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The Exodus Part 1 Script Outtakes
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These are scenes from the December 24, 1996 production draft of the script for the episode The Exodus Part 1 written by Tony Blake and Paul Jackson with story by John Rhys-Davies. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

The first change comes when the Sliders initially meet Maggie...

[Quinn] spots something odd about [Jariabek's] blood-soaked chest. Quinn unhooks one of the man's shirt buttons and pulls back the fabric.

WADE He's been shot. REMBRANDT By one damn big gun.
The Sliders react to the ROAR of an approaching vehicle. An AIR FORCE SEDAN pulls up.

A female OFFICER jumps out, followed by two AIRMEN with "damn big guns".

MAGGIE Step away from the suspect.
They do. The officer, CAPT. MAGGIE BECKETT, approaches. Twenty-five and athletic, Maggie's piercing eyes only hint at the passion and intelligence she possesses. The two airmen keep a wary eye on the Sliders as Maggie kneels, checks the dead man.

MAGGIE Was he alive when you got here? QUINN Barely. REMBRANDT Who is he? AIRMAN An escaped serial killer.
Maggie shoots the Airman an annoyed look. She's obviously unhappy with him. The Airman looks down, knows he's on her list.

MAGGIE It doesn't matter who he is. It's a military matter. (then) Did he say anything before he died? WADE Well, he... ARTURO (pre-emptive) No.
Maggie's eyes narrow. She focuses on Wade.

MAGGIE That right? WADE (beat, then) Not a word.
Maggie's eyes bore into her. Wade stares right back, unflinching. Maggie turns to Quinn.

MAGGIE How about you? Did you hear him say anything?

Quinn shakes his head. Maggie's look at Remmy gets the same response. The air raid siren continues to WAIL.

MAGGIE I'm going to need you people to come with us. WADE Why? We told you we don't know anything. QUINN (surprisingly agreeable) Let's just go with them, guys. We'll give our statements and that'll be the end of it.
Quinn steps up to Maggie, glances over at her sedan.

QUINN Think we can all fit in your car?
Her eyes follow Quinn's. It's all the opening Quinn needs. He grabs Maggie and spins her around, enveloping her in a bear hug.

Remmy and Arturo go for the surprised airmen. An uppercut from Remmy and one airmen's out; a forearm to the nose and Arturo's opponent joins him.

Maggie jams her heel down onto Quinn's instep. He BELLOWS and releases her. She pulls away, whips her sidearm out. She's about to level it when she hears a CLICK from behind. She freezes, glances over her shoulder.


Wade points a rifle from one of the unconscious airmen at Maggie.

WADE My friend called this a damn big gun. And I know how to use it.
Reluctantly, Maggie lowers her sidearm. Remmy takes it from her, ejects the bullet cartridge.

REMBRANDT I never did like the Air Force. You people always think you're such hot stuff. ARTURO Are you all right, Mr. Mallory? QUINN (rubbing his foot) I guess. But I don't think I'll ever dance the Macarena again. MAGGIE (tightly) You're welcome. QUINN Now it's my turn to ask questions. MAGGIE And my turn not to answer them. REMBRANDT No time for this, Q-Ball. (re: siren) We've got to get out of here before they signal the all clear.
Quinn nods, grabs by Maggie by the arm. He pulls her towards the rear of the sedan.

QUINN Remmy... pop the trunk.
As Rembrandt opens the driver's door and reaches for the release latch...

MAGGIE You're really screwing up, pal. QUINN Then how come you're the one being locked in a trunk?
And it continues on as we saw it from there...

After leaving Maggie behind, Arturo gives us a different explanation for pulsars...



advertising a rerelease of ROCKY IV. The advertisement reads "HELD OVER! GO ROCKY! BEAT THE RUSSIANS!" CAMERA PANS DOWN AND FINDS the Sliders as they hustle around the corner. The street's deserted. As they jam the weapons they took into a dumpster..

WADE You knew that guy back there, Professor? ARTURO Not personally. On our world, he's Doctor Vladimir Jariabek, a highly respected Cosmologist. QUINN On our world. Who knows what he is here. ARTURO He referenced the trajectory of a pulsar. Hardly the language of a serial killer. WADE Pulsar. Isn't that like a meteor? ARTURO In theory, they're rotating neutron stars. They careen through the galaxies emitting short discharges of electromagnetic radiation. Pulses, in the vernacular. REMBRANDT Must not be a theory on this world if we're supposed to warn someone about them. WADE Yeah, but who?
And using the ring to go on, they head to Cal Tech just as we saw...

