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Dead Man Sliding Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the July 12, 1996 production draft of the script for the episode Dead Man Sliding written by Nan Hagan. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Our first missing bit comes at the beginning of Act One where the bar was supposed to have a bit more decoration...




It's one of those fake photos -- This one is of Arturo in the cardboard cut out of Rambo. WE HEAR CROWD NOISES. PULL BACK TO REVEAL we are:


PACKED with a crowd, mostly around the bar TV. On this world, the bar is decorated with pictures of famous criminals from the 80's & 90's -- Claus Von Bulow, Lorraina Bobbit, Tonya Harding, Charles Keating, Jean Harris. There's also something of a mini-WAX MUSEUM (think Madame Trussard's) displaying scenes of crimes and punishments.

The Sliders are in mid lunch.

QUINN (re: Arturo's photo) I can't believe Wade talked you into that. ARTURO Nor you, Mr. Mallory...
Arturo holds up another -- of Quinn in a David Hasselhoff cut-out, surrounded by Baywatch beauties. Rembrandt laughs. Wade, who's looking at a map to the star's homes, sighs --

WADE Okay, some of these *are* stars but, Robbie Rist, Jill Whelan, Linwood Boomer? Who are these people? QUINN I've heard of Linwood Boomer. He was the blind guy on Little House. But he was never anything of a star, at least not on our world.
And the scene plays out as we saw it from there...

Did you wonder what Taryn was saying to the street vendor when she went up to him before going in the bar? The scene was there, but no dialogue...and originally, there was some...


Taryn talks to a VENDOR (who's selling star maps). She holds up a picture of a disheveled, edgy-looking Quinn.

VENDOR He was here, cleaned up, with a girl and a coupla other guys. TARYN Where'd they go?
He hesitates. She pulls a fifty...

VENDOR They said something about a hotel. Sounded like the Essex.
Taryn smiles, pulls two event tickets to go with the fifty, hands them to him. He reacts, incredulous at the largess.

VENDOR Tickets to the show... TARYN Come today and maybe you'll get to see the guy play...

The Sliders are just finishing lunch. Behind them, the crowd seems frenzied.

WADE What are they watching, anyway? QUINN It's a game show. REMBRANDT The way those people are cheering, you'd think it was the Olympics or something.
And then Taryn enters to arrest Quinn and the rest plays on just as we saw it...

There was also a bit more on the end of the struggle of Taryn to capture Quinn...

TARYN Interfere again, old man -- and you'll be playing the game again too.
Arturo stops, uncertain what she means, but certain of the gun's intent. She backs out of the bar, pulls a sedated Quinn to his feet and leads him out.

ARTURO (re: Rembrandt) Is he alright? WADE He seems okay. He's breathing.
Arturo nods, then charges out the door.


Arturo exits, crossing to Taryn, whose gun is now holstered and who's placing Quinn in the passenger seat of her car.

ARTURO (angry) I demand to know by what authority are you arresting this man?! TARYN I have all the authority I need. QUINN (weakly) Professor, help...
She ZAPS Quinn, knocking him out. Angering Arturo more. He attempts to pull Quinn out. Taryn tries to pull her stun device out, but Arturo manages to keep her hands from reaching it. Through the struggle...

ARTURO You're not taking him anywhere!
A POLICE OFFICER runs over, billy club out. He clubs Arturo on the back of the knees. He buckles.

POLICE OFFICER (to Taryn) You alright? ARTURO (incredulous) You club me and worry if *she's* alright? POLICE OFFICER (to Arturo; curt) Step back and keep your mouth shut. ARTURO But... POLICE OFFICER I said -- *Step back*.
Arturo steps back, infuriated. The Officer moves to Taryn and actually helps her secure Quinn to the car, by cuffing him to a metal bar on the dash. She gets in and drives off.

POLICE OFFICER (crossing back) Your name, sir? ARTURO What for? POLICE OFFICER I can cite you here or down at the station. It's your choice. ARTURO Cite me! On what grounds? POLICE OFFICER Section 1-1-5-2-4, interfering with a valid contestant search.

Quinn is coming out of the zap.

TARYN I always knew you were trouble, but I never figured you for stupid. (off his hazy look) How many times have we done this, two, three? I always find you. QUINN I'm not who you think I am. TARYN You're right. The Mallory I know, he would've never done this...
Then the scene cuts back to Wade and Rembrandt at the bar as we saw in the final version...

There was also a bit more to the outside game that Arturo, Wade and Remmy come up on when first arriving at the studio...


Wade, Arturo and Rembrandt exit a cab. They're in a huge crows (as big as production allows). There's a festival atmosphere; bleacher seating, vendors, pre-show warm up. The CROWD BOOS. We hear an emcee (JOHNNY):

JOHNNY (V.O.) Okay, let's bring up the owner...

