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Greatfellas Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S2

These are scenes from the March 5, 1996 production draft of the script for the episode Greatfellas with story by Sean Clark and Scott Smith Miller, teleplay by Scott Smith Miller. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

Did you find the Sliders' entrance on gangster world to be a bit...strange? Why was Remmy thrown so far when the others weren't? Well, the original script outlined a much different, more believable version...and one can only guess they stretched the final product around production values to make what we saw while keeping it as close to the original idea as possible...

We open inside a church...


Look up at these men of God -- resigned to the fate of this loveless match. Reacts -- something very strange is happening. A strange wind is blowing the rabbi's hair. A noise she's never heard before. And suddenly, from behind the chuppa (framed and bracketed so that the wormhole can't be seen) --


come tumbling one-by-one, out from behind the altar, as if shot from a canon.

KAPSTROM What the hell --?

lands right into the chuppa, sending it buckling. Pandemonium. Arturo lands next, somewhere in the middle of this melee.

TOMMY Son-of-a-bitch!

on either side of the aisle, bristle, draw hardware.

QUINN Please! Don't shoot!
QUINN There' smore of us coming here -- don't be alarmed -- As now Wade and then -


arrives last, goes barreling right into the caterer's table scattering dishes and silverware --

KAPSTROM (astonishment) Brown?

reacts --

TOMMY (to Gallo) -- It's The Incorruptibles. (grim) Somebody must've tipped them off.
Gallo reacts as --

QUINN C'mon, guys. Put the guns down.
Whispers from the crowd: "It's Rembrandt Brown," "The Incorruptibles," etc. Off a signal from Kapstrom, the guns are re-holstered. Rembrandt's getting a vibe from the response.

REMBRANDT (to gathering) Hello, everyone. Sorry for the interruption. (then) Couldn't be helped, I'm afraid. (sotto; to Quinn) I think they're fans.

And as the Sliders leave the church, they were to find it was part of a Casino/Hotel...


moving through this deluxe Casino, mingling with one-armed bandits, blackjack tables, etc., toward the street --

ARTURO It would appear that gambling's legal in this San Francisco. QUINN As well as gun possession -- (then) Half the people at that wedding looked like they were packing. WADE -- I thought we were goners there for a second. REMBRANDT Lucky for you guys they were mesmerized by my Superstardom -- celebrity can get you out of a lot of scrapes. QUINN Yeah, well, whoever your double is on this world, Superstar, he's not gonna be real pleased when he finds out you're cutting in on his action.

watching as the Sliders move off --

Arturo had an extra comment about Reagan running for mayor...

WADE Why would he want to go back to being Governor after being President all those years? ARTURO The man loved the political spotlight. (then) Perhaps on this world, he was spared the ravages of Alzheimer's -- QUINN Guys -- let's just get to the hotel and get off the streets, okay?

Also, the gangster's conversation originally had a bit more insight into the motives of the wedding...


family are holed up with the Gallos.

KAPSTROM How did these people get past security? Tommy, you got an explanation? TOMMY No go, Pop. Between our two families, we had men stationed at every entrance. (then) On top of which, our sources in Washington say that Rembrandt Brown was scheduled from a meeting with Interpol over the weekend. GALLO PATRIARCH Obviously there's a weak link somewhere. TOMMY What's that supposed to insinuate? KAPSTROM Take it easy, Tommy. GALLO PATRIARCH We put years of animosity aside to secure this merger -- because we hoped to consolidate Las Vegas's interests with those of Northern California. (then) San Francisco's your turf, Kappy -- You're the one who bears ultimate responsibility. TOMMY What're you saying? The Kapstrom's leaked this thing to the Feds? GALLO PATRIARCH I think there's an informant in our midst. This Mr. Tormé. KAPSTROM Mr. Gallo, I assure you -- the merging of our families -- and all it entails -- is going forward. We'll take care of The Incorruptibles, don't you worry about that. (then) And if there's an informant in our midst, we'll take care of that, too.
A look to Tommy. It's clear what this means.

The biggest surprise of the original script is the original identity of the hustling woman who cons away the mob money. Originally, she was meant to be someone Quinn knew...namely Daelin Richards. The change was likely made due to Fox's change in airing order. Originally, "As Time Goes By" was to air before "Greatfellas"...hence the reason this script has no elaboration on how Quinn knows her. Fox pushed the airing of "As Time Goes By" to the end of season two for the reason that they didn't understand the episode. That could be one reason the mention was dropped...another reason? Cost (since the part was relatively small, they may not have wanted to use a higher priced actress like Brooke will notice in the script snips below that there is a question whether or not they can afford the actor who plays Dennis. And yes, that is the same Dennis who was Daelin's recurring love interest in "As Time Goes By").

