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The Freshman Takes a Slide
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Now here is a true oddity. This is one "episode" of my comic strip which was published in a well-known university newspaper twice monthly for two years. The title of the strip was "The Freshman" and this particular episode was published in March 1997.

The purpose of this episode strip led into the annual April Fool's issue of the paper where the story was resolved...but not resolved quickly. The boy with the cap you see above was still lost because of the timer when the April Fool's edition came out...but he was lost in the paper itself! The character made several cameos throughout (popping up in the background of the editorial cartoon, in advertisements, and even in one of the boxes for the classifieds) until he finally made it back to The Freshman strip in time to add to the April Fool's humor.

I'm working to get the April Fool's completion scanned in, so bear with me.

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