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The Mallory Sword
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A very special thanks to USA Sliders board member Eradicator for sharing this great find! Here's a Sliders artifact that is available to the public. The enchanted Mallory sword from season three's "DragonSlide" (and later seen in "Data World") is available at most sword shops and catalogues. The sword is made by Marto out of Spain and is named the "Roland". The one used on Sliders was the 24 carat gold plated version.

This design is one Marto has released to the general public for sale, but Marto is famed for their special designs in television and movie projects (one of the most notable being their work for Highlander.) These special designs were usually created especially for filming and not released for general sale, but one could request the special design for a higher price. Thankfully, this sword used on Sliders is available...and at a relatively reasonable price.

There are many places in which this type of Marto sword is sold. The cheapest can be found at Arms of Valor. You can also find the sword at By the Sword.

It should be noted that the scabbard used on Sliders for the sword is also available on these sites. However, it is sold separately and in reality belongs to a sword called The Crusader (a sword actually longer than the Roland). And of course, the engraved name of "Mallory" would have to be done separately.

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