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El Sid Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S2

These are scenes from the October 30, 1995 production draft of the script for the episode El Sid written by Jon Povill. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Firstly, the beginning of Act One and the entrance of our Sliders into the prison was a bit more entertaining...




The alley is spotlessly clean and bright. There are numerous tables under cheery umbrellas. A WAITER passes by with a tray of snacks and drinks. CAMERA FINDS L.J., the black guy with the machine gun on the previous world. He's at one of the tables engaged in a game of SPEED CHESS.


which has a great many white pieces and very few black ones. Beside the board, we see all the lost black pieces plus some money held down by two unopened packs of CIGARETTES.

OPPONENT (BIG JAKE) Give up. You're just stalling. It's checkmate in three more moves. L.J. (bluffing) Maybe, maybe not. You never know. OPPONENT (BIG JAKE) Yeah, right.
L.J. strains, perplexed and troubled. His situation is clearly desperate. Then he gapes in amazement as


just behind his opponent. The opponent turns around to see what's going on just as Wade tumbles out -- right into him. She knocks him from his chair onto the ground. Then Rembrandt lands on both of them. Michele hits the table, scattering the board and all the pieces. Quinn follows, finishing the job as he knocks the table onto its side, clearing the way for a relatively soft landing for Arturo.

L.J. watches with extreme interest as Arturo quickly checks over the timer to make sure it's okay and then tucks it carefully into his duffel bag. Everyone is already getting up and dusting themselves off when Sid is spit out -- just before the gate closes -- and slams into Quinn, knocking him down again. OTHER WITNESSES nearby are curious and start to approach, but L.J. casts them a warning glance and they back off. Immediately, Sid rolls onto Quinn, sits straddling him. He whips out a customized, wicked-looking gun from beneath his bush jacket and pushes the barrel hard against Quinn's forehead, pinning him down.

SID (to Quinn, savoring it) Get ready...
Quinn's eyes are wide with fear. The other Sliders are frozen lest Sid pull the trigger.

MICHELE Sid, no! It was Mike!
Sid reacts. Apparently he can almost believe this. He turns, looks at her, starts to rise and come towards her.

SID You filthy bitch! MICHELE All we did was *talk*! (off Sid) Ask Lefty, if you don't believe me.
This seems to give Sid pause. Quinn springs to his feet.

MICHELE I'd've told you last night, but you're so Goddamn jealous...
The opponent comes to, very groggy.

OPPONENT (BIG JAKE) What the hell happened? L.J. (hastily) The game's a *draw*, bro!
Sid turns to L.J. and looks at him, confused.

SID I told you to stay in the truck! L.J. Wasn't me, pal. SID (menacing) Don't mess with me, L.J.! L.J. (relaxed, cool) It's not *me* that's messed up, friend. You see any trucks here?
For the first time, Sid looks around and reacts to the surroundings. He glances at Michele who is equally confused.

SID Where the hell is *this*?
L.J. reacts, more certain than ever that something very special has happened -- and increasingly interested in taking control of the situation.

L.J. Webb Court. And there's a Custodian around the corner, so if I was you, I'd hide the piece.
Reacting more to L.J.'s tone than any understanding of the situation, Sid puts away the gun.

Originally, Wade also asked for a different (yet familiar) hotel...


as it pulls away from the curb.

WADE Thank you. (then) If you could just take us to the Motel 12 on TBD Street, we'll be fine. L.J. It's rubble. Came down in last month's six point four.

are behind Quinn.

MICHELE (concerned) Maybe he's not the L.J. we know, but he sure as hell acts like him.
Sid isn't listening. He slaps Quinn in the back of the head. Quinn turns around, angry.

SID Just a reminder. It's not over between you and me.

The original script also reveals the full name of the Sliders' "personal" custodian. We only ever knew him as Leo, but the full name was Leo McGill.

As the Sliders go in search of Sid, a few missing lines for added clarity...


clamber aboard.

