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Kennedy Magazine Cover
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Another of the memorable props from the series, this is the Kennedy magazine from "Obsession". The magazine was in reality the June 5, 1995 issue of Time magazine. The News Monthly cover was pasted over the Time cover (the Time cover featuring Bill Gates and the headline "Master of the Universe").

What most never realized is that the back also contained some alternate history references...even if they were incomplete. The back cover was the beginnings of an ad for The Seer Academy, but the idea was abandoned. As such, the same garbled message was just typed over and over again to fill the space and make it appear as if it had text if seen from a distance (just in case the back somehow ended up in camera).

As a side note, take a close look at the screen capture from "Obsession". Didn't we see that Tempo magazine behind the Popular Sports magazine in "Eggheads"? Yes...we did.

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