Did you ever wonder how the Sliders got into Jariabek's office...they didn't just waltz in...


A SECURITY GUARD lets two academics out through the front glass doors, waves good night. Sticking a cigarette in his mouth, he searches for a match, lights it. But the evening breeze blows it out. Annoyed, he pulls another match, turns his back to the breeze and huddles over, trying to protect the flame.

Thunk. A clenched pair of hands smack him on the back of the head. The guard sags to his knees, revealing Quinn and Remmy behind him. As they catch him...

QUINN Wade. Get his keys.
They cradle the guard between them as Wade and Arturo appear and open the door. As they drag the unconscious man inside...



A single lamp illuminates the cluttered scientist's office, filled with cosmological charts, maps, etc. Arturo and Quinn hover over Wade's shoulder as she hacks into the scientist's desk top computer. Remmy listens for trouble at the door.

WADE (eyeing screen) These file names mean something to you, Professor? Cause it's all Greek to me. ARTURO Literally. He's used the Greek names of the planets to label his files. (taps screen) What's this icon here stand for? WADE Looks like he's hooked up to some kind of satellite feed. ARTURO Can you get in?
Wade taps three keys, smiles.

WADE Can you say "done"?


Maggie leads three soldiers towards the glass doors. A military vehicle's parked at the curb behind them. She reaches the entrance, stops.


No movement inside the lobby. The guard station is empty.


She tries the doors. Locked. She turns to a soldier.

MAGGIE There must be a guard around here somewhere.
As the soldier starts off...



Arturo and Quinn study a computer graph as it's spit from Jariabek's computer. Wade's back behind the computer and Remmy's still at the door.

ARTURO Well, he's definitely been tracking a pulsar. These readings indicate it's actually going to pass through the outer plane of the solar system.
And that's where we came in the final episode...

The beginning of Act Two had a many slight differences as well...especially the interrogation scene which included all 4 Sliders in room in the original script. The final version had only Quinn in the room. Also there is a missing scene which was supposed to begin the building of a romantic interest between Wade and Rickman...




MAJOR ADRIENNE LOWRY, black, late 30's, a medical doctor, leads a SUBJECTIVE POV down the center aisle between two rows of beds in a coma ward. Her mood is grim.

DR. LOWRY We still have no idea what's causing our people to fall into these comas. And now the frequency at which we're seeing victims has increased dramatically.
She stops at the bed of the Lieutenant we saw in the teaser who fell victim to the needle in the back of her skull. Her eyes are open but vacant, like all the coma patients in this ward.

DR. LOWRY It was one a week at first. now it's one every other day.
She moves to the head of her bed. The subjective POV follows.

DR. LOWRY Until now, we couldn't find anything that linked all these cases. But this morning, I discovered something.
She tilts the Lieutenant's head away to reveal the base of her skull.

DR. LOWRY Every victim has a puncture wound at the base of their skull. As if some type of needle has been inserted.
She leans down to look more closely at the base of the patient's skull. From behind her, a HAND HOLDING A NEEDLE ENTERS FRAME. It moves for the base of her skull.

DR. LOWRY We're going to do a brain tap on Lieutenant Eastman later today.
The last words she utters. The hand quickly buries the needle into the base of her skull. Her body stiffens.

A beat as the needle drains fluid. Then the hand pulls the needle out. Doctor Lowry collapses to the floor. The figure jams the needle into his own neck. CAMERA SLOWLY PANS around as the attacker morphs into Dr. Lowry.



Four concerned Sliders sit at a long table. Two armed MP's stand sentry near the door. An agitated Captain Maggie Beckett runs the interrogation.

MAGGIE You don't seem to understand how serious this is. This country is on full military alert. And you're facing espionage charges. QUINN (tense, irritable) We're told you everything. MAGGIE Stonewalling's not going to help. QUINN We are not stonewalling! WADE You wouldn't recognize the truth if you heard it.
Maggie and Wade pin each other with a hard stare, then...

MAGGIE (to Arturo) Why'd you lie to us when we asked if Jariabek said anything to you? ARTURO Because your airman lied to us first. QUINN Not too many Cal Tech graduates become serial killers.
Caught, Maggie won't give them the satisfaction of seeing her react.

MAGGIE (to Quinn) What's the purpose of that electronic device you were carrying?
The Sliders exchange a glance.

