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Electric Twister Acid Test Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the August 7, 1996 first revision of the production draft of the script for the episode Electric Twister Acid Test written by Scott Smith Miller. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

We begin with a few special effects differences...

First of all, the timer was supposed to CRACKLE with electricty when the Sliders looked at it.

Also, the boy near the beginning of the episode was supposed to be riding an UPSIDE DOWN twister.

Next we come to some slightly different lines for Act One...




The Sliders, now in regular clothes, having left their helmets and jumpsuits behind, trudge across the barren landscape. Several UPSIDE DOWN TWISTERS (CGI) bob and weave in the distance, then seem to dissipate with an electrical FLASH.

WADE That's the fourth one of those weird tornadoes we've seen in the last hour. ARTURO Yes, and they all seem to be generated by some kind of electrical charge. QUINN (eyes timer; CRACKLES) Those electrical charges could be what's affecting the timer. REMBRANDT (to Arturo) You sure we're going to get to the ocean this way? ARTURO As long as we keep following the sun. REMBRANDT Yeah, but *how* long? WADE Maybe we should have stayed where we were and looked for that kid. He had ot have been with some kind of desert community. REMBRANDT I think that kid was a mirage. ARTURO (facetious) Or perhaps a ghost. I'm sure Miss Welles can believe in that possibility. QUINN The kid was real. I felt him. ARTURO Then perhaps he's a Houdini prodigy.
Then we were to dissolve into the Sliders continuing to walk and coming up upon the electrifed water hole just as we saw in the final version...

Another missing line was one for Arturo when they find the city nestled in lodestone...

ARTURO Brigadoon, here we come!

And another set of lost lines is found when they enter the town...

As they jump down off the last rock they spot a MAN locked in wooden stocks, and obviously dead. Next to him is a hand written sign: "Outcasts caught raiding will be executed."

REMBRANDT That's a helluva welcome sign. ARTURO Harsh environments create harsh people. REMBRANDT Maybe we should just keep going. QUINN If we want to slide we're going to have to stay within this rock perimeter. WADE I don't know about you guys, but I'm not a camel. I need water. REMBRANDT And I need... QUINN (heard it before) I know. Something to eat. All right, but let's keep a low profile. Try not to draw attention to ourselves.
Then we cut to inside the house where the locals are talking about the raiding like we saw before...

Another difference comes with the first scene of our Sliders in the barn...


Quinn sits on a hay bale. As Wade clears a spot on the floor to sit, Remmy opens a wooden cabinet and takes out a jar of preserved fruit. Arturo enters as...

WADE (to Remmy) What are you doing? You can't just take that. REMBRANDT Why not? WADE It's stealing. REMBRANDT We gotta eat. And I don't remember passing an IHOP on the way in.
She reaches into her pocket and pulls out some bills as Arturo uses a ladle to drink.

WADE I'll leave some money. REMBRANDT Girl, you are too much. ARTURO Water anyone?
As Wade moves to Arturo, Rembrandt approaches Quinn who's sitting pensively on a hay bale. He holds out the jar of canned fruit to him.

REMBRANDT Hungry, Q-Ball?
Quinn, seemingly in another world, just shakes his head.

REMBRANDT What's up, man?
And from there we go into Quinn's remembrance of his child hood vacations in Minnesota...

Another lost bit concerns a small bit of alternate history...and also an indication of just how wide spread the tornado epidemic was...

ARTURO Don't worry Mister Brown. The lodestone will prevent any electrically charged tornado's from entering the town. Isn't that right, miss?
As Jenny closes the door...

JENNY That's right. QUINN (to Jenny) Look, is there a store or restuarant where we can get something to eat?
She eyes them now, more curiously as the RUMBLING NOISE now grows to a ROAR.

JENNY Of course not. We're totally self sufficient. Where are you from?
Edgy, Wade moves to the door and looks out a crack.

QUINN (hesitates, then) Up north. JENNY (wary) There is no "up north", anymore.
The guys react as a frightened Wade turns back to them.

WADE Hey! Are you sure that tornado can't cross those rocks?!
And as you know...the tornado does cross over and into the rest of the scene as we saw it...

Interestingly, the original script called for Arturo to be the one strung up to the tree...and he was to be whipped, not beaten.

Another interesting deviation...the original script called for Rembrandt to be hit by a broken tree limb to knock him unconscious in the the final broadcast episode, Rembrandt was struck by lightning.

Near the end of the episode, the Sliders were supposed to find the timer in not quite as good of shape...

Our scene begins with Martin wrestling with Jenny outside as our Sliders run up...the timer laying open at her feet where she dropped it in the struggle...


Martin lunges the pitchfork, Remmy jumps back. Frustrated, Martin heaves the sharp tines at Remmy's head, but he swats the tool away with the plank and it falls harmlessly to the ground. As Marting turns and races away, Remmy swats him in the butt with the 2x4.

REMBRANDT And that's for leaving me in the desert!
He drops the 2x4, kneels to pick up the opened timer as Reed and Jenny approach.

REMBRANDT (yelling) Q-Ball! Out back! (eyeing the disassembled timer) Oh, sweet Mary.
A still damp Quinn and Wade race around the corner of the house. Rembrandt holds out the opened timer and the dislodged circuit board in his cupped hands.

REMBRANDT We got a problem here, man. QUINN (taking the timer) We got one out front too! Franklin and his men are coming up the road! REED Follow me!
Reed leads them to a nearby tree. He drops and pushes away some dirt, revealing a small wooden door. As he lifts it and gestures for the others to go down...

REMBRANDT (re: timer) Can you fix it, Q-Ball? QUINN Yeah... maybe... if we're lucky... REMBRANDT (facetious) Keep talking, man. I'm feeling better and better.
And then they disappear into the hole and another scene...

The biggest change of all comes at the end...originally we were supposed to see the next world our Sliders went to...and if you watch the end of the episode, you can hear some evidence that maybe this scene was filmed but cut...

Rembrandt grabs Wade's hand and jumps up, his free arm outstretched to the vortex. It sucks them both in. Arturo jumps, then Quinn and we...


The zigzag ride is accompanied by the SOUND OF SPARKING ELECTRICITY sucked up from the tornado.


Quinn's the last one out. He lands near his friends under a tree. As the Vortex closes and the SPARKING SOUND fades...

REMBRANDT (ecstatic) Hey, hey! WADE I can't believe we made it!
Wade reaches out to hug Rembrandt. SFX: ZZTTT! They recoil from a shock of electricity. OW!

REMBRANDT Damn, that hurt! What's the story, Q-Ball? QUINN Just residual electricity.
Wade playfully reaches out and touches Arturo. SFX: ZZTTT!

ARTURO OW! Stop it this instant, Miss Welles! WADE C'mon Professor. Where's your sense of humor?
She ZAPS him again. Quinn tries to hide a smile, can't.

ARTURO Oh... think it's funny do you?
Now he reaches out and touches Quinn. SFX: ZZTTT! A "zapping" contest breaks out, each Sliders touching the other in good natured fun. Suddenly...

VOICE Are they human?
Surprised, the Sliders look around, finally focusing their attention above them, where they see...


... apparently FLOATING upside down above them, dressed in tailored hemp clothing. CAMERA WIDENS TO REVEAL they're actually hanging from tree limbs... BY THEIR TAILS.

TREE DWELLER I'm not sure, but I'm not hanging around to find out.
As the tree dwellers start to move away...


... exchange a look and we...



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