L.J. (to Quinn) Get in. ARTURO (indicates) We'll try up there. L.J. 'Be back here by six for group therapy, whether we find him or not.
L.J. starts up -- the tram rumbles away --

L.J. Bad news. The whole idea is to keep tabs on each other. QUINN This "buddy system" is insane. L.J. Hey, it sucks. But the city'd self-destruct without it. Everyone knows they're gonna die pretty soon, so how else you gonna keep 'em in line.

And as Arturo and Remmy move upon the inmate basketball game, we were supposed to see this sign in the background:

"Kindly Do Not Tread Upon The Grass, Section 419-7, By Order of the S.F.N.P."

Also, this scene was to feature a more season one-esque Remmy...


from the back of the pickup truck of the previous world are hanging out. "GAP" is playing a harmonica. "BLADE" is whittling a stick to a point and "PECKS" has a pair of bar bells, doing nonstop curls.

Behind them, a very physical basketball game is in progress.

Blade notices something in the street and calls Gap's attention to it with an elbows in the side. The two men exchange an evil, conspiratorial smile that lets us see how Gap got his nickname -- a missing front tooth.

BLADE Fish...
Balde throws his knife towards...


are eyeballing the basketball game SPECTATORS, looking for Sid. Blade's knife flies right by Arturo's face and sticks into a tree. Arturo reacts, alarmed, and looks around as:

BLADE (O.S) (calling) Hey, Fish! My knife slipped. Bring it back here for me.
Rembrandt turns to see what's going on.

ARTURO My name is not "Fish", sir, and I don't much care for your tone, or for your carelessness with a dangerous implement.
Rembrandt reacts, "Oh, shit!" as he realizes what Arturo is dealing with. He hurries past Arturo and gets the knife. REMBRANDT (hastily; sotto) Shut up, man, before this gets ugly. He retrieves the knife, wipes the blade clean as he hurries it back to its owner.

REMBRANDT Here you are, sir. Nice and clean. (then, ingratiating, to Gap) Hey! "Ol' Rockpile Blues." Great rendition. (then hastily) Gotta go. Have a great day, fellas.
He starts to leave, but the men block his path.

BLADE Got any smokes? (then) Cigarettes? REMBRANDT I'm a singer, man. Smoking's bad for the pipes.
Rembrandt now tries to dodge his way out of the small circle. One of the men catches him, holds him.

BLADE (threatening) You don't give me *something*, we're gonna turn you upside down an' see what shakes out.
Arturo doesn't understand why this is happeneing, but the threat is apparent enough. He calls out to the men on the basketball court.

ARTURO Are any of you "buddies" to those men? I'm with the neighborhood watch, and it looks to me they may be contemplating a crime.
The basketball players stop in their tracks to look over at the scene with Rembrandt. No one moves a muscle. Blade turns his attention to Arturo.

BLADE You want some of this? (then, to Gap) Bring him over here.
Arturo won't leave Rembrandt, but he's desperate to keep Gap at bay and can't understand why no one is helping.

ARTURO What's the matter with all of you? Are you just going to let these men rob us?
Gap grabs Arturo and begins dragging him back towards the others.

GAP They know who we are, an' you can bet they ain't gonna do a damn thing to help you.
But then, from another part of the park, we hear someone WHISTLE. Everyone turns to


He points to the street where a CUSTODIAN is approaching.

Blade and Gap exchange an annoyed look and begin ceremoniously "dusting off" Arturo and Rembrandt so as to hold them a bit longer during:

BLADE Another time, Fish. We'll be looking for you.
They release their grip and the Sliders hurry away. As they go:


Wade and Michele as they go to their therapy session...

One other interesting note, Gladys wasn't convicted for murdering her babysitter cheating husband originally...

GLADYS My name is Gladys, and I poisoned my neighbor, but I warned her again and again to keep her darn dog in her yard. If she'd just... WOMAN'S VOICE (over P.A., interrupting) Gladys, we're not going to listen. "Step One" is: Stop blaming your victim. (as Gladys sits) Now how about you, there, next to Gladys? Why are *you* here?
Michele is amused at Wade, who is at an utter loss for words as we:


Quinn and L.J. in the tram discussing how they never know what type of world they'll slide to...