QUINN It's my TV's remote control. MAGGIE I'd reconsider that answer if I were you. QUINN Yeah, well, you're not me. MAGGIE You know what penalty for espionage is at a time like this? Death by firing squad.
The Sliders react.

MAGGIE *Now* would you like to re-think that answer?
Rickman enters followed by DR. STEVEN BECKETT (not a typo), mid 30's. He's in a wheelchair. Wears a lab coat.

RICKMAN Well, Captain? MAGGIE They're covering something up. WADE (to Rickman) She's a little confused. *You're* the ones covering up. QUINN You've got a pulsar passing through your solar system that's about to nuke millions of innocent people, and you're not doing a damn thing about it. REMBRANDT It's perfect deniability, isn't it? Decimate your enemy without firing a single missile. RICKMAN (honestly) I applaud your intellect. ARTURO This goes far beyond neutralizing your enemy. Have you no conscience, man? WADE Of course not. He's just a drone following orders. (to Rickman) What are you going to do now? Put us in front of a firing squad? That gonna make you feel like a big man?
Rickman eyes her. He's unruffled. Something about her intrigues him. Beckett breaks the moment. Pulls out Quinn's timer.

DR. BECKETT People, this device we confiscated. Does it have something to do with accessing parallel dimensions?
The Sliders exchange a surprised glance. Rickman looks to Steven Beckett. It's clear that was a yes.

DR. BECKETT I'm doctor Steven Beckett. I've been developing a device to access wormholes leading to parallel worlds myself. Where are you people from?
The Sliders exhale. Relief.

QUINN Another world. We slid here earlier today, just before we ran into that incident in the park. WADE Which is why we couldn't possibly be spies. DR. BECKETT (excited by the revelation) That's incredible. Did you design this? QUINN Yeah. DR. BECKETT Colonel, it's possible he could help us break the logjam with our transport equipment. WADE You treat us like criminals and now you expect us to help you? RICKMAN Would an apology help? WADE It would be a start. RICKMAN My apologies. QUINN Look, we slide again in three days. DR. BECKETT (to Rickman) Then we should get started right away. (to Sliders) That is, if you agree.
The Sliders look to each other, then...

QUINN Do we have a choice? RICKMAN Good. While you work with Doctor Beckett, you'll have to be confined to the base for obvious security reasons. But you'll have the freedom to move about at will. Just don't do anything foolish.
Rickman leads his people out. Arturo and Wade follow. Remmy and Quinn trail. Remmy whispers to Quinn.

REMBRANDT I've been on enough military bases to know there's usually a way to sneak off. I'll try to get the word out about the pulsar.


Spartan but tasteful. The door opens and Wade enters followed by Rickman. She looks around.'

RICKMAN If you need a change of clothes, food, whatever...the PX has your name. It's on Uncle Sam. WADE (suspicious) You treat all your prisoners this good?
Rickman's attracted to her. He has no axe to grind.

RICKMAN (charming) You're not a prisoner. I'd like to think of you as a unique guest. WADE You'll forgive me if I don't sound appreciative. It's hard to take gifts from a mass murderer. RICKMAN Ma'am, we all have a job to do. Believe me, I'm not happy about watching innocent people die. WADE Then why don't you stop it? Why don't you make a phone call so those people could have a chance? RICKMAN I have to weigh the benefits against the dangers. There are over three hundred million people in Russia. Let's say we did let them know. In the panic that would follow, how many would get out? WADE We're talking about human life. Even if it's only one, it's worth it. RICKMAN We'd also be revealing our Star Wars technology to the Chinese, which, in the bigger picture, would put American lives at risk. (a beat, then) I guess you could say it's a Hobson's choice.
Wade softens. Senses this guy isn't so bad. He moves to the door.

RICKMAN If you need anything, call Captain Beckett. She'll take care of it. WADE Is she related to Doctor Beckett? RICKMAN His wife. (beat) What's your relationship to Mallory?
Wade realizes he's interested. She's intrigued.

WADE We're friends.
Rickman nods, then exits, leaving Wade with a million thought swimming in her head.



Maggie Beckett stands over Arturo, who sits next to several computers that print out data. In front of him is a large, futuristic TV monitor.

On the screen is what looks like a live shot of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our SOLAR SYSTEM is clearly delineated in one area, as are numerous CONSTELLATIONS, a few COMETS, and ASTEROID SHOWER, a second SOLAR SYSTEM... and the PULSAR, which is extremely close to our solar system, blinking like a flashing beacon. Arturo inspects the computer readouts.

