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Desert Storm Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the September 13, 1996 first yellow revision of the script for the episode Desert Storm written by Matt Dearborn. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time, story considerations, and the loss of Ken Steadman during filming.

Our first lost scene takes place as the Sliders try to barter for water with Diggs...

QUINN I take it you don't take cash?
Diggs shakes his head. Quinn hands his watch to Diggs.

DIGGS Nice. But runs on a battery. Not a lot of those out here. (hands it back) We take useful things -- tools, skins, gold. WADE (re: her necklace) What about this? DIGGS Don't get too many Wade's through here looking for jewelry. REMBRANDT C'mon, help us out. We need water. What are we supposed to do? DIGGS You could always try to find the Lost City. (laughs) You know, "Eden". They say water runs free there. Of course they say that's where space ships gas up too.

He laughs more. Diggs points to a mural that's painted on the wall behind the Sliders.

DIGGS Check it out. Could be any one of those dots.
Diggs walks away, still laughing. They turn to the mural.

QUINN That's a map of this world.

It's the United States, but the California coast doesn't exist. The continent continues for miles. There's a red arrow and the words: YOU ARE HERE. And, around the vicinity, there are many "X" marks and the words: Eden, Aquarius, Lost City, etc... Our Sliders examine the mural...

REMBRANDT Something's missing. Like the Pacific Ocean. QUINN There's a theory, about the first great civilization. Supposedly it originated on a continent between Asia and North America. REMBRANDT I read about that. The whole thing sank. Nothing was left but the Ocean. So where is it? ARTURO On this world, the land didn't sink. It appears to have merged with the North American plate.
Looks between them. Wade runs her hand along the map. The area is all brown, all very arid and dry.

WADE If this is where we are, there's nothing out there. We've got two days, if we're going to get any water or food, we'll have to get -- QUINN/REMBRANDT/ARTURO Jobs.

A store that carries a little of everything. Quinn is ringing a large bell, requesting service. The others are not here. Diggs appears.

DIGGS Unless you found some trade goods between there and here, hit the road. QUINN You own this town? DIGGS Just the good parts. Go on, drift, you're sucking up my air. QUINN I was wondering if a man of your vast holdings might need some help. As in work. DIGGS Employment office is closed.
Jeremy pulls up in his car (Devin tied in front).

DIGGS 'Scuse me, I've got a live one, he trades in gold.
Diggs crosses. Jeremy and he start to barter. QUinn passes Devin, again, her eyes implore. We FOLLOW as Quinn crosses.


He joins up with the others.

QUINN Any luck? WADE It's a company town. And Diggs doesn't like our company. ARTURO So, it looks like we'll be waterless for our stay. REMBRANDT I don't know whether to strangle the guy or admire him. WADE I vote for strangle.
Wade looks across the street, sees Diggs and Jeremy.

WADE I don't care if you guys'll help or not. I'm going to do something for her.
And the scene spills into the the freeing of Devin and the ensuing fight afterward...just as we saw in the final ep.

One note to add concerns the night time scene where Quinn and the other guys talk with one of the gang members over the fire. Originally, those were Cutter's lines...but due to Steadman's loss, the lines were given to one of the gang members and slightly re worded to be spoken on Cutter's behalf. You will also notice in the night time scene that we hear Cutter's voice from off screen when Wade and Devin were the original script, he was supposed to walk up.

Our next missing scene comes after Wade is kidnapped...and it begins with a quite different response from Jeremy...

WADE You're after her because she can find water, that makes her valuable. JEREMY (laughs) Any woman can do that! I've come to take her home. (beat) Why would I lie to you?
Something about how he says this... Wade senses he's telling the truth.


Not many are up. Across the compound Cutter and Devin play a childish version of tag. He catches her and hoists her up over his shoulder.

We're watching this from Remmy's POV. He's loading the supplies into their car with Wolf's help. Wolf sets a box of food into the truck, closing the back.

WOLF We don't expect you to stick around for breakfast.
Wolf walks off...


emerge from a tent. Rembrant turns to them.

REMBRANDT If we leave now... wouldn't be soon enough. QUINN I'll get Wade and we can get rolling.
Quinn walks off. Arturo watches Cutter and Devin.

ARTURO She seems to really adore him. REMBRANDT We don't even want to go there, Professor. ARTURO No. I don't believe it's like that. I think it has more to do with the orphan aspect. He is, after all, the heroic rescuer. REMBRANDT He's a piece of white trash blowing across this desert, that's all.

