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Genesis Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S4

These are scenes from the October 3, 1997 3rd revision draft of the script for the episode Genesis written by David Peckinpah. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Did you find the beginning of this episode confusing? Well...that happened due to a couple of things. First of all, we were supposed to see Native Americans on the motorcycles chasing Quinn and Maggie. This is why the Native American spear appears. However, it was discovered that due to union standards it would cost an enormous amount of money to get real we ended up with fat bikers in war paint and the meaning was lost.

Another cause of the confusion was that one of Maggie's lines is largely drowned out by the roar of the motorcyles. Here is what she had to say that adds the alternate "history" (note the tongue in cheek of those parenthesis):


It's a stand-off. The warriors gun their engines; their war cries rend the air.

MAGGIE Maybe you should explain again that it's your *double* on this world that burned down their casino at Little Big Horn.
A WAR LANCE thunks into the dirt at their feet.

QUINN Or maybe not.

charge forward; Maggie and Quinn have nowhere to run. Quinn looks at the timer...

QUINN Now, baby...*NOW*!
Suddenly, the VORTEX OPENS just as the warriors are closing on them. Quinn and Maggie dive in amid a hail of war lances and tomahawks as a motorcycle goes sliding, throwing its RIDER clear.

Okay...first of all, the following passage is an exact quote and not a mistake (it really says "STAR WARS"). Secondly, we were supposed to find out what Quinn and Maggie were a bit timer savvy before going on the first Kromagg raid...

QUINN (tucks the blueprints inside his shirt) Thanks for your help, we owe you both big time. TREVOR (does the STAR WARS salute) Live long and thump butt.
He and Maggie start away; Marta moves to block them.

MARTA Deal me into this. QUINN It's not your fight. MARTA Any fight with the Maggs is my fight. MAGGIE (a look to Quinn) Then we're glad for your help. QUINN (takes the timer from his pocket; to Maggie) We've got to hide this here in the hotel, we can't risk the Maggs finding it on us. MAGGIE If they catch us, it won't matter what happens to the gizmo. But suit yourself.
They go OUT as Trevor sorts through his canned goods, making up his next recipe.

TREVOR Umm, sardines... sardines snuggled in marshmallows, fish in a thermal blanket. That works!
Then we cut to our intrepid team as they knock out a few human workers to steal their uniforms...

Did you wonder what the ugly Kromagg *really* wanted from Maggie as he looked on so intently? The missing conversation the Maggs have after the Sliders drive off explains all.

QUINN (to the fondling Magg) Be careful, she's sick. Fever, chills, throwing up blood...
The Magg pulls his hand away, wipes it on his pants. The other one waves Quinn through the gate. The truck enters the compund, moves off. The Maggs look after them, then at each other.

1ST MAGG GUARD You've been here too long, the human female aroused you. HORNY MAGG She had beautiful eyes. I would have enjoyed sucking them out of her skull.

And let's be sure to give credit where credit is due. After all, a prop maker is only as good as the directions handed to him...

QUINN How does a human being sink low enough to be one of their lap dogs?

Before Quinn's startled eyes, Starke MORPHS INTO A KROMAGG. It's the first time we've seen one close up, and the Neanderthal-like features are harsh and unforgiving. He's got teeth like a Great White; he shows them in a snarl.

STARKE You'll get your chance to find out.

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