The CROWD ROARS as Mr. Chang, the owner, comes up for his 15 minutes of fame. A Teen Punk is already on stage. Above the stage, there's a large Times Square monitor which displays all that is happening.

JOHNNY Mr. Chang, tell us the story. MR. CHANG Well, Johnny, there's not really much to tell...

They watch from the curb, uncertain.

MR. CHANG (O.S.) I came out one night and found that boy spraying my car with paint. That's about it.
The CROWD GROWS MEAN, calling for blood.


JOHNNY Not quite --
A table is rolled out before the punk... Three small boxes are on top. He looks afraid --

JOHNNY Go ahead, choose your box.
The CROWD YELLS NUMBERS. The kid nods at box number 2. Johnny reads and reacts --

JOHNNY Ten lashes with a cane!
Mr. Chang breaks into an evil grin. The CROWD GOES WILD. The punk is immediately turned, his hands placed in a small noose and the rope pulled tight, raising his hands...


watching aghast. They wince as the SOUND of the CANE lashes against flesh. The CROWD YELLS: ONE!

WADE We'd better find Quinn and quick.
They turn from this sight. The CANE LASHES again. The CROWD YELLS: TWO!

Cut to the Sliders entering the studio and it carries on like we witnessed in the broadcast...

We were also supposed to get to see how the game show begins plus graphics thanks to a television monitor...




Opening credits: Images of Skip, contestants and modes of punishment. The CREDITS END with a CELL DOOR ROLLING SHUT. The CAMERA PUSHES THRU THE DOOR and FINDS, scratched into the wall behind, the words: "The Judgement Game"... REVEAL we are watching this from mounted monitors in --


center stage, pearly whites shining. He winks to the camera.

Then we go into the same dialogue Skip gave in the final version...with the revelation that Johnny from outside is the announcer.

Another difference, though the dialogue is the same...the guest star was originally supposed to be Nipsey Russel.

Also, halfway through Nipsy's speech, we cut to Quinn's double...who originally had a bit of dialogue...

NIPSY Skip, the People rest.


Q2 looks like he might be sick. He reaches up and shuts the TV OFF. The Top Hat Bartender returns from busing tables. Q2 stubs out his cigarette, pulls a twenty from his wallet, tossing the cash on the counter.

Q2 When Deanne come in, tell her I'll be back at her place...
The bartender nods. Q2 puts on his shades, heads out.

Then we cut to Wade and the Sliders watching from outside the studio...where they receive some assurance from a bystander that it isn't over because this is an L.A. audience...

There was also a quite different ending to Wade's meeting with Taryn after breaking into the studio...

Taryn stars at Wade, not certain what to make of this...

Behind them, Phil is watching, not pleased. He starts towards them.

WADE I know I sound crazy, but I can explain. TARYN Save it. It's too late. He's already playing. WADE No. It can't be. TARYN Sorry, there's nothing I can do.
Taryn turns to go. Wade reaches out, grabbing her arm.

WADE At least hear me out.
Phil grabs Taryn's stunner and ZAPS Wade. She falls onto the floor.

PHIL I hate these ACLU freaks. (to Scott) Get her out of here.
Scott drags her off...


Scott leaves Wade on the sidewalk and goes back inside. Rembrandt's head comes around the corner. He rushes over, cradling her head and trying to wake her.

REMBRANDT Wade, okay?
Her eyes flitter. She's coming out of it.

Then it cuts to Quinn and Arturo explaining about parallel dimensions on the game show...

Also, the method of audience voting was different in the original script...


We see "Love Connection" type devices on the seatback before each person. There's a dial with an arrow. You can choose from "Guilty" and "Innocent"...


A HAND reaches for the telephone and dials. On the TV in the background, we SEE a panel that reads: 1-900-Justice.


Rembrandt and Wade push back to watch the big screen. They exchange a worried look. Rembrandt puts an arm around Wade.


PHONES RING off the hook. A bank of P.A.'s take the calls. Taryn watches Quinn on TV. She looks uncertain.

And the rest goes as we saw it from there...

At the beginning of Act Three, Arturo had a slightly different response to Wade...




A Gothic fortress, high on a hill, surrounded by miles of barbed wire fencing, framed eerily by bluish-purple fluorescent light that glows as a halo around the perimeter.


Stark, uninviting. There is a table with a few folding chairs. Wade, Arturo and Rembrandt stand anxiously, waiting. The air is thick with tension. In the corner, there's a camera watching their every move...

WADE I still think we should have demanded an appeal. ARTURO Miss Welles, we've been through this. Unless we could prove special circumstance -- WADE (injects; angrily) I think being a double from another dimension should qualify. ARTURO Yes. Of course. And right after you explain that to these people, why not set them straight on Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny as well.
The rest continues as we saw it...

And when Q-Ball comes out for the visit, there is also a slight change...

