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Above is a Fox Broadcasting memorandum that was sent out along with the preview of the season two premiere, "Into the Mystic". This preview was sent to the press for purposes of reviewing the episode. As you will see by reading the memo, it was just two weeks before the official broadcast...and the season one finale resolution was still not part of the episode. Tormé wasn't exaggerating when he said they made the decision to include it at the last minute.

For those who are not aware, "Into the Mystic" was first filmed with a different non-resolution teaser. Originally, lawyer world was at the beginning of the episode...a teaser that would later find its way to the teaser of the episode "Greatfellas". Because the episode was timed out to fit this 2 minute teaser...the later season one resolution had to fit that time frame. This is why the resolution seemed so forced and was originally supposed to be a 7 to 8 minute resolution that would have featured a much more in depth look at Quinn's death and funeral.

Also, you may be wondering how "Into the Mystic" could have originally been a non-resolution to season one since the story centered around Quinn's gunshot wound. When first filmed, the explanation was that Quinn had landed awkwardly on exiting the vortex into the mystic world and thus dislocated his shoulder. Tormé wisely wrote the episode where only one line would have to be changed to turn the episode around into the gunshot wound resolution. To find out more, be sure to read the "Into the Mystic" Lost Scenes.

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