Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 4

"Get a Life"
Script by Andy Mangels
Art by Rags Morales

Page Four:

This page will have six panels.

(Panel) 1.

All around, plainclothes security men/bodyguards put their hands to their earpieces, and/or move forward, closing in on the Sliders and the actors, even as the police and uniformed security try to keep the crowd back.

1 EARPIECES: (electronic) Get them out of there as safely as possible.

2 CROWD: Sliders! Sliders! Sliders! Sliders!

3 COPS: Keep back! Stay behind the barricades!

(Panel) 2.

Quinn turns to look at the marquee, mouth hanging open, as Wade does a double-take away from Courtney, and Rembrandt starts to turn.

4 QUINN: They certainly seem to know who we . . .

5 COURTNEY: Of course we know who you are! I've been playing you for five years.

6 WADE: Holy cow!

7 REMBRANDT: They love us!

(Panel) 3.

The plainclothes security men/bodyguards gather the Sliders and the actors up, shepherding them towards the entrance to the theatre, and safety.

8 SECURITY: We need to get you all to safety. This crowd is getting unruly.

9 PROFESSOR: Of course. Lead on.

10 SECURITY: Let's get them all inside and out the secret exit.

(Panel) 4.

Rembrandt protests, pointing at his adoring public, but one guard cautions him. Behind them is a poster for the Sliders Trilogy, with the four of them in action poses. It looks like a painting by Boris, crossed with the famous Hildebrandt Star Wars poster (and I think would be a great cover for this issue, possibly by Rafael Kayanan). Wade is dressed sexily and is clutching Quinn's leg, Quinn has his shirt half-open and is holding up the Timer like a lightsaber, opening a warp above their heads. Rembrandt has a slick gun and looks like James Bond crossed with Han Solo, and Arturo is behind him, larger than life in a kung fu pose like Bruce Lee crossed with Chewbacca.

11 REMBRANDT: Wait! They love us, man. They love the Crying Man!

12 SECURITY: Of course they do, sir. But you could be in danger if you stay here.

13 CROWD: Crying Man! Q-Ball! We love you! Sliders!

(Panel) 5.

Kathie Lee Gifford tries to report on the goings-on, while trying to wipe wet concrete from her hair and face. The camera crew is in hysterics.

14 KATHIE: Well, this turn of events is certainly exciting. The real Sliders have apparently returned, but as security ushers them off, we'll have to wait to see what comes next.

15 KATHIE: Meanwhile, I'm going to go wash this cement out of my hair. This is Kathie Lee Gifford, and it's back to you, John.

(Panel) 6.

On John Tesh as he turns from the screen, unsure of how to proceed as he faces the camera. His slick smile is a little lopsided.

16 JOHN: Thanks, Kathie. Good luck getting that cement off before it sets.

17 JOHN: You've just seen entertainment history in the making, right here on Entertainment Tonight. When we come back, we'll take another look at our exclusive footage of the startling reappearance of the original Sliders!

18 JOHN: And, we'll ponder the question: Now that they're back, where do they go next?


Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 4