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The Exodus Part 2 Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the January 9, 1997 production draft of the script for the episode The Exodus Part II written by Joseph Anderson & Paul Jackson and Tony Blake. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

One of our first missing portions from part two concerns just after the big Earth Prime fight...and just before Remmy asks Wade is she has added Malcolm to the list...



Wade exits, engrossed in a file folder. Remmy strides up.

WADE Where did you go? I've been worried about you. REMBRANDT I had to walk off some anger. WADE Remmy, I've been thinking about what was said between all of us... REMBRANDT Forget it. It's over.
Wade knows it's far from over. But she won't press it.

REMBRANDT Where are you with getting Malcolm on the list to slide? WADE I don't know if I can do it. REMBRANDT Wade. I've promised the kid he's going. WADE I can't believe you did that. You have no right to lay that off on me!
And it finishes out as we saw it in the broadcast episode.

Another interesting abscence...Quinn and Maggie's nauseating discussion on tribal mating rituals while viewing the cave men was *not* in the original script. Unfortunately, Quinn's insipid remark about those people being 200,000 years behind us was in the original draft.

A short missing portion gives recognition to the limited nature of the backup power generators of the base and also why Jensen was off from the group when Rickman found him...

QUINN What about our home coordinates? DR. JENSEN It's taking longer than I expected to download them.
Suddenly the LIGHTS BLINK, power dies.

DR. JENSEN The mob... they've reached the power substation...
On. Off. Blackness. Then... BLUE SECURITY LIGHTS kick in, giving the room an eerie glow.

ARTURO The back-up generators. How long can they operate? DR. JENSEN Depends. On need and security. (starts to wheel out) They might need help re-routing the power flow. I'll be back as soon as I can. QUINN But our coordinates...
But Jensen's gone. Quinn and Arturo react.

ARTURO Better round up the troops. We should all be together just in case. QUINN You coming?
Arturo sits down at the computer.

ARTURO In a minute.
Quinn exits as Arturo sits, types in some numbers.

Also, there was a little more to Wade and Remmy when they got the final list with Malcolm's name on it...

REMBRANDT (re: computer) Did you get Malcolm's name on the list before it blanked? WADE I'm not sure. Check it as it comes off.
Remmy moves to the printer as it starts to print again.

WADE The screen's dead. Surge must have fried it. I can give commands but I can't read anything. REMBRANDT I don't see his name yet. WADE There can't be much more. If he's not on there, I don't think I can get back in.
The power dims, the computer flickers, then it's back on.

REMBRANDT (eyeing printout) Come on... come on... (then) Yes! Malcolm Eastman! All right.

And there was a bit more to Arturo's comments when confronting Rickman about the fact that they could take more people...

RICKMAN If you're wrong, and Jensen's right about the strain being too much for the vortex, we could all die. ARTURO But I'm not wrong. RICKMAN (exploding) Look, I told you, I have enough! ARTURO (beat) What do you mean... *you* have enough? RICKMAN (recovering) It means, better a few make it than none at all. We stick with the plan we have. ARTURO Of course you will. Because you're a coward. You'll live, that's all that matters. Or is it you realize the people you take will do whatever you ask in exchange for the gift of their lives?
In this case, Rickman's silence really does speak volumes.

ARTURO Either way, you are not qualified to be in command. And I don't think you will be after people learn the truth.
Then Rickman stabs Arturo from behind as Arturo takes his leave...just as we saw.

While the Sliders were in the medical ward with the now incapacitated Arturo, they were originally watching television when we first came in...





A television broadcast on the Government emergency channel. STOCK SHOTS of people going somberly into churches, standing in the streets with candles, singing hymns.

ANNOUNCER (V.O.) These are probably the last pictures we will be able to send you. The next wave of pulsars... due to strike the earth in three hours, will destroy our remaining DBS system.
We PAN from the TV screen to REVEAL the MEDICAL WARD. Everything's bathed in the EERIE GLOW of the blue emergency lights. Quinn and Rembrandt, sweating from the heat, stand over Arturo who lies on a gurney, conscious but his body twitching.