REMBRANDT Q-Ball, you alright? PRISON GUARD No one talks yet.
Quinn is pushed to the table by the PRISON GUARD. He lays a piece of paper before Quinn.

PRISON GUARD You want to talk, sign it. Otherwise, it's back to your cell.
Quinn looks up, Arturo nods. Quinn signs the paper and the guard takes it. He then forces Quinn to sit and --

PRISON GUARD Try to give us something interesting, okay?
The door closes behind as he exits.

QUINN What's that supposed to mean? WADE That paper, it gives them the right to tape us. And the right to broadcast any part of this meeting. QUINN Broadcast?? Why? REMBRANDT There's a half hour special planned tomorrow, right before they --
He just can't say it. Quinn looks like he'll be sick. He gets up, grabs the chair with his cuffed hands and crosses to the camera...

QUINN Broadcast this, you vultures!
He attacks it with the chair, smashing it to bits. It hangs lamely from the wall.

QUINN (turns to them) You gotta do something. You gotta get me out. I'm going nuts. ARTURO We're working on it.

There is also a change to Quinn's exit from the visitation session...

Quinn looks to the clock on the wall, has a realization.

QUINN Seventeen minutes after they kill me.
Yep. Now, the guards come in, guns drawn, aimed at Quinn.

PRISON GUARD You... move and you're a dead man.
Quinn holds his hands up. The Prison Guard crosses to him and places his club in his back. It looks painful.

PRISON GUARD You'll pay for that, you know. One way or another... QUINN Sure. Feel free to bill me.
The Guard doesn't like the humor, he clubs Quinn -- hard. Quinn winces and falls to his knees.

WADE Quinn..!
Arturo holds her back. The guard jerks Quinn up.

QUINN Find my double. It's the only way I'll get out of this.
And with that, he is pulled out of the room. The prison door slamming with a metallic PINGING noise.

The rest goes as we saw it...

This next missing bit gives a clearer picture of how Wade and Taryn got back into the studio and it also explains why that taser was just lying on the table for Wade to use on Phil...


As they approach the office door --

TARYN Not when you think about it. In the old system, justice cost the taxpayers a lot of money. By televising it, we earn money for the state. Judgments are swift, crime is down, everybody's happy. WADE But at what cost? How many innocent people are sacrificed in the name of swift justice and good ratings??
Taryn gives Wade a look. She's had these misgivings before. Taryn waves her credential in front of a panel. The door CLICKS open and they enter.


It's empty. No PHONES. No P.A.s'...

WADE Where is everybody? TARYN (wryly) Special event tonight. They're all on site.

Taryn waves her credential again. The light stays red. The electronic lock won't let them in.

WADE (re: Taryn's stunner) Can I see that?
Taryn hands it to her. Wade turns the dial to its highest level and puts it against the mechanism. She ZAPS. The lights flash wildly and go dead. The door CLICKS open.


Taryn sits at the console and begins to type. The system BEEPS.

TARYN I don't know how to by-pass the system.
Wade comes up behind her, begins to type...

Then the script goes through Wade and Taryn finding that Phil is the killer...and Phil comes in. The dialogue is all the same as we saw from there on out, but instead of getting the stun gun from the table, Wade eases it off of Taryn's belt without Phil seeing. A much better explanation for why the gun would be there and why Wade would know how to work it.

Another change came in the conversation with Quinn's double in the hotel room...

REMBRANDT What's happened to these people? They're talking about a man's life. (really upset) Have they all lost it completely? ARTURO By our standards, yes. This is a society run amuck with sham justice, completely devoid of any sense of importance of an individual's rights. Q2 (dishing on him) You always talk like that, like you're so smart? ARTURO (annoyed) I am smart. Chances are, if you put half the energy into your mind that you do into criminal behaviour, you'd be brilliant too.
Q2 looks at Arturo, new possibilities coming to mind. Wade and Taryn enter. Everybody looks to them expectantly.

WADE We couldn't get to Network Appeals. ARTURO Why not? TARYN They're all at a retreat in Sun Valley. And even if we could now, it's too late, there's no time to stop the proceeding.
And the rest went as we as saw...

Another small change, the Sliders were supposed to claim they were part of a CNN news team, not just generically from "the network"...

And did you wonder what happened to Quinn's double? This missing line tells the tale...

Taryn and Rembrandt move some boxes, roll back the carpet. She opens a trap door REVEALING a crawl space underneath.

QUINN What's this? TARYN Your ticket out. WADE Compliments of your double, the welder. He built it for you. QUINN Where is he? REMBRANDT Long gone. Taryn made sure he wouldn't be around after. ARTURO Hurry.
Wade heads down, a wave goodbye to Taryn. She crawls down. Quinn steps into the hole.

And the rest of the scene progresses as broadcast...

One last notable exception is that the original production script doesn't have any extra world tagged on the end...much less one with short, green and moldy people as we saw in the final version.

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