ARTURO Your husband designed this satellite system? MAGGIE Yes. He struck a deal that if this was successful, Congress would fund his sliding experiments. ARTURO Not only a scientific genius, but a smart negotiator. MAGGIE He's an amazing guy. He also has the ability to inspire people to perform far beyond their potential. I'm living proof.
We then cut over to the Quinn/Dr. Beckett conversation where they strike a deal to share technology...just as we saw in the final ep. Though in the original script, this was to take place in the same room Maggie and Arturo were in...not outside on the walkway as we saw.

Our next altered bit isn't enough to fully quote. It has to do with Remmy's first meeting with Malcolm. Everything is practically the same, except in the original version...Remmy meets Malcolm top side and art is never even brought up. Instead, Remmy and Malcolm talk about Basketball. Remmy tells Malcolm he is on a "secret mission" and offers to play some one on one with him when it's over. Another tiny bit, Malcolm asks Remmy if comas are contagious...and this leads into the revelation that the victim at the beginning of the episode was his step-mother. Then Remmy heads for the gate per Malcolm's direction, and gets quite a shock...just like we saw in the final version.

A short but startling difference is also found when Rickman asks Wade to compile the list of travelers...I believe I know why this was changed. It was totally out of character for Wade the way it was originally written...

RICKMAN Compile a priority list of the top five hundred people on this base, weighting it by their performance evaluations over the past two years. Those people have earned it. WADE Wait a minute. What about the President and all those people in Washington?
Rickman eyes her a beat. Should he tell her?

RICKMAN I never spoke to the President. WADE (astonishment) What? RICKMAN All we'd end up taking would be his friends. The morally questionable rich and famous. Politicians who have no usable skills. I don't believe that's right. This is the most egalitarian method I could think of.
A small smile crosses Wade's lips. Then...

WADE Well... my opinion of you has just jumped a few notches, Colonel.
Rickman steps close to her. Wade's intrigued.

RICKMAN I'm glad to know that, ma'am. WADE You can drop the ma'am stuff, Colonel. RICKMAN And you can drop the Colonel stuff, ma'am.
Their eyes lock. Then Wade thinks better of it.

WADE I'd better get to work.
He nods.

RICKMAN I'll check on you later.
He turns and exits. Wade watches him go. Then exhales. It's hot in here.

Directly after that is a missing Malcolm/Remmy scene which includes a shameless plug...



A downcast Remmy sits on a bench, sipping coffee. He watches a mom with her young child. An enlisted couple holding hands. The knowledge that this will all end soon weigns heavy. He hears a BALL BOUNCING. Looks up. Malcolm comes up, excited.

MALCOLM Hey Remmy. You okay now? REMBRANDT (forced smile) Yeah. I'm okay. Heck, I've been up against worse stuff than an electric fence. MALCOLM I just talked to my dad. He'll be home in an hour. He said he's going to take me to Universal Studios this weekend and then to a Laker game next week. He's got box seats.
The pain of knowing Malcolm will never do any of those things is almost too much for Remmy to bear. He just forces a smile.

REMBRANDT You dad sounds like a great guy. MALCOLM He's the best. Hey, you want to come over later and meet him? REMBRANDT (simply) Sure. MALCOLM You still bummed about the fence? REMBRANDT Yeah. Yeah, that's it. It'll pass. (and then) Hey Malcolm. You said it was your stepmom who's in that coma. Where's your real mom? MALCOLM She lives in San Francisco. But she's coming down on business soon, so I'll get to spend some time with her.
Some kids off screen call for Malcolm.

MALCOLM I gotta go. (runs off) Come over later!
A solemn Remmy waves an okay.



Quinn and Maggie lean against a wall. Above them, a shaft of light from the hole they jumped in. It's hot down here. They're both tense and irritable.

MAGGIE (re: tunnel) I wonder what this is. QUINN Let's hope it's not an ant tunnel. (wry) So. How do you like sliding so far?
And the rest plays out as we saw it from there...

With one small exception...Maggie originally had a bit more to say about physicists...

QUINN No. Good friends. I'm just your basic physicist. MAGGIE Yeah, right. There's nothing basic about you guys. QUINN How would you know? MAGGIE I'm married to one. You're brilliant, complex, spontaneous risk takers. And sometimes a big pain in the ass.
Quinn smiles. Maggie spots something O.S. Her eyes widen in fear. Quinn jerks his head around to look.

And we all know what they saw in that rabbit hole...

And some differences and new information for the scene in which Quinn and Maggie return from seeing how far down the rabbit hole goes...

