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Above is the actual artwork for the second page (a splash page) in the second issue of Acclaim's "Sliders: Darkest Hour." While the artist is in question because there was no signature (3 were listed for the issue - Kevin Korbasic, Val Mayerik, and Dennis Calero), the inker of the piece is known. On the back of the artwork it is clearly written that the inker was Sam De La Rosa.

This is very interesting to look at, especially if you have the comic the piece appears in. There is a stark difference between the two images, and it gives you an idea of just how many changes the art goes through before the final product.

For those who have never seen the comic, the image above features the evil Zercurvians getting their revenge after Quinn trapped them in a recurring vortex trap the first time they met. The Zercurvians were actually Tormé's original idea for the Kromaggs...beings from 2D space who found our 3D world when a Quinn double first opened his portal. The Zercurvians then mastered sliding by kidnapping Quinns across the multiverse and stealing their knowledge. And what was this revenge? The Zercurvians were trying to trap the Sliders as they had been...but instead, their attempt actually altered the Sliders to where their dark sides took over...

As for an example of the interior pages, here is page 29 of the original artwork by Rags Morales from the Acclaim Sliders special "Blood and Splendor." The comic was produced in late 1996 and featured the story of an actual lost episode from the first season of Sliders.

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