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Ivar the Timewalker
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Ever wonder why so many people think Sliders is a time travel show? Well, there may be a viable explanation for people who made the mistake in the comics industry.

In July of 1994, a character in the Valiant Comics universe finally got his own short lived series (15 issues and one Annual). The character was Ivar the Timewalker. This series centered around the misadventures of an immortal time traveler as he rewrote history to what we already knew it to be (for example...accidentally causing the Charge of the Light Brigade).

The interesting part comes in how he traveled. He first began his travels through time upon stealing a time compass from a time traveler in the stone age (this compass is a hand held device about the size of a Motorola Flip Phone.)

With this device, Ivar is able to detect when and where the next time arc will appear so he can go to the next era. Unfortunately, he has no control over the time until the next arc or what era he ends up in after jumping through (although through the course of the series, he gains limited control on his destination points). And all Ivar wants to do is get back to the time period of his one true love, Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt.

And these time arcs? A swirling vortex of energy...

As you can see, there are several similarities to the mechanics of Sliders...just that the premise revolves around time travel and not interdimensional travel. Now, there is no way Sliders could have ripped this off...the hand held device and mechanics of Ivar's mode of travel were not revealed until that series in 1994. And by that time in 1994, the Sliders Pilot was in the process of filming (also because of that, no one had seen Sliders Valiant couldn't have been ripping Sliders off). So, it's all just an amazing coincidence. But do you want to hear another amazing coincidence? In 1996, Valiant comics was bought out by another company...Acclaim. And one of the first titles Acclaim would release under their new masthead with the company...was the Sliders series of comics.

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