Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity
Double Cross Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the July 12, 1996 first revision of the production draft for the episode Double Cross written by Tony Blake and Paul Jackson. These scenes did not make it into the final episode mainly due to time considerations (but also some licensing and logistical problems).

We start off with a scene that was supposed to be placed on the end of the teaser...

FEMALE P.A. ANNCR Attention please. This is the daily ten o'clock power blackout for sector forty seven. Service will resume in thirty minutes. Thank you.
As his relieved friends breathlessly eye the quiet monster looming front of them, Remmy POPS his foot out of the boot, leaving it vibrating upright between the tracks.

REMBRANDT You know, maybe I should exchange these for slip-ons...
Off the Sliders' looks...



A gleaming lab filled with advanced sliding equipment. LOGAN ST. CLAIR (that's not a typo), mid-20's, intense, intelligent, stunning, looks up at a large electronic wall map of parallel dimensions, randomly dotted with REDDISH curved tubular shapes. ADRIAN FAYNE enters. CEO of Prototronics, late 30's, (think Gordon Gekko), Fayne never smiles.

FAYNE I don't like being interrupted when I'm with an investor, Logan.
She points to a glowing BLUE tubular shape on the map.

LOGAN You see that photon trail? The interferometer just tracked an incoming wormhole. FAYNE You called me down here for that? LOGAN Adrian. It's not one of ours.



Next we open on ACT ONE with an interesting difference...




A limping Remmy, the boot under his arm, leads the Sliders out of the Bart station. As they stop so he can retie his boot, they eye the surroundings' it's extremely quiet for a city street. And they we realize why: No gas powered vehicles. Everyone uses skateboards, bikes, rickshaws, etc.

WADE Wow. Maybe we landed on a world that's banned gas-powered engines. REMBRANDT I don't care what they banned as long as it isn't food. QUINN (pointing) There's a Mac's.
They glance across the street at a "McTato" fast food place. (Think Mac's but with spuds instead). A BANNER trumpets their "$99 Value Meal".

ARTURO Ninety-nine dollars for a potato? This doesn't bode well for our financial situation. REMBRANDT (spots a sidewalk vendor) Let's hope dogs are cheaper.
The Sliders approach what looks like a hot dog vendor.

REMBRANDT Hey, my man. How much for a hot dog, with chili and cheese?
The VENDOR eyes him skeptically.

VENDOR What are you, a comedian? What'll it be? (points to a sign on his cart) Green or yellow?
The scene then plays on as we saw it in the final version...

Right after Monique meets Rembrandt, we were supposed to again cut back to Logan in her lab...

MONIQUE You know, you are even more gorgeous in the flesh?
Remmy's in love...shoots a glance to the other Sliders.


Logan eyes a computer screen that reads out data. Fayne is nearby.

LOGAN The wormhole opened in sector forty seven. The size of the mass would indicate it's more than one life form. FAYNE Well, it's obvious they know more about sliding than we do. Maybe they're the solution to your problems. (and then) Find them.


Arturo, Wade and Quinn huddle near a newspaper vending machine. Quinn pulls out a single sheet of newspaper and eyes it.

And the scene plays on like in the final version...

Next is one of the more interesting things. This lost scene was the set up for a joke...and they aired the basic punchline in the final version even though we never knew what it meant. This takes place right after Remmy leaves the group. Take a look...

WADE How very male of you.

Quinn, Wade and Arturo make their way past a Laundromat. They eye a long line of people holding dirty laundry. A MAITRE D' takes reservations.

MAITRE D' (to customer) I'm sorry, I have no machines until three. Or you could wait in line in case there's a cancellation. WADE Reservations for a laundromat? What do you do... tip for a machine by the window? ARTURO (looking up) My Lord. Look at that.
HIS POV A Gas Station price sign reads $409.9/10 per gallon.


ARTURO That explains why we haven't seen many internal combustion engines. This world's running out of oil. QUINN And probably meat. I bet that's why horses are an endangered species.
Then the Sliders make their way to the Tram while the Motorcyle guard asks the Vendor about them...just as we saw.

