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Where Does TOSoD Fit?
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The infamous third season episode "The Other Slide of Darkness" gave us a shocking piece of continuity information. It was revealed here that the Quinn double from the Pilot episode had actually given the Kromaggs the sliding equation he felt responsible for their ability to conquest...especially the conquest of his own earth.

When season four came around, it seemed that this bit of information was completely forgotten...or was it? The "Genesis" Online Slide tells us that the Kromaggs gained their ability to slide by stealing one of the human devices before they were exiled. So, how does that fit?

Well, the first thing to keep in mind is that all the Kromagg information in the Online Slide is presented from a Kromagg perspective. It could be that they are exaggerating the truth...and would rather find honor in saying that they used superior clandestine capabilities to outwit the humans and steal their technology...rather than saying they had to trick a naïve boy.

I believe there is a better explanation, though, and this holds that the information presented in the "Genesis" Online Slide is true. The fact of the matter is...the Kromaggs could steal the sliding tech, but did they know how to work it? I would hazard a guess that they were able to use it just like our Quinn did in the first few seasons...random sliding with a time limit you could not advance for fear of never being able to get back. Then one day, the Quinn double from the Pilot episode pops up on the earth the Kromaggs were exiled to. He sees that they have sliding tech, and just like he did for our Quinn in the Pilot episode...he gives them the equation to help them along. The difference is, unlike our Quinn...the Kromaggs actually study the equation and unlock the secrets of tracking, storing coordinates, quantum signatures, etc. long before our Quinn who never really took the time to study it. So, then they were able to immediately jump in and start mass conquering and searching. This theory could also help explain why they would have had to make treaties on early worlds (e.g. "Asylum"). Maybe at that time they were still bound by the one chance time limit...and once that ran out, they had to get the resources they could and run.

This brings us to the last continuity question with this...the one of timing. Many have pointed out that the Quinn double visited our Quinn only two years before Earth 113. So, according to "The Other Slide of Darkness," the double met the Maggs after that...possibly even the next slide. How could the Maggs have time to build up? It goes along with what I said above...the Maggs were already conquering, but they had no way of controlling the their earth numbering was more "hit and run" than conquer. After they met the Quinn double, they were able to advance their time table and take more solid control...even though they still didn't just go out with guns blazing. How else would you explain the fact that they didn't immediately take over New France world in "Invasion"? It was left alone the entire time our Sliders were incarcerated.

All of what I said above amazingly still fits in with Tormé's original concept for the Maggs (which we saw in the form of the Zercurvians in the Sliders comics. A race of beings who already had the ability to slide...but stole information on how to improve their control from alternate Quinn Mallorys...and with each new acquisition of knowledge, they gained more power. To me, it just all fits too perfectly to not be near the mark...

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