Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 6

"Get a Life"
Script by Andy Mangels
Art by Rags Morales

Page Six:

This page will have six panels.

(Panel) 1.

From behind the surprised Sliders, we see who the duo are. It's Conrad Bennish Jr. and Gillian (from the episode "Gillian of the Spirits"). Both are dressed very well -- actually, Gillian is a knockout. Conrad has his hair pulled back in a neat ponytail (not like the one Jim Shooter wears though, please), and has a full beard. The idea is he looks like Conrad as if he were a young George Lucas. Conrad has his hand extended out and a big smile on his face.

1 QUINN: Conrad Bennish?

2 WADE: And Gillian?

3 CONRAD: Welcome home! You all look great!

4 GILLIAN: We were afraid we'd never see you again!

(Panel) 2.

Conrad shakes the Professor's hand, and makes a comment to Rembrandt.

5 CONRAD: Professor Arturo. You haven't changed.

6 PROFESSOR: I have changed, Mr. Bennish, though perhaps in ways not immediately obvious.

7 PROFESSOR: Mr. Bennish was a rather . . . inattentive student in my Cosmology class.

(Panel) 3.

Arturo gives Rembrandt a pained look, and Bennish smirks.

8 REMBRANDT: I can't imagine anyone not wanting to hang on your every word, Professor.

9 PROFESSOR: How very droll, Mr. Brown.

(Panel) 4.

Quinn stares at Gillian, slack-jawed, while Wade watches Quinn. Gillian talks to both of them. NOTE TO EDITOR: Check Spelling on Gillian's last name. The Professor mentions her mother's name in the episode about 40 minutes in, but it wasn't in the credits.

10 GILLIAN: Miss Wells, Mr. Mallory. . . you sort of know me, but we haven't officially met.

11 GILLIAN: I'm Gillian Richel. I'm Conrad's. . . partner.

(Panel) 5.

Wade chimes in, while Quinn still stands pop-mouthed.

12 WADE: Actually, we have met, Gillian, just on another Earth. You were a little different there. More repressed.

13 WADE: You're not the first doubles we've met.

(Panel) 6.

Conrad speaks up, his arms gesturing to the Ranch, and it's the Sliders' turn to all stare at him pop-mouthed. Gillian grins.

14 CONRAD: We know all about the other Earths. You could say that sliding is what created this space.

15 CONRAD: Welcome to Terraslider Ranch.


Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 6