Quinn enters --

He looksa around, puzzled. He looks down and finds her necklace. The chain is broken... He holds it up, alarmed.

Now he looks at the tent -- SEES THE BACK CUT --


Rembrandt and Arturo turn to see Quinn approaching on the run.

QUINN Professor, Rembrandt! She's gone! (holds up necklace) I found this... The chain's been snapped. The tent was cut open in the back. ARTURO Jeremy.
Devin and Cutter approach.

CUTTER Problem?
The rest of the scene finishes out as we saw it...

As the Sliders find Wade wondering the desert with Jeremy, Rembrandt was supposed to have an interesting line that was cut...


In the distance, they see Jeremy and Wade come over a dune.


QUINN There they are! She looks okay.
Expressions of relief that she's safe.

ARTURO They seem rather chummy actually, considering she's been kidnapped. REMBRANDT She's not carrying a rifle is she? (off their looks) You gotta admit, it'd be just like Wade to do a Patty Hearst.
Quinn gives a half smile...and drives forward.

The next scene is the Sliders driving up to greet Wade as we saw in the final episode...

Next we have some added bits to the fight when the Sliders re-kidnap Devin for Jeremy...

As Cutter and Devin come over the gulley [chasing Jeremy], Quinn jumps into the vehicle. Wrestling him to a stop.

Quinn gives fight with Cutter... Rembrandt grabs Devin out of the dune buggy.

REMBRANDT Hold still. (she bites him) Ow!! No wonder he gagged you.
Quinn and Cutter's fight spills out of the car. Cutter pulls a serrated knife - jabs at Quinn... Rembrandt wraps his coat around the knife, pulling it from Cutter while Arturo holds Devin... Quinn punches... sending Cutter falling down a hill. He rises up, scratched, bloodied.

WADE SCREECHES out in the truck. Jeremy is already in. Arturo gets in. Remmy pulls the distributor cap out of the buggy and hops in, pulling Devin in too...

followed by Quinn. Quinn closes the door just as Cutter comes up, pounding on the window with the butt of the knife. The GlASS SHATTERS. Wade makes a radical turn, accelerates -- getting away.

They speed off. We hold on Cutter, bloodied, his war paint smeared -- his clenched fist raised.


As it moves away, Devin looking back helplessly. Off this abduction, we --



Immediately following at the beginning of the next act, Arturo's illness was supposed to show through a little...

JEREMY Things will change, Devin. As we get closer you'll have memory flashes. You won't be able to deny this - anymore. REMBRANDT Let her be. It what you say is ture, maybe it's all better left forgotten.

Arturo looks a little pale. He's sweating. Quinn notices his discomfort. He speaks quietly so the others won't here.

QUINN You don't look so good... ARTURO (sighs; nods) I don't feel so well, either... (smiles weakly) Must just be the heat.
Quinn lets it go for now. He looks in the rearview, sees Devin shaking her head, shaking the voices out.

ARTURO Poor girl seems to be having a hard time with it...

Wade moves close to Devin, trying to comfort her.

DEVIN Make her stop. She keeps talking in my head! WADE (soothing) Don't be scared, Devin. Telepathy is one of your gifts, and your powers are maturing. DEVIN Her voice is so loud! WADE Your mother's trying to reach out to you, trying to guide you home. Don't fight her. Listen. Maybe you should even try to send her your thoughts.
Devin furrows her brow. Uncertain she even can.

The scene then goes to Cutter back at the Sand Pit getting the amulet and truck from Diggs...just as we saw.

There was orignally supposed to be a humorous end to Cutter and Wolf's conversation about how to get the water from Aquarius...

CUTTER There it is, Aquarius. The legends are true! I killed her father not more'n a couple of miles from here. WOLF Looks like another patch of sand. Where's the water? CUTTER Underground! God, you're an idiot, I don't know how I ever hooked up with you. WOLF So how do we get the water? CUTTER We go in after it! Ask me another stupid question, I'll rip your tongue out. WOLF (hurt) If it wasn't for me, you'd have died from that snake bite. You forgettin' where it bit you, how I had to --
Cutter stomps the gas; the dune buggy's TIRES SPRAY SAND at the CAMERA as we cut to Devin at the entrance of Aquarius...

There is also an added bit on the end of the first meeting with the Master Healer which adds a bit of clarity to why Arturo didn't want to try his help...

ARTURO Are you calling me a fool? MASTER HEALER What would you call a dying man who passes up a chance for life purely out of intellectual vanity? ARTURO Now see here --
But Rembrandt and Wade approach, cutting the debate short.