And here's the payoff to our Laundromat set up. If you watch the episode, this still happens...we just never knew why all those people were lined up on the stairs or why they would have so many fluffy bags for Quinn to throw at the pursuing motorcyles.


As the Sliders rush back the way they came, the cyclists weave through street traffic. People dive out of the way. Quinn glances back, sees a biker mount the sidewalk behind him. As they pass the line of laundry customers, Quinn snags a shopping cart filled with dirty laundry. He heaves it back into the path of the biker, who crashes into it and wipes out.

QUINN (to customer) Sorry. It was dirty anyway.

The Sliders race toward a chain link fence at the far end. As they start to climb...

Well, you know the happened just like we saw in the final version.

The next altered scene doesn't take place until the beginning of ACT THREE...




Quinn and Logan walk along the bay. Where once was the Golden Gate Bridge there are now TWO FLUORESCENT BULLET TRAIN TUBES spanning the water.

LOGAN Quinn, I'm starting to think... QUINN ...that I won't be able to solve your problems before I slide. (smiles) Don't worry. We still have all day tomorrow.
She meets his smile, draws a little closer as they near a VENDOR with a pushcart marked FROZEN CONFECTIONS.

QUINN Hey, how about some dessert?
They step up to the vendor.

ICE CREAM VENDOR What'll it be, folks? QUINN/LOGAN Cherrific chunk cherry.
They react to the "jinx" laugh. As the man reaches into his cart and pulls out two frozen bars...

QUINN You know... I never seemed to click with anyone the way I have with you. It's like we're in perfect sync or something. LOGAN I know what you mean. QUINN (a smile) I knew you would.
They take the bars. As Logan pays the man, Quinn eagerly takes a bite, GRIMACES.

QUINN Oh, man... what is this stuff? LOGAN It's Jerry and Ben's. They make the best rice cream in town. QUINN/LOGAN All it lacks is flavor.
They laugh again, start to walk.

Then Logan gets to the part of the conversation about Quinn skipping the slide...just as we saw broadcast...

Did you find yourself thinking that Rembrandt got off a little easy when he just made up the words for "I'd Pawn My Gold Crown For You"? Well, in the original script...he didn't get off so easy...

MONIQUE All right. But first... sing for me. REMBRANDT (relieved) Okay. That's fair. That'll work. (sings) "I got tears in my 'fro 'cause I'm standing on my head over you..." MONIQUE (annoyed) What's that? REMBRANDT "Tears in my 'Fro." MONIQUE That is the stupidest...I hate it. Sing your big hit. "I'd Pawn My Gold Crown For You." REMBRANDT Uh... okay... (ad-libbing) "I'd pawn my gold crown for you... if... uhh... our love is true... MONIQUE (approaching him) Oh, yeah, that's it baby... REMBRANDT It is?
She seductively pushes him back onto the bed and straddles him thru...

MONIQUE Oh, yeah, you really know how to get to me...
She leans close for a kiss. Remmy parts his lips in anticipation, but then Monique suddenly grabs his lower lip and pulls down hard.

REMBRANDT Ow! MONIQUE (peering into his mouth) I knew it! There's no gold crown! You're an impostor! MIKE (O.S.) Monique!
Then things play out as we saw them...with the noted exception being that Monique is not holding Michael fact, she's helping him by swatting at Rembrandt as he runs away...

Speaking of getting off easy...did you wonder how Rembrandt was able to get the train station while staying ahead of Michael? A lost scene with a familiar Russian cab driver explains the tale...

ARTURO Ironic isn't it? That I would invent sliding on this world. WADE Well, if you're both the same guy, wouldn't it make sense that you'd invent the same thing?
He suddenly stops. Looks at the girl. A realization about her. Oh my God.


A burly Russian RICKSHAW DRIVER (with accent) waits for a fare at a corner stand. Rembrandt, now in his own clothes hurriedly approaches. As he climbs into the Rickshaw...

REMBRANDT Union Station, please. And hurry.
The Driver lifts the poles, pulls away from the curb.


