Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 10

"Get a Life"
Script by Andy Mangels
Art by Rags Morales

Page Ten:

This page will have five panels.

(Panel) 1.

Large panel. It's a darkened room, with a wall full of TV monitors. On the left bank of monitors are the scenes of the videotape Quinn shot of his first slide, with him standing by warphole (from the pilot). On the right bank of monitors are the scenes from Entertainment Tonight, with the Sliders warping in behind and above Kathie Lee Gifford. A cigarette-smoking man is silhouetted against the screens, motioning towards them. Throughout the room are about ten men in black suits, nondescript but with more than a hint of danger about them. There are black chairs around a black marble table, around which some of them sit, while others stand.

1 CAPTION: An unmarked, unknown government facility in Washington, D.C.

2 CIG MAN: We knew that Quinn Mallory and the others would eventually return to our Earth, and now they have.

3 CIG MAN: While it is unfortunate we've lost years on this project due to the destruction of Mallory's notes, we now have a chance to take control of this technology.

(Panel) 2.

Tight close-up of the cigarette-smoking man as he turns. He sucks the cigarette in, holding it oddly. This is our homage to the Cigarette-Smoking Man of The X-Files, although we'll never see him clearly enough to see that it is truly that actor.

4 CIG MAN: Some of my contemporaries have considered it an error not to derail Bennish and his Sliders film projects, but the fictions he creates have kept the public sated.

(Panel) 3.

On some of the Men in Black, who we see more closely. Each of them has a blood red file folder in front of them. They're all in black suits and ties. None have facial hair, scars, or any distinguishing marks whatsoever. They all have trenchcoats over the side arms of their chairs, or folded over an arm if they're standing.

5 CIG MAN: The timing and location of the Sliders' return is extremely fortuitous. Polls are showing that a significant portion of the public believes that the reappearance is only a publicity gag.

6 CIG MAN: In some ways, that makes your work easier.

(Panel) 4.

The TVs on the left freeze-frame at a shot of Quinn pointing the Timer, while the ones on the right clearly show Quinn holding the Timer as the quartet slides in.

7 CIG MAN: It is Priority One that we capture ownership of the Timer device used by Mallory to control the slides. Secondary objectives are to capture and extract information from Mallory and Arturo.

8 CIG MAN: Once we get what we want from them, they'll be as expendable as their fellow Sliders.

9 CIG MAN: Use whatever means necessary to gain our objectives. If Bennish or anyone else gets in your way. . .

(Panel) 5.

Close-up as the cigarette-smoking man snubs out his cigarette in an ashtray, grinding it in.

10 CIG MAN: . . . you may terminate them.


Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 10