BARTENDER (as if he had ordered cocaine) Beer? (then) This look like a speakeasy to you?
Before Quinn can respond, a commotion at the far end of the bar. A man - call him John - and a woman. The man's got the woman by the wrist, they're struggling --

WOMAN Let me go! BARTENDER Hey! (to the woman) What'd I tell you about hustling in here? (then) Take it outside. JOHN Not til this bitch gives me back my money.
Quinn's been observing this throughout -- it can't be possible. Or can it?

QUINN Daelin?
The woman turns at the mention of this name -- It's Daelin Richards.

JOHN Who's he? Your pimp? QUINN A friend. DAELIN (you are?) Please -- I don't know what this guy's talking about. (then) He's got me confused with someone else. JOHN Sure. Some other little hustler who ripped me off.
He twists Daelin's arm back hard, hurting her --

DAELIN Ow! QUINN Hey! That's enough! JOHN You're gonna play Galahad?
John throws a punch. Quinn ducks it, answers with a right cross of his own, sending John flying --

BARTENDER That does it!
The bartender's emerging from in back of the bar. He's got a baseball bat --

QUINN Let's go. Hurry!
She and Quinn take off --



She's grateful.

DAELIN Talk about your knight in shining armor. QUINN Are you all right? DAELIN I think so. (then) I swear to God, I never saw that guy before. He just walked up and started hassling me. (then) How'd you know my name anyway? Nobody's called me "Daelin" since I was a kid. QUINN It's sort of complicated. (then) Think of me as just another guy who thinks he knows you.
Quinn's stomach does a flip-flop --

QUINN Listen -- I'm supposed to meet somebody. Are you sure you're gonna be all right?
Before Quinn can respond --

A VOICE (O.S.) Daisy?
They turn to see --


(of if it's too expensive, some locally hired lowlife) exiting his car, moving towards them.

DAELIN Oh God -- (then) It's my husband! QUINN What? DAELIN Careful. He's incredibly jealous. (to Dennis) He's just a friend, Dennis. DENNIS (challenging; to Quinn) You messing with my wife? (shoves Quinn) Huh? QUINN Hey. Take it easy. DENNIS Like hell, I will. (then) You try to nail my old lady and expect everything's okay with that? DAELIN Dennis -- no!
Dennis has got a gun. He cocks the trigger, aimed right at Quinn's temple --

DENNIS Give me one good reason not to blow your head off!? DAELIN (to Quinn) Don't give him any trouble. He's crazy! QUINN Look -- this is all a misunderstanding. Some guy was hassling her --
Dennis does a quick frisk search --

DENNIS (he's got an envelope!) What's this in your pocket? QUINN Look -- You can't take that. (then) That money doesn't belong to me. DENNIS There's thousands of dollars here.
Dennis flashes a look at Quinn -- thousands?

DENNIS Looks like you just bought yourself a drop of mercy, Romeo.
He pistol whips Quinn on the back of the head. Quinn goes down --

DENNIS Don't even try to follow us. 'Cause I'll kill you. (to Daelin) Come on, Daisy.
Daelin look at Quinn -- it's a look that might be genuinely sorry, or might be part of the scam. Hard to tell.

DENNIS I said: Let's go!
And they take off out of there. Off Quinn --



A photograph of Ronald Reagan (taken in a moment of apparent confusion) --

ANNOUNCER (ON TV) Ronald Reagan... as President, he dismantled the federal government. Now Ronald Reagan wants to do the same thing for California...
And we saw the rest from there...

Some more missing Arturo commentary gives us a real world comparison to the state the Gangster world has found itself in...

ARTURO (been reading up, as usual) The key seems to be that Prohibition was never repealed, as on our world. (then) Al Capone, Meyer Lansky, these men were never stopped here. They amassed enormous fortunes satisfying the nation's craving for bootleg whiskey... they carved the nation up into competing markets and territories. (then) In many ways, it's similar to what befell the Soviet Union back home. REMBRANDT How do you mean? ARTURO When President Reagan decentralized the federal government, he intended to shift power back to the states. (then) Inadvertently, he only made the crime families more powerful than ever. WADE Explain something -- Why would they want to bribe us to let them go ahead with a wedding? REMBRANDT Why's that a big deal, Professor? ARTURO Blood is thicker than water, Miss Welles. Perhaps the only way to unify two organizations who have been at each other's throats for years is through inter-marriage.
And then the scene fades to a nice (but surprising) Mel Tormé country song...

After Mel finishes singing his song, he goes backstage to find Quinn and the original script has some different dialogue...

Mel leaves the stage to the roar of the crowd. Stops in his tracks when he sees Quinn waiting for him there.