REMBRANDT Max, I saw someone running away. Did you see who it was?
Arturo struggles to speak... HIS SPEECH IS STILL SLURRED.

ARTURO I... can't...
Wade rushes up with a glass of water and a vial of pills.

And from there it is as we saw it...

When Malcolm discovers his parents aren't there for the slide...Rickman was originally supposed to have an assuring comment...

MALCOLM You're not taking my parents, are you?
A look between Maggie and Rickman.

MAGGIE (gently) They're going in the second group. MALCOLM Then why aren't they here now? RICKMAN They will be. We have people bringing them over from the infirmary. MALCOLM (suspicious) I'm not leaving them.
Rickman gestures to a soldier. The man puts a hand on Malcolm. He twists away from the soldier and takes off running. Maggie starts after him...

RICKMAN Let him go.

The end of Arturo's death speech was also cut off and somewhat was in fact Arturo who told them to go underground...

WADE You're got to stay with us, Professor... stay with us...
Arturo shakes his head. Manages to make eye contact with each of them one last time.

ARTURO (whispered) Get...underground. Fa... follow him. Only chance for home. WADE You're coming with us.
Arturo manages a subtle shake of his head. He knows this is the end of the slide.

ARTURO I love you all. (a whisper) Sliders.
And he dies. WE HOLD on them as we...



And the beginning of Act Four was different...




Quinn and Wade kneel beside Arturo. Quinn can't take his eyes off the body. Still shaken by the death. We HEAR the GUNFIRE closer now. VOICES on the wind, sreams and madness in the streets.

WADE Quinn. We can't stay here. QUINN He deliberately took those bullets. He saved my life. WADE (gently) I know... but so he didn't die in vain, we have to try to stay alive. REMBRANDT That pulsar is gonna hit in one hour. QUINN (eyes still on Arturo) The Professor was right. We have to get underground. If we can get deep enough, the radiation might not reach us before we slide. WADE (to Malcolm) There any tunnels on this base? MALCOLM The catacombs. REMBRANDT Malcolm, grab some flashlights. QUINN And a radiation badge.
Wade brings an army blanket to Quinn, who tenderly covers Arturo with it.

WADE Good-bye, Professor. REMBRANDT You were like a brother to me, Max. I'm going to miss you.
Quinn picks up Arturo's hand, holds it. A beat, then...

QUINN I will never forget you.
Quinn kisses the hand, sets it down. He turns to look at the others.

QUINN Let's go.


Flashlight beams held by Quinn and the others lead them through the catacombs. They come to a fork in the road.

QUINN Which way will take us deeper, Malcolm?
Malcolm looks, then points.

MALCOLM That way.
Quinn starts in that direction when we hear a MEOW. Malcolm shines his light on a large TAWNY CAT.

MALCOLM Hey, look. Here, kitty. All alone? Come on. Why don't you come with us? QUINN Malcolm, I don't think we need a cat with us. MALCOLM Why not? Don't they have rats on the world we're going to? WADE At least one we know of. REMBRANDT I think we got room for one mouser.
There's a look. Quinn nods. Malcolm picks up the cat. They start walking. We HEAR a BEEP.

REMBRANDT What's that?
QUINN shines his flashlight on the radiation badge he's carrying. The indicator BEEPS, shows a rising readout.

QUINN The pulsars just hit California.
They all react. The pitch on the beeper gets higher. It will continue to increase, matching exposure.

Ever want some explanation for how the timer could continually track Rickman's interdimensional travels? Here's the missing explanation...


Flashlights rake the cave walls. Quinn leads Wade, Remmy and Malcolm, carrying the cat, deeper into the catacombs. Quinn's badge continues to BEEP. He checks the timer.

REMBRANDT (re: timer) How's that thing supposed to track Rickman? QUINN It's got a micro-photon receiver that picks up any photon waves vibrating at... WADE Quinn, we're not the Professor. You gotta explain it in layman's terms. REMBRANDT Yeah. If anything happens to you now, we better know everything there is to know about that thing. QUINN Okay. (eyes timer) When this red light goes steady, it means it's locked onto a photon trail. Right now it's showing a readout of the wormhole that just took Rickman out.
The scene then continues out as we saw it...the badge keeps getting louder, and Quinn throws it to the side before he slides. The final shot of Exodus earth was supposed to be the badge as it was reaching a deafening pitch. In the original script, the world did *not* blow up.

