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The "Invasion" Kromaggs
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That's right...the real Kromaggs. Both of these figures were made using Exploding Original Ghost Rider figures from the Toy Biz Ghost Rider line (and can still press the button on the back and now have exploding Kromaggs).

Like Bennish, these figures required a large amount of sanding work using the drummel tool. The fire surrounding Ghost Rider's skull had to be trimmed away along with several small touches (such as the belt design). Sculptey was then used to fill in the cheek areas, give the monkeys lips, and make the striping for the costumes along with the elastic-looking portions on their sweaters. An Exacto knife was used to give the clean edges that you see (since the Sculptey was trimmed to make the straight lines and edges). You may also notice the hair on the Kromaggs...the hair on top of the head is molded and painted Sculptey...but the pony tails are actually doll hair used to add more realism. I simply drilled a hole in the back of each skull, rolled up pony tails and glued them in. And of course, all the color was given by Acrylic paints.

The Kromagg weapons were made strictly from Sculptey with acrylic paint finishing them off.

Ghost Rider is a copyright of Marvel comics and is licensed by Toy Biz for production. The Kromaggs are a copyright of Universal Studios and St. Clare Entertainment.

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