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Dinoslide Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes in the revised first draft of the David Peckinpah Dinoslide script. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time concerns and story considerations.

The original script opened quite differently from the version which made it to air:


A couple of winos digging through a dumpster react to the shound and wind effects of an opening vortex. As they cower, Colonel Rickman is flung from the vortex, crashes into a stack of garbage cans and goes down hard. He gets to his feet, groggy and unsteady, takes a few staggering steps toward the winos. The two men take off running as if from the devil himself...

Rickman makes his way slowly toward the mouth of an alley, shielding his eyes from the blinding sun.


A number of society's cast-offs sleep in the grimy alley, too far numbed by whatever this world's crack or Mad Dog 20-20 is to notice the Colonel as he moves amoung them. He kneels, pulls his big syringe with shaking hands. Rickman's in bad shape, too long from his last fix of "brain juice." He pulls the collar away from the neck of his victim, plunges the needle deep into the flesh, withdraws the precious spinal fluid, then injects the back of his own neck. His face morphs into that of his victim's as the fluid rushes to his brain...a sigh of relief. But the morph is weak, not complete; his own features blend with those of the victim's. Panic now...

He moves to a second sleeping figure, this one a woman, does her like the first one; another shaky, distorted morph into to a third victim...the fluid morphs him into this victim, holds more clearly as he sags with relief.

COL. RICKMAN That's better...all better now...

seems to shimmer as another vortex opens and our Sliders come tumbling out. They are all bundled up in heavy parkas, gloves, etc.

WADE I like this place already. No snow. MAGGIE I was just starting to develop a taste for blubber. QUINN (they start stripping out of their cold weather gear) It must be over a hundred degrees, we're probably in the San Fernando Valley. REMBRANDT I wish you could fix that timer to drop us next to a pool on a day like this.
A wino staggers towards them, hand out. It's Rickman, still morphed into his wino victim.

WINO Help out a fella down on his luck?
Maggie pulls a couple of smooth bones from her pocket, a few glass beads.

MAGGIE Where we came from, this was a lot of money. WINO Another pretty girl with a smart-ass attitude.
He goes off. The Sliders react to cries of alram from the alley. A women lurches out into the sun.

WOMAN Help me...they're dead...they're all dead...
The Sliders run toward her, follow her into:


Quinn and Remmy inspect the two victims, check for -- and find -- puncture wounds as the woman babbles on.

QUINN Rickman. But this man's dead, not comatose. MAGGIE (looking at the third victim) Damn it! It was him out there just now!
The face is that of the wino that just panhandled them. They all charge out toward:


just in time to see Rickman's vortex closing.

Our next missing scene occurs just after Rembrandt finds the drawing of the T-Rex in the ruins of the Exodus refugee camp...


is of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, in full attack mode.

QUINN T-Rex, talk about your natural born killer. WADE You and Maggie checked this world out... QUINN So this is our fault? We didn't have time to do more than make sure the air was safe -- WADE -- I'm not accusing you! REMBRANDT If anything's happened to that boy, I'll never forgive myself. WADE There are no bodies, Remmy, that's a good thing. It means they got away.
Maggie comes walking back on the tail of this.

MAGGIE Not all of them. I found bones over there from ten, maybe twelve people. Hard to tell, they're so badly splintered. (on Remmy's look) No kids. REMBRANDT Thank God. He's out there somewhere, we've gotta find him before that monster does. MAGGIE The T-Rex or Rickman, either one's a killer. Rickman was here. I picked up fresh tracks heading up that way. WADE How do you know they're his? MAGGIE Only one set of new ones here besides ours, it's gotta be him. He checked the camp out, just like we're doing, then took off. QUINN Let's get started.
Remmy tucks Malcolm's drawing away, follows Quinn. Maggie falls in beside Wade.

MAGGIE You want to stay up on your high horse, that's fine with me. But save the wise cracks. Someone has to stop Rickman, and you won't have to dirty your hands. Civilians never do, they sit back and let people like me -- soldiers -- do the job for them. WADE Don't play the martyr with me, this isn't about stopping him, it's about payback, getting even. MAGGIE I can't let it be personal, if I emotionalize it I'll make mistakes. This is a mission, pure and simple. WADE Tell yourself that if it makes you feel better. MAGGIE That's the way it is. And I don't give a damn what you believe.
She moves on ahead.

Did you think the Quinn/Maggie worm eating scene on top of the mountain was sick enough? Look at what Peck wanted to do, but didn't make the final cut:

MAGGIE That sounds like Slider-ese for "What's your sign?" QUINN Fine. Freeze.
A moment...then Maggie lies behind him, snuggles her body tightly against his, like two spoons in a drawer. She keeps moving,'s undeniably sexy.

QUINN Are you about finished? MAGGIE (teasing, against the back of his neck) No, but I bet you are.
He can't help but laugh.

QUINN Yeah, there's nothing like worms on a woman's breath to turn me on. MAGGIE Charmer. I'll take first watch. QUINN No, you go ahead. I'm already up.
Off her soft laugh, we reluctantly dissolve to a second settler camp...

Here is the key missing scene from near the end of the episode that answers a longstanding question. We enter the scene with Rickman holding Malcolm hostage:

COL. RICKMAN There's another way. Give me your timer and I'll go. You can live out your lives here in peace, and I know you won't be chasing me. That's a good deal for all of us. REMBRANDT What about all the people you'll kill on other worlds, none of us can live with that. COL. RICKMAN There's a down side to any deal. Give me the bloody timer or I'll kill this boy right now! MAGGIE Don't do it, Quinn. COL. RICKMAN (laughs) You see, Mallory? She knows you, she knows you haven't got the guts to sacrifice the boy.
Col. Rickman uses his free hand to get out his own timer.

COL. RICKMAN There are rules about opening the vortex before time's run out, aren't there? But I've never been one for rules. And I'm tired of this game.
He opens his vortex.

The final missing scene opens just after Rickman has escaped by accidentally being pushed into his vortex:


It's late. The camp is quiet. Maggie sits alone at the fire, her face washed with orange by the flickering flames. Quinn comes up, feeds a couple of pieces of wood into the fire, warms his hands.

QUINN Let's get it out in the open, Maggie. You think I made the wrong call today. MAGGIE I know you did. We could have stopped him. It could have ended. QUINN He'd shot Malcolm in the back. MAGGIE Yeah. But Malcolm would have been his last victim. How many more on how many worlds have are going to die because you didn't have the stomach to make the tough call? All you had to do was step aside, give me a shot. QUINN (mad now) Come on, this isn't about people on other worlds! You want to kill him, it's all about revenge -- MAGGIE (hotly) -- Either way, he's still dead! That's what matters, that's all that counts! You let him go, Quinn! We had him and you let him go!
They glare at each other for a long moment...

QUINN (softer now) All I know is I couldn't stand by and watch a little boy be murdered. And it bothers the hell out of me that you could.
He stares at her for a long beat, then walks back toward the tents, leaving her thinking about what he said. Dissolve to Remmy and Malcolm...

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