The beginning of Act Three had all the Sliders in the room when Quinn came back...not just Wade and Michele...




are pacing in front of the window, alternately looking out and fretting. Even Michele looks on with the others. She's worried too.

REMBRANDT It's almost six o'clock. WADE I think some of us should go out and look for him. ARTURO Then, if he returns and others are missing, he goes out again to look for us. We become like a dog, chasing its tail. REMBRANDT (listening) Helicopters? ARTURO I don't hear anything. REMBRANDT The Crying Man has perfect pitch. I hear everything. (listens) There's five of them, and they're circling.

blows in.

QUINN Big trouble. Sid hit an ATM. WADE What?

The beginning of Act Four also offered some great Arturo commentary about the Sliders' interference with other worlds...




Mesh gratings on the windows, and a long table with a half dozen chairs around it.

The Sliders, plus Michele, are seated around the table except for Quinn, who is pacing in agitation.

ARTURO Sit down, Mr. Mallory. You're making me crazy. QUINN There's got to be a way out of this. ARTURO It's hopeless -- all thanks to your meddling in a lover's squabble.
Another EARTHQUAKE rumbles through, just to remind them of their dreadful prospects.

WADE What did you want him to do? (off Michele) He was gonna kill her. ARTURO Nonsense. (to Michele) Would he have killed you? MICHELE Probably not. ARTURO And where would you rather be? Back on your home world, as you had been, or trapped here with us? QUINN (to Michele) You don't have to take this, okay? ARTURO Dammit boy! It is not your place to tell this woman how to live! We are on a scientific journey. Our job is to *observe*, not to enforce our values on other worlds. How many times doe I have to say this? REMBRANDT Guys, can we concentrate on getting off *this* world? *Then*, you can kill each other. WADE (to Rembrandt) Thank you.

enters, along with two GUARDS. He holds up the timer.

LEO Here's how it works. Survival of the fittest.
And we saw what that meant...

And Arturo originally had alot to more to say when Leo came to get him...

LEO All right, professor. Get your things. (then, to Michele) You, too.
Quinn and the others look to Arturo, uncomprehending.

QUINN What's going on here?
Arturo is unapologetic as he collects his bag.

ARTURO I slipped a note to the guard. QUINN You're selling us out? You son of a bitch! I don't believe this! ARTURO (angry) Do you have a *better* idea? Must we all die to protect *your* precious discovery? QUINN (realizing) You're jealous! ARTURO Jealous? No, I'm *disgusted*, Mr. Mallory! (then) To think that I should be led by an arrogant, undisciplined child into one misadventure after another when I should be engaged in the greatest breakthrough in the history of science! What a galling, appalling *fiasco* you've made of sliding. QUINN What are you gonna do, professor? Steal the idea? Call it your own once I'm out of the way? ARTURO I'm going to get home and *perfect* it -- something *you* should have done before endangering the rest of us. And once I've done that, I'll have every right to claim sliding as mine.

And lastly, we were originally supposed to see the next world the Sliders went to...

SID Why?

stands there --

MICHELE Goodbye, Sid. ARTURO (to Quinn) Let's go, boy.
Rembrandt's jumped. And Wade. Someone's hammering on the door outside (O.S.)


hesitates just a moment, looking at Sid one last time before jumping into the void.

Another EARTHQUAKE starts to RUMBLE through. This could well be the big one.


waits until last, to make sure Sid doesn't wake up.


fall out of the wormhole and onto the hard concrete.

REMBRANDT Everybody okay?
They watch the vortex intently to make sure that Sid doesn't emerge. To their relief --


closes. Their relief doesn't last long. The ROAR of the vortex is replaced by the ROAR of JET ENGINES. They have landed on a runway, and when the vortex disappears, it reveals a huge jet liner coming right at them. As the Sliders scramble madly out of its path:



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