Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 5

"Get a Life"
Script by Andy Mangels
Art by Rags Morales

Page Five:

This page will have five panels.

(Panel) 1.

High aerial view of a sprawling landscape out of the city. It's green and luscious, but a little too clean and landscaped to be natural. This is the huge Terraslider Ranch (think George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch if you know it), with rolling green hills, manmade lakes, animals roaming the woods, etc. A ring of dense trees and shrubs (with hidden fences woven in) ring the Ranch, which is huge. Multiple structures dot the Ranch, none higher than three stories, and all of them beautifully constructed.

1 CAP: What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same Earth, only different dimensions.

2 CAP: My friends and I found the gateway. We've been sliding to worlds where Russians rule America, where corporate gunfighters solved business problems with a bullet, where San Francisco was a maximum security prison.

3 CAP: Our problem has always been finding a way back home.

4 CAP: Now, it appears we may be home, but our sliding may have had fantastic repercussions on our own futures.

(Panel) 2.

A helicopter lands on a green grassy landing pad. Assistants are waiting to help everyone out. The helicopter contains the Sliders and a few security men.

5 SFX: (helicopter) wupp wupp wupp wupp wupp

6 WADE: What is this place?

7 SECURITY: Everything will be explained shortly, Miss Wells.

8 REMBRANDT: Where'd you guys take Wesley and Michael?

9 SECURITY: You'll see them soon.

(Panel) 3.

The Sliders stare in awe at the huge colonial style mansion with its huge porch, green lawns. A deer romps by. Several people are standing on the porch, hands over their mouths. Some camera crews have surreptitiously materialized.

10 REMBRANDT: It's huge!

11 WADE: The way they're treating us, I hope it's ours!

(Panel) 4.

As Arturo makes a remark to Quinn, Wade points to a second helicopter moving in to land.

12 PROFESSOR: This is rather curious, Mr. Mallory. Do you think it's our Earth?

13 QUINN: I don't know, Professor. Could we have become famous while we were gone?

14 REMBRANDT: Well, I hope Kathie Lee got bumped down to ET reporter. She never liked me much, and the feeling's mutual.

15 QUINN: The security guys wouldn't say anything.

16 WADE: Who's in the second copter?

17 SFX: (helicopter) wupp wupp wupp wupp wupp

(Panel) 5.

Over Quinn and Arturo's shoulders as Quinn holds up the Timer. Further in front, a shadowed man and woman are helped out of the helicopter by security. They cover their heads from the wind blown up by the helicopter rotors, so we don't see who they are. . . yet.

18 PROFESSOR: Looks like the occupant of this helicopter may be able to provide us with some answers.

19 QUINN: We've got a little less than 53 hours before we have to slide. Let's hope this is home.

20 SFX: (helicopter) wupp wupp wupp wupp wupp


Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 5