The original script also featured a jeep chase to hunt down Rickman...

QUINN Where is he?
[Maggie] turns and looks across the way. Quinn follows her gaze.


talking with some soldiers. A Jeep with a driver is next to them.


MAGGIE Where's your Professor? QUINN Rickman killed him. Give me your gun.
She hesitates.

QUINN He also killed your husband. MALCOLM I saw it. He shot him. QUINN Rickman's responsible for all the coma patients. He's been taking their brain tissue to survive. WADE You'll be interested to know you all qualify as donors.
Maggie looks off at Rickman. Her expression turns murderous. She pulls her automatic, chambers a round. Starts walking towards Rickman, Quinn goes with her.


Looks up to see Maggie approaching, gun drawn, Quinn beside her.

MAGGIE Colonel Rickman, you're under arrest!
Rickman grabs the driver in the Jeep and pulls him out, jumps in and takes off before anyone can stop him.

Maggie FIRES TWO ROUNDS. Misses. Quinn spots a motorcycle, jumps on, takes off after Rickman.

Quinn catches up to Rickman's Jeep, makes a transfer from the bike to the running board. Rickman has no weapon. Just the metal briefcase with his brain fluids. He picks it up from the seat and swings it hard at Quinn. Quinn grabs the case, and falls off the car, rolling to a stop.

Rickman hits the brakes. The Jeeps stops fifty yards from Quinn. Rickman jumps out of the car to retrieve the briefcase. Quinn staggers to his feet, holds up the briefcase, opens it.

QUINN Is this what you need!? This what it's all about!? All the killing!?
Quinn dumps the vials on the ground. Steps on them.

QUINN Come and get it.
Rickman realizes there's only one way out. He takes out his timer. Hits the button. The vortex opens.

Quinn runs towards Rickman, but he slides before Quinn can reach him. The vortex closes.

Maggie, Remmy and Wade drive up in a Jeep. Quinn pulls out his timer.

QUINN It's tracking him. WADE But we've got four more hours on this world. QUINN It'll hold the path of his wormhole until I clear it.
And the scene finishes out from there as we saw it.

As the Sliders are about to slide off again and are saying their good byes, we get one last revelation concerning the cat saved from Exodus earth...

REMBRANDT We have your coordinates. We could always come back to visit some day. But right now, we have to find Rickman. He's got to pay for what he did. And he's got the timer that can get me back home.
Malcolm nods his head. He understands. But he's not happy about it. He sticks out his hand. Remmy takes it, then hugs him.

REMBRANDT Don't worry. You have a lot of good people here who will look after you. WADE Hey, Malcolm. Did you name your cat? MALCOLM I thought I'd call him Max. What do you think?
The Sliders exchange a look.

QUINN I think it's great.
Maggie crosses to them. Quinn eyes the timer.

QUINN It's time.
And the Sliders slide out...

Our last set of missing lines gives a point of contention. Apparently production couldn't make up their mind when or if they wanted Rickman's timer to be corrupted by advancement. It appears they contemplated having that event at the end of Exodus first...

REMBRANDT That means he just slid. You think he knew we were coming? QUINN (to Maggie) He had to input a return duration on that timer for it to activate when everybody slid. Do you know how long he set it for? MAGGIE I think it was twenty-four hours. QUINN Then he corrupted it when he activated it early to get away from me. WADE Which means he can't set how long he stays on any world. So he has to slide when the timer runs out, just like us. MAGGIE How long before we can follow? QUINN (eyes timer) A day and a half. WADE Quinn. Look.
They spot a man lying face up on the grass. His eyes open, staring into space. They approach. Maggie turns the man over. Looks at the base of his skull.

MAGGIE A puncture wound.
The Sliders react.

QUINN We'll find him. No matter how long it takes. We'll find him.
We HOLD on the Sliders exchanging a look as we...



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