REMBRANDT Can you believe this. They've even got hot mineral baths here. Let's go for a dip. MASTER HEALER (to Arturo) Splendid idea. Go soak your head. It might help you to see more clearly. WADE (as he walks off) What was that about? Did you insult him, Professor? ARTURO On the contrary, my tongue aches from biting it. JEREMY Come on, I'll show you the way.
Wade and Rembrandt follow Jeremy off to the mineral baths. Quinn hangs back with Arturo.

QUINN (nods toward the Master Healer) Why not give it a try, what have you got to lose? ARTURO (patiently) Please, don't ask me to compromise myself. The man is a fraud. Good hearted, I'm sure, but a fraud nonetheless. QUINN So the Healer's right - it is your vanity. You can't stand the idea you might be wrong. You'll even die to be certain you're right. ARTURO We're men of science, Mr. Mallory. We carry the torch of reason into the dark caves of superstition, surely you can see that! QUINN It's your life, Professor.
Quinn walks away. Arturo starts after him, then looks back toward the Master Healer... who smiles knowingly at him.

Off Arturo's look of indecision...

We fade into the scene of him walking into the Healer's "office"...

Next is the follow up to the healer's session as Arturo goes to find his friends at the mineral baths...


Quinn and Remmy are each in a hot spring tub. Steam rises.

REMBRANDT This is just what my aching body needed... I still had dirt on me from the last world we were on. QUINN More about you than I really wanted to know, Crying Man. ARTURO (entering) I see you're both enjoying the full hospitality of our hosts. QUINN Where've you been?
Arturo manages a small time.

ARTURO (off a tangent) A few moments stolen for a flight of fancy. QUINN (he gets it) So how do you feel? ARTURO That's the odd thing. I'm feeling quite well, actually. QUINN Coincidence, right? ARTURO Certainly. What else, Mr. Mallory? REMBRANDT Am I supposed to have any idea of what you two are talking about? ARTURO No, Mr. Brown.
Arturo picks up the timer. He holds it out for them to see.

ARTURO You two better get moving. Not much time left.

Across the cavern, Devin and her mother talk. PULL BACK TO REVEAL, Jeremy watching them. Wade steps up, hot-springed clean and waring a new set of clothes.

WADE I just wanted to say how sorry I was for getting in the way. We caused you a lot of headaches. JEREMY You could stay. All of you could. WADE It's nice here, Jeremy... But -- JEREMY One world just isn't enough. WADE Not any more. Not for me. JEREMY I understand. Now that I've been outside. Now that I've seen how much more there is, I wonder how happy I'll be in here. I wonder how happy she'll be --
He turns, watching Devin. Wade sees something in his look.

WADE You risked alot going after her. JEREMY She is my promised one. Devin and I were matches as children. (turns; smiles) I've loved her ever since. Even when she was missing, the feeling never left me --
Devin turns, sensing something. She smiles, looks down shyly. Clearly she picked up the message.

WADE I think she's got the feeling for you too. I also think, she'll be happy in here. For the first time in her life -- she belongs somewhere.

A low, stationary CAMERA catches Cutter and his group as they ROAR PAST. The SOUNDS of the many ENGINES DEAFENING...


The ROCK SLIDES OPEN and the SLIDERS, Devin, Fiona and Jeremy are bathed in light from above.

FIONA Thank you, again. For all your help bringing Devin home. QUINN Jeremy would've done just fine without us.
Quinn and Jeremy do a low five.

Wade hugs Jeremy.

JEREMY Wade, I almost forgot.
He pulls out the "WADE" necklace on a new chain.

JEREMY I fixed it for you.
He puts it on her. There's one last hug and they're on their way... As Wade climbs up, she HEARS:

DEVIN'S VOICE Goodbye. I'll miss you. WADE We'll miss you, too.
They share smiles. And she exits.

One last missing scene involves the decision to cave in the passageway once Cutter and his team have entered the cave...

The rock rolls open.

The Sliders move past Devin. Devin follows after them. Cutter and two of his men make it down before the door closes...


Jeremy is a defense panel. The Master Healer stands next to him.

MASTER HEALER How many entered? JEREMY Three. Maybe four. MASTER HEALER Drop the rocks. JEREMY But Devin and the others... MASTER HEALER Drop the rocks!
Jeremy does --

And the rest plays out as we saw it...except that when Cutter entered the paradise, he was supposed to be met by the natives holding high tech crossbows. Though not shown in the episode...apparently, this colony was supposed to be very technologically advanced - thus explaining how they could stay hidden for so long.

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