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Unfortunately, the card set's place in continuity is kind of "take it or leave it". There are a few bits of information which contradict the show. For instance, Quinn's age does not match the show's information. The card set says he is 25 in 1997, but information from the Quinn Mallory tombstone in the episode "Into the Mystic" coupled with Quinn's astrological sign from "Summer of Love" actually shows he should have been 24 at that point. Another problem is found on the back of Arturo's personal card. The card lists his name as "Maximally".

There are, however, a few items in the card set that are of note...

Eight of the Inkworks cards pay tribute to the alternate histories of Sliders. Four of these give information we already had from the series (histories of Ice World from "The Pilot," Water World from "Summer of Love" and "Prince of Wails," Spiderwasp World from "Summer of Love," and Sorcerer World from "Into the Mystic"). The other four cards provide unseen insight, however. You will find both the telling front images and the text of those cards below.

Paint It Red! - 1st season - The Pilot

All across the United Soviet States of America, the people have spoken and from their ranks, one worker has answered their call. New Leningrad (formerly known as Washington D.C.) is decked out in it's finest as members of the Proletariat fill the streets - from the Capitol Building to the Lenin Memorial - to witness today's swearing in of the nation's newest Commissar!

Mrs. President - 1st season - The Weaker Sex

In another photo op., President Hillary Clinton greeted Pope Jane Pauley on the White House lawn to mark the beginning of another century of peace and prosperity. Asked where her husband was on this momentous day, President Clinton replied, "He really wanted to be here, but one of the kids is sick so he decided to stay home."

Trouble in the Rubble - 2nd season - El Sid

Ten years before the Sliders arrived on this earth, a war broke out, resulting in the global devastation and the destruction of all forms of organized government. Now anarchy reigns, and ever day is a struggle to survive as heavily armed gangs fight perpetual turf wars in the rubble.

A Big Bite - 2nd season - Invasion

The Kromaggs have been spreading their dominion across the dimensions and now they're here to take a bite out of the Big Apple. Known for their disgusting habit of eating human eyes, these descendants of parallel evolution were nevertheless welcomed when they promised to solve the housing shortage. Perhaps the humans should have read the fine print.

In addition to the alternate history cards, there was a special six-card set that combined to form an image of the Kromagg homeworld. The backs of these cards similarly combined into a brief history of the Kromagg people.

It is important to note that this history was presented at the midpoint of season three in early 1997 and was based on Tracy Tormé's "Invasion". With the conflicting season four story now in continuity, many have labeled this as a Kromagg propaganda-like lie, but on the other hand... the very concept of Sliders is that almost anything is possible. There may be a set of Kromaggs out there who conform to this history and we just haven't met them yet...or have we?

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The Ancient Kromagg Homeworld

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, in another dimension, early man was thrown off the evolutionary tree by a race of war-like bipeds descended from arboreal apes.

These early Kromaggs became the dominant species by learning to survive in the dense forests covering their planet.

In time, they all but abandoned the dark forest floor, preferring to live and build in the branches of fabulous trees large enough to dwarf even the giant redwoods.

The Kromagg Homeworld Today

The Kromagg's forests survived the rise of civilization marked by centuries of fierce tribal warfare.

With the emergence of city states, the Kromaggs constructed spans between the trees to provide for easy movement of trade goods.

Even today, the technologically advanced Kromaggs - capable of creating spaceports and dimension spanning ships in their quest to conquer all earths inhabited by mankind - continue to live in the tree-top communities of their birth.

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Sliders DoC : Lost and Found : Continuity Chronicles : The Sliders Card Set's Place in Continuity