MEL (off Quinn's hurt his head) 'The hell happened to you? QUINN Big trouble. (then) I've got to talk to you.
From the auditorium, the fans are chanting: "More, more."

MEL Can it wait for an encore? (Off Quinn's look to stage manager) That's a wrap for this set, Tony.
Tony doesn't like it. Off which --



Quinn's laid it out --

MEL What do you mean he's not the F.B.I.? QUINN That's what I'm trying to explain. (then) He's not the Rembrandt Brown you think he is. MEL So who the hell is he? QUINN Believe me, that would take some explaining. (then) The point is, the mafia thinks he took a bribe. (then) Whatever it is that's going down, they think the F.B.I.'s gonna look the other way. (then) I was gonna bring the money to you. See if you could get it into the proper hands. MEL But --? QUINN I got robbed. MEL What?
And that's the point we started the scene in the version we saw on television...

The original script also offered a much more important reason for the mob family merger...

LEAH Listen - I don't have much time. (then) My father has rescheduled the wedding for tomorrow night. (then) I'm asking you to take me into protective custody. QUINN What? REMBRANDT Lady -- I can't do that. LEAH What do you mean "you can't"? You know the kind of risk I'm taking? (then) The Gallos want to merge with our family so as to consolidate Nevada and California into one huge alliance. (then) They want control of the nuclear arsenal. QUINN Nuclear aresenal? REMBRANDT This is unbelievable!
Leah holds out a CD in a box.

LEAH My father paid off a disaffected General at Fort Ord -- This disk contains partial launch codes for all the missles west of the Rocky Mountains. REMBRANDT Partial launch codes? LEAH The Gallos control the other half. (then) They intend to force what's left of the federal government to cede control of the Western States. QUINN It's like the break-up of the Soviet Union, Professor. ARTURO Madam -- you must understand. (then) We are not from the Federal Government. This Mr. Brown is not the F.B.I. LEAH What are you talking about? (then) Surely you must've had some hint of this. Isn't that why you're in town? REMBRANDT Take a look around here, sweetheart. (then) Does it look like the four of us are ready to face down the mob?
And you know the rest from there...

And of course, events when Quinn goes looking for the girl who hustled are different...


from before looks up --


enters --

QUINN How're you doing? (then) I was in here last night. BARTENDER I remember. QUINN I'm looking for a girl who was in here -- (reacts) Never mind --

at the far end of the bar, looks genuinely surprised, maybe even pleased as --

DAELIN It's you. Thank God, I was hoping you'd try to find me here. QUINN I have to talk to you.
As he draws her aside --

DAELIN I feel so terrible about what happened. I wanted to call you, but I didn't know where you were staying. QUINN Save it. (then) The money you took doesn't belong to me. (then) It belongs to the Kapstroms. DAELIN What!? QUINN You heard me. (then) If you and Dennis know what's good for you, you'll give it back. DAELIN Wait a minute. Why would Kappy Kapstrom just give you a hundred thousand dollars? QUINN It's blood money, Daelin. You want me to have to explain to him where it went? DAELIN OhmiGod. Dennis. QUINN What about him? DAELIN He's at the blackjack tables.
Quinn doesn't hesitate. Goes.



sits, slumped, a paltry sack of chips in front of him.

QUINN (O.S.) Where's the rest of it.
Dennis turns --


are there --

DENNIS What the hell are you doing here? DAELIN It's the Kapstrom's money, Dennis. DENNIS Sure. And Bob's your uncle. QUINN Listen, you moron -- (he's got Dennis in a half-nelson, wrenches him hard against the blackjack table) You're gonna get us all killed. You got that? DAELIN Dennis -- just give it to him. DENNIS (in pain) I don't have it. QUINN Then who the hell does? DENNIS Ask him.
By whom he means the blackjack dealer --

And from there we get a nice dose of advanced number theory card playin'...

And since the disk contained different information, the conversation with Rembrandt's double went slightly different as well...

ARTURO Leah Kapstrom is in hiding. She's willing to trade information that is crucial to the future of this country.
Rembrandt 2 takes the CD from him, looks it over as though it is utterly meaningless.

REMBRANDT 2 What's this? WADE Some sort of nuclear missle launch code. REMBRANDT 2 (highly dubious) Leah Kapstrom told you all this? WADE Her father is making her marry someone she doesn't love in order to cement the merger of the Kapstroms and Gallos. ARTURO They plan to force the western states to secede from the union, and once they have the ability to launch nuclear weapons, the federal government won't be able to stop them short of risking nuclear war. REMBRANDT 2 (humoring them) I see. And what is it you'd like me to do about all this? WADE For one thing, you could start taking us seriously.
And the episode finishes out just as we saw from that point on...

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