He aims the timer UPWARD. Activates the VORTEX. Offers her a hand. She ignores it. Gets to her feet on her own.

She jumps up and into the vortex. Quinn follows.



Rickman confers with Dr. Beckett and Arturo, who work at a table with microchip programming equipment.

ARTURO That's about as far as we can go with increasing the band width. RICKMAN What's your target payload? DR. BECKETT From what we now know, about a hundred and fifty people each trip. ARTURO (checks his watch) They should be back any second.
He turns to the spot where they slid. A beat, then the vortex materializes. Maggie slides into the lab. A beat later, Quinn slides in, stumbles into Maggie who catches him. For an awkward moment, they embrace. Arturo and Beckett hurry over. Quinn and Maggie disengage. She kneels down and hugs her husband.

ARTURO How was it? QUINN (shoots an annoyed look at Maggie) Well, at least the timer works. MAGGIE (to Beckett) It was incredible, Steve. I can't wait for you to try it. RICKMAN Any luck? QUINN Sure. If you like the land of the giants and man eating rabbits.
Rickman looks to Maggie.

MAGGIE It was inhospitable, sir. RICKMAN How fast can you get back out there? QUINN Right away. But we'll cover more worlds if we slide from place to place without having to come back here after each one. DR. BECKETT Whatever it takes. QUINN Any progress with the new power chip? ARTURO We've maximized the increase in band width. It's shrinking the die size that will be the big challenge. QUINN Don't go any smaller than point two five. You'll need as many execution pipelines as you can get. MAGGIE Mallory. Let's go.
He shoots a look to Maggie. Then...

QUINN (to Arturo) Like sliding with General Patton.
Then we cut over to Remmy as he's off to visit Malcolm's apartment to meet his Dad...the light shatters...Rickman strikes. Just as we saw...

Our next missing scene was a nice bit of continuity that was left out. This missing scene explains that Rickman needed a specific bloodtype...the same bloodtype the Professor was revealed to have in "Dream Masters" - hence, why Rickman would attack him...

WADE Sorry. He's just feeling pretty bad about Malcolm. RICKMAN We're all under a lot of pressure. (opens another file) I've been looking over the preliminary list you've prepared. We have too many people. It's time to raise the bar. (hands file to Wade) Eliminate anyone who's not O negative. WADE (unsure) Why take only people with O negative blood? RICKMAN They're universal donors. As cold as it sounds, it makes the most sense.
Off Wade --

Then we continue on with the next scene just as in the final version...Quinn and Maggie landing in an almost identical air force base. There is one small revelation though...the name of Maggie and Rickman's air force base was Blake Air Force Base.

Our final missing scene in part one has to do with Maggie and Quinn's arrival on "Earth Prime". Originally, we were supposed to get a nice and needed continuity some explanation on timer mechanics...


A residential street. Regular viewers will recognize the Mallory house with its white picket fence. A beat, then the VORTEX opens and Quinn slides out into the street, followed by Maggie.

MAGGIE (eyes her watch) We're running out of time to find a new world, Mallory. QUINN Thanks for the news flash.
He spots his house.

QUINN Hey... that's my house. MAGGIE We're in San Francisco? I thought you said we'd always land in the same geographical spot. QUINN Your husband's timer must have the wrong kind of gyroscope. His stablizer's got too wide a band. MAGGIE (coughs) So this is your home world?
He walks up to the gate.

QUINN I don't know. I've been down this road before and it's always been a disappointment.
He opens the gate. Swings it back and forth. It SQUEAKS.

QUINN This gate's squeaked since I was a kid. But worlds can be so similar, it's no guarantee.
Maggie COUGHS again as they make their way up the walk.

MAGGIE Even if it's not your home world, it looks like it could fit what we need. QUINN (sniffs) Mrs. Randall's making her chicken soup.
Maggie COUGHS again.

QUINN You okay? MAGGIE Yeah, fine.
Spots an old car in the driveway on the other side of his house. His hopes rise in spite of himself.

QUINN There's Bernie Massey's Pontiac that got rear ended. He never fixed it.
They reach the front door. Quinn knocks. Maggie hangs back. COUGHS again.

MAGGIE So how could this not be your home? QUINN Last time all this was the same too. But the Golden Gate Bridge was blue.
The door opens revealing MRS. MALLORY. Shock as she looks at Quinn. Then she throws open the screen door.

And the rest is as we saw it in the final version from there...

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : S3 : The Exodus Part 1 Script Outtakes