Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 13

"Get a Life"
Script by Andy Mangels
Art by Rags Morales

Page Thirteen:

This page will have six panels.

(Panel) 1.

Bodyguards immediately rush up to them in the halls. It's clear we're in an office building, not Terraslider Ranch. Quinn waves them away, but asks a question.

1 QUINN: No, we don't want any bodyguards right now.

2 QUINN: Is there a deck here? Someplace we can talk in private?

3 BODYGUARD: Yes, sir. Level 27.

(Panel) 2.

The two of them walk out onto a spacious roof/balcony garden, on a skyscraper, Arturo in a mock jovial mood. They're in downtown Burbank, right in the heart of Hollywood's production studios. In the background of this and the other panels on this page, we might see the Warner Studios with its trademark water tower, the Disney towers, Universal Studios up on the hill, the Hollywood sign, etc.

4 PROFESSOR: I feel as if I have just been in a feeding tank of piranhas.

5 PROFESSOR: To think that Hollywood agents share some of the same genetic material as we do.

6 PROFESSOR: Although . . . it could be argued that agents and lawyers are genetically different.

(Panel) 3.

Quinn leans on a balcony, looking pensively out into the smoggy air. Arturo questions him.

7 PROFESSOR: Something troubling you, my boy? Other than the smog?

(Panel) 4.

Quinn responds, troubled.

8 QUINN: I think you know what's bothering me.

9 QUINN: I think we all do, but none of us wants to admit it.

(Panel) 5.

The Professor looks sad and resigned, as Quinn turns away, his hands out, palms up.

10 QUINN: I didn't notice it right away. Not until I looked at the copyright dates on the movie posters.

11 QUINN: The first Sliders movie was five years ago. We've been sliding for less than two years.

12 QUINN: We're not in the future, so it must be that the Quinn on this Earth solved the equation faster. . . or maybe another Slider helped him like the other Quinn did for me.*

13 CAP: In the Sliders pilot. -- Editor

(Panel) 6.

Arturo turns, and is sad.

14 PROFESSOR: I don't think Miss Wells and Mr. Brown have come to the same conclusions yet, my boy.

15 PROFESSOR: This world seems to have everything we need. How will we tell them this is not our Earth?


Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 13