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Here are some little facts that you don't see mentioned every day. This list will continue to expand as time goes on...

  • During the first season, the "next week preview" at the end of each episode had some unique orchestrated music behind it used in no other part of the show. This was in fact the orchestrated theme to an early 1980's film titled "Explorers" which starred a pre-teen River Phoenix. The name of the orchestrated piece this segment came from is "The Construction" and it can be found on the Explorers Soundtrack. To hear a virgin copy of the 30 second edited bit used, click here. You will need an MP3 Player (for Windows or Macintosh).

  • If you are ever watching "The Pilot" in its syndicated two part version, you may notice some parts missing in part two. In fact, three scenes are missing. The scene where the revolutionists are talking about how the raid was a shot in the arm is missing. The famous running silhouettes seen at the end of the credits of seasons one through four are missing (this scene occurred as the Sliders try to run from the Russians as they slide off Russia earth). And lastly, the first part of the dinner conversation on the last earth of the episode is missing (It had Quinn saying "So where do you want to go tomorrow? Just kidding...")

  • Another syndication cut occurs in season two's "In Dino Veritas". Near the end of the episode when Quinn reappears, his entrance line "Get away from her you bastard!!" is cut out.

  • Syndication cuts couldn't stay away from season four either. In season four's "Revelations", part of the sequence with the giant's arm has been cut away. While only a few unimportant seconds, the giant's arm initially flailed backwards to knock over some drums in the original broadcast.

  • Did you ever know that Jerry O'Connell and Quinn Mallory share something other than approximate age? Jerry's father is named Michael too.

  • "All of the timer props used in first and second season were 'lost' in the move to Los Angeles" - Robert K. Weiss

  • Sandra Hess (who played Marta in 4th season's Genesis) could also be seen on the Fox network just a few weeks after the June 1998 premiere playing the role of the Marvel comic book villian "Viper" in the movie "Nick Fury: Agent of Shield" which starred David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury. She can now be seen every week as a regular on Pensacola: Wings of Gold.

  • If you are ever at the Universal Studios Hollywood themepark, be sure to pay the little bit of extra cost to take the backstage tram tour. This tour takes you through the backlots and you even get a glimpse of some of the outside sets used on Sliders (such as the street scenes often used). Also check out the Backdraft ride (used in "The Fire Within" at the end) and the Universal City Walk (seen prominently at the beginning of "Dead Man Sliding").

  • Have you ever wanted to jump into a vortex? Well, if you have an N64 game is possible! Try out Turok 64 and you will notice that the "gateways" to each new level are identical to the first season vortex. Just jump in and enjoy the slide! And if you wonder why it looks so similar...both Turok and Turok 2 were written by Jeff Gomez, the man who was editor of all the Acclaim Sliders comics. As a Sliders fan since day one, he had to throw that little "inside" in the game's design.

  • Did you know that Mr. Hurley (Quinn and Wade's computer store boss) is a real life man? During his stint on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Tracy Tormé had to work under a smart alec, know it all, general butt of a man named Maurice Hurley (least that's the way Tracy describes it - see his 1998 Starburst interview). From what I've heard, the characterization is uncannily close to real life...

  • It's pretty much common knowledge that Charlie O'Connell (Jerry's brother) appeared in Sliders before his regular stint in season four. He is credited for the episodes "As Time Goes By" and "DragonSlide". But did you know he also appeared in "The Young and the Relentless"? Yep...whenever you saw the dead floating body of Quinn in the pool and there was no face visible...that was a waterlogged Charlie O'Connell standing in.

  • Did you ever wonder why we never saw Schrodinger the cat after The Pilot episode? Well, it turns out that Jerry O'Connell (Quinn Mallory) is allergic to cats. So, the cat had to go. This is also the reason that we did not see the scene including the cat named "Max" during Exodus Part II.

  • Did you know that until halfway through season four, Chris Black was not a producer? That's right...his title was Executive Story Editor. Around the time the episode "Just Say Yes" went into production, however...Black obtained his seemingly season wide title of Producer (a final draft of the script has the correction noted).

  • A recurring theme in seasons four and five was the recycling of props (and they weren't hard to spot)...but did you know this happened in season three as well? The careful eye will find the magnetic spider web from "Rules of the Game" as stage dressing behind the band during a concert in "Stoker".

  • Different programs sharing sets is something that isn't new, either. But did you notice that Derek's mansion in "Obsession" is the same house seen prominently in the Highlander episode "Black Mail"?

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