Sliders: The Dimension of Continuity

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 9

"Get a Life"
Script by Andy Mangels
Art by Rags Morales

Page Nine:

This page will have eight panels.

(Panel) 1.

The doors open onto a big drawing room, with overstuffed furniture and cool stained-glass chandeliers/lamps illuminating everything in multiple colors, as if this were a dream. Waiting in the room are Mrs. Mallory, Wade's mother and older sister, and Rembrandt's brother, Cezanne Brown. Mrs. Mallory is the actress from the pilot for the TV series, not the later actress. We've never seen Wade's sister on TV, but her Mom and Dad were seen at the end of "Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome." Her sister is slightly older, and a brunette. We've never seen Cezanne on TV, either, but he's younger than Rembrandt by a few years. Give him some identifying characteristic, like a beard and/or an eye patch. They've all been pacing, expectantly. Mrs. Mallory is overjoyed, and rushes to hug her son, while Wade is swallowed up by her mother, father and sister. Cezanne hangs back a little.

1 MRS. MALLORY: Quinn!

2 QUINN: Mom!

3 WADE: Kelley! Mom! Dad!

4 MOM: Hi, sweety.

5 KELLEY: Wow! You look great, Wade.

(Panel) 2.

Small panel, as Cezanne tentatively steps towards Rembrandt, holding out his hand. Rembrandt is tentative, holding back slightly.

6 CEZANNE: Aren't you gonna shake my hand, Remmie?


(Panel) 3.

Small panel. Rembrandt gives in and hugs his brother.

8 REMBRANDT: . . . Damn, Cezanne. It's good to see you.

(Panel) 4.

Conrad puts his hand on Professor Arturo's shoulder, and the Professor brightens with surprise.

9 CONRAD: I'm sorry we weren't able to get any of your family here, Professor. It was such short notice, and they're in England, and. . .

10 PROFESSOR: They're still alive then?

11 CONRAD: Yes, and living rather well.

(Panel) 5.

Conrad addresses all assembled, with Gillian at his side. Everyone is beaming.

12 CONRAD: As you can tell, I've tried to do the best I could for your families.

13 GILLIAN: Neither of us felt comfortable taking advantage of your family's losses and profiting by them.

14 CONRAD: Every one of your immediate relatives who wanted to come on board the Sliders juggernaut was given a position in the Terraslider Company, and a handsome income.

(Panel) 6.

Small panel. Gillian excuses herself and Conrad

15 GILLIAN: Conrad and I have some things to discuss, so we'll leave you with your families.

(Panel) 7.

Quinn shakes Conrad's hand, clasping it in both hands, profoundly grateful. In the background, Gillian points out a phone on a table in back to the Professor.

16 CONRAD: It's good to have you home.

17 QUINN: Thanks, man.

18 GILLIAN: Professor, you might want to pick up the private phone over there. There's a woman who wants to talk to you from England.

(Panel) 8.

Close-up. Arturo holds the ornate phone up to his head, speaking tentatively into the mouthpiece. He's more joyous than we've probably ever seen him, and a tear is clear in his eye.

19 PROFESSOR: Mother?


Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : "Get a Life" : Page 9