance of that much mass into another dimension could still cause some problems, theorectically...but hopefully it won't and if it does, maybe it will stay localized to only a few dimensions. That's the best we're going to be able to do with what we've got." Five minutes to Warp.

Part 12

Quinn begins to type on the keyboard, but the pain in his arm and his hand is slowing him down considerably. Realizing he won't finish in time, he looks to Wade, "Wade, you're going to have to take over! If we don't get out of here quick, we're going to be toast! I'll talk you through it." With a smirk, Wade takes Quinn's seat at the terminal, "I could have done this minutes ago...just tell me what you want, and I'll handle the rest!"

With Quinn giving a few instructions on the correct frequencies of the energy wave and other small details, Wade makes haste and plays the computer like a Van Halen would his guitar. While she's typing away, Remmy worriedly walks around the room now profusely sweating from the heat of this ordeal. Maggie, on the other hand, uses the opportunity to procure herself a firearm for the next dimension...something she's missed since she lost her gun on one of the first worlds she visited with the group where large jello like creatures ravaged the land. As Maggie kneels down to pick up the rifle that lay beside her now dead doppleganger, she thinks to herself, "Could that have been me not long ago...could it still be me again." Knowing how dire the current situation is, Maggie doesn't take long for thought, she picks up the rifle and returns to the group...never noticing that the emperor is ever so slowly regaining consciousness from the bullet that only grazed his head.

1 minute to Earth Warp. The heat of the energy buildup is now almost unbearable, but Wade works on. If she can just get in these final keystrokes before the monitor casing begins to melt and short circuit, the commands will go into the underground mainframe and be carried out under that protection from the heat that the bunker offers. As she makes those final strokes, she looks up to Quinn, "I think that should do it and while I was in there doing that, I was able to hack into another system that wasn't protected as much as others. The Guidance control. I guess he didn't think it would make much of a difference if he followed the beacon or not...he was essentially sending his 'beloved' son on a useless mission." Quinn leans down to look at the monitor, "Let me see that....Wade you're a genius! I can loop the coordinates back around and make this earth slide back to exactly where it came from...that should drastically minimize the damage sliding something this big might cause." After quickly hitting a few keys and giving Wade a fast, hard kiss to the forehead, Quinn opens the vortex with the new timer.

"Let's GO people!" Quinn says as the vortex fully forms in front of him, "We've got to get here...that thing's about to fire!!" "You don't have to tell me twice!" Remmy exclaims as he jumps into the vortex. Maggie follows, satisfied as she enters the vortex with the added security the gun now gives her..something that she has missed over these past few months. "Oh great, she's armed again," Wade remarks, "Here. I'll help you over to the vortex, Quinn." She puts her arm around Quinn just as the voice comes over the loudspeaker again, "10 seconds to Earth Warp...9.....8..."

Quinn and Wade slowly hobble over to the vortex, but just as they about to jump to their freedom...a hand quickly grabs Quinn's ankle. It's the emperor! "You won't do this to me...boy." the emperor moans as the countdown continues.....5.....4...

"QUINN!!" Wade exclaims as she tries to turn and free Quinn, but knowing that time is short, Quinn pushes her on into the vortex.

In his attempt to get Wade to safety, Quinn loses his balance and lands on the floor just inches from the sanctuary of the vortex. Using what little strength he has left, Quinn manages to stretch the only good arm he has left just enough to place the tip of his hand into the interdimensional tunnel...and that's all that's needed. Just as the voice booms....1.......0!, the vortex pulls Quinn inside with the emperor hanging on for the ride...

Part 13

Just as the emperor's wrist penetrates the vortex, the tower releases the stored energy to fulfill it's mission and the resulting disruption causes Quinn's vortex opening to collapse...but that is the least of the emperor's worries. For the energy released was also sufficient to incinerate everything for a one mile area, including the rest of his body that had not yet made it through....just as his scientists predicted.

Meanwhile, a multiverse away....a dimensional portal opens and a lone figure falls free. Dressed in tatered black attire, he stands and brushes himself off before gauging his surroundings. "Well," he thinks to himself, "this still doesn't look like the empire. I'm just glad I was able to get the beacon working properly before I had to advance the timer to get away from that planet full of hairy apes. Father will definitely want to eradicate another race who has discovered the trans dimensional technology. I just hope I can make it back before the attack starts...I want to be there when the empire crushes those vile savages!"

Looking around for a moment, the figure sees a typical street in a typical town occupied only by four vagrants who look as though they have been put through a furnace. One of them even looks as though he has been shot. He wonders for a moment why they must be staring at him so, but then he looks down at his timer and seeing that it is time to leave, he opens the vortex and jumps through....never realizing that because of the heroic efforts of those vagrants, he no longer has a tangible or visible world to return to. It is just a ghost planet by now, unable to be harmed by others or do harm to anything else.

THE END...for now.

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