An unsettled Rembrandt twists in the seat to scope out the street behind him.

RICKSHAW DRIVER Problem? REMBRANDT Huh? Oh, no... it's just... you ever get that weird feeling that someone was following you? RICKSHAW DRIVER Of course. I drive a rickshaw.
HONK! Remmy twists around to see Monique's Rolls roaring towards him, Mike at the wheel.

REMBRANDT Get this thing moving, man! Run!
The Rickshaw Driver looks over his shoulder and sees the Rolls bearing down on them.

RICKSHAW DRIVER Holy Mother of Trotsky!
The Driver kicks into overdrive. Remmy holds tight as the rickshaw careens down the street, the Rolls closing fast. Inches from being road kill, the driver takes a hard turn. The Rolls rockets past, brakes hard.


The driver hurries down the stairs towards another street, the rickshaw bouncing wildly. For Remmy, it's like riding a washing machine agitator.


Mike throws it into reverse, SCREECHES to a stop at the top of the stairs. He jumps out, and simmers as he watches the rickshaw disappear in the distance.

Then we cut to the scene to the two scenes where Arturo confronts the false Wade and then reveals what has happened to Quinn...then back to our Rickshaw adventure with Remmy:


The Rickshaw pulls up with Remmy in back. The exhausted and sweaty driver turns to him as he jumps out.

RICKSHAW DRIVER One hundred fifty. REMBRANDT A hundred and fifty bucks?! RICKSHAW DRIVER Fifty for the ride. One hundred for saving you from that big gorilla.
Remmy pulls out some bills from his wallet.

REMBRANDT That's gonna leave me with nothin' for the train. RICKSHAW DRIVER (grabbing bills) My heart you are breaking.
Then the camera was to follow Remmy walking up to the back of the train where he spots Mike looking for him...and just as we saw in the final episode, this forced Remmy to climb up top for the ride of his life...

Another question you may have had is why didn't Logan and company immediately run out after the Sliders when they escaped Prototronics to make their run for the Dominion hotel? There was a just never made it to film...

LOGAN (shocked) How... (realizing; to Quinn) The computer found the right coordinates. QUINN And now they're gone...
As a furious Logan locks eyes with Quinn, he reaches out and takes his timer back from her.

ARTURO (eyeing his watch) Mr. Mallory...
As the Sliders head for the door, Quinn stops and rips the phone from the wall, then follows his friends out.


As the door closes, Arturo smashes the bio-thermal scanner's control panel with the butt of the gun. Sparks fly.


The three Sliders hurry out.

ARTURO Fifteen minutes to the slide! WADE We'll never get there on foot! QUINN Over there!
He gestures to a PROTOTRONIC JEEP parked nearby. As they rush to it...


The Motorcycle guard heaves a fire extinguisher through the heavy glass door. As Logan steps through...

FAYNE Logan... (as she stops, turns) If you fail, don't come back.
Off her bitter look...

We then cut to Rembrandt in the Dominion lobby trying to deal with the desk clerk...

One final bit is a clarification. This was actually in the episode...but you may not have understood it. Also, there is a bit on the end which gives us another insight...

Suddenly, a power blackout and the SLIDING GLASS DOORS CLOSE just as Logan and her men reach the entrance. She pounds on the glass.

LOGAN (to stunned Desk Clerk) Hit your override button! ARTURO (to desk clerk) You do and I won't pay my bill!
The Clerk wisely does nothing. Remmy leaps as Logan's men try to pry open the heavy glass. Quinn and Logan's eyes meet. Something passes between them. There's a lot of hate...a little repsect.

ARTURO Go Miss Welles, now!
Wade leaps. Arturo tosses the video disc to the Desk Clerk.

ARTURO Make sure my wife gets that. She'll know what to do with it.
Arturo leaps, leaving only Quinn. His moment with Logan is broken when one of the guards prepares to heave a heavy mesh litter can at the door. As Quinn dives headlong into the Vortex, we hear O.S. the SOUND OF BREAKING GLASS.

And the rest of the script plays out just like the finished episode.

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : S3 : Double Cross Script Outtakes