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Above is a picture of Joey, Jerry O'Connell's double for the purposes of filming Sliders! This picture was taken during the filming of season four's "My Brother's Keeper." The scene in question is at the end of the episode...blind Quinn (wearing sunglasses) was wearing that sweater. Apparently Joey was acting as a stand-in while they did the blue screen work to get 3 Quinns on the screen at once. Apparently the red smudges around their eyes are to give the effect of severe burns around that area (since sparks burning the eyes of the double is what caused his blindness).

This picture was made available when Joey contacted YabloVH on the Original Sliders Mailing List in the summer of 1999. Yablo was kind enough to share this picture with us as well as some answers Joey gave to questions. The most notable of the information from Joey is that he tried to get the part of Mallory for season five...but the casting directory wouldn't let him try out for it. He still observed a lot of season five's filming, however...and did some double work in that season as well.

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