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The Last of Eden Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the December 17, 1996 4th revision draft of the script for the episode The Last of Eden written by Josef Anderson. A very special thanks to Mara MacLeod in helping obtain this version of the script. These scenes did not make it into the final episode mainly due to Fox's shuffling of episodes. This episode was supposed to air before "The Exodus", but was pushed back so that the death of Arturo could air during February sweeps in 1997. Because of this push back, part of the finished and already filmed episode was cut away in a revision on March 13, 1997. This revision also added new scenes showing Wade and Remmy in the present (after Arturo's death) framing the episode in a flashback sequence.

After falling into the underground city, Wade originally had a few comments not seen in the episode...

REMBRANDT It's not your typical suburb. But as long as it's got a hardware store and some rope...
They start for the tower.


Wade sits on one corner of the platform, legs drawn up in a ball. She looks over at the body of the woman. She's not sure what to do. There's another tremor. The platform shakes and part of it gives way. Wade grabs a bar and holds on for dear life.

The woman's body rolls off the platform and falls down below. The platform shakes again. She can't risk staying here any longer.

WADE Damn.
She starts climbing down.

WADE No problem. It's just a big jungle gym.
Another shake. Wade holds on for dear life until it stops. She starts climbing down again.

We were also supposed to see more than just a few pipes when Quinn went down the vent shaft...


Quinn is lowered down the rope, through the large duct pipe. He passes an opening in the pipe. He looks out.

QUINN Stop! That's enough.
Quinn stops. His eyes adjust to the light.


He sees (CGI) huge columns supporting the under structure. And then he sees the outline of buildings a hundred and fifty feet below. An abandoned city in ruins, right under them.


QUINN Wade! Wade!
His voice echoes. No response. Quinn looks up.

QUINN You won't believe what's down here. We're gonna need more rope. Pull me up.
But we all know that Quinn found his way down without more rope...

While it was never stated on the show, the script explains what was happening on Arturo's arm due to the reaction (which we did get to see)

Remmy touches Arturo's arm.

REMBRANDT My God. It can't be. ARTURO (horrified) It's a thorn.
Arturo presses his finger down into the flesh. He winces, then shows his finger to Remmy. There's a drop of blood on his finger. On their looks...back to the underground.

So, it would appear that it was not just poisoning or allergies...Remmy and Arturo were turning into rose plants. The plants likely reproduced through the thorn pricking...and the populace of Janeer world had just developed a natural immunity to it.

The script also provided some more detail concerning the creatures' nest where Wade found the baby...


A sign reads "Information Center". Through the broken front window, we can see a creature inside.


seeing the creature, hearing the strange sounds. Wade moves closer.


Filled with some desks and debris, posters on the walls proclaiming relocation days. There are drawings on the wal of the pylon system.

There are remnants of the creatures making a nest here. Wade peeks around the edge of the broken front window.

Not long after this, we also had another small background detail that wasn't seen. This takes place in the Information Center after Quinn arrives...

Quinn looks at the drawings and posters on the wall. Some of the pictures show the planets lined up. A poster says "Horizontal is death, vertical is life."

Arturo and Remmy also had some added commentary just before Remmy began his descent to the Underworld.


Remmy, Arturo and Brock stand before the air grate in the ground. They've tied off rope.

BROCK One of us should wait here. ARTURO I'll stay behind. I'm not feeling fully recovered yet.
A look to Remmy.

ARTURO Good luck. See you back here soon. REMBRANDT This is a real good idea. Going underground when the earth's shaking.
Remmy grabs the rope, snaps a light stick, starts to lower himself down.

REMBRANDT Like building a subway in L.A. BROCK What's a subway? ARTURO Something our Janeers made.
Remmy disappears from view. Brock goes over the side.

And as Remmy and Brock descend downward on the catwalk, Remmy had some more obervations...

Brock is totally blown away by what he sees.

REMBRANDT They built your world on top of the old one. BROCK What is all this? REMBRANDT Looks like the boilers and generator that kept things running.

Quinn was also supposed to use the knowledge gained from the Information Office diagram to explain why these quakes were happening...

KEEGAN All of you who disobeyed will die. QUINN And you'll die if you stay here. You must leave this place. I don't know what's out there, but you can't say her. KEEGAN We can't leave the valley! QUINN Look, there is another city below you. What holds up your world is failing. One day, this will all fall down. The alignment of the planets is making this happen. ARTURO Incredible. QUINN If you leave now, you could have a chance for a new life. KEEGAN Don't listen to them. BROCK It's true, I saw it with my own eyes.

But, there is one thing that everyone wonders about. What part of this episode was cut out so that the new post Arturo death beginning could be inserted? The following is the portion that was cut fact, if you watch can tell (with an obvious change in the recipient of Arturo's final line for the ep). This is the resolution to the Arturo/Remmy argument about keeping secrets.

WADE Can't save everyone. QUINN Then I guess we better look out for each other.
Quinn opens the vortex. Arturo and Remmy step off to the side, away from Quinn and Wade.

ARTURO I owe you an apology, Mr. Brown. I should have told you. I'll tell Wade, too. REMBRANDT She's not gonna like hearing it anymore than I did. ARTURO The doctor said I could right on sliding to the very end. It doesn't change anything, Mr. Brown. REMBRANDT Yes, it does. (with affection) Now I'm gonna have to be nice to you.
Remmy dives into the vortex. Quinn and Arturo exchange a look.

ARTURO I'm a fortunate man, Mr. Mallory, to count you all as my friends.
Arturo dives into the vortex. Wade gives Quinn a look, what did that mean?

Then we cut to Keegan as he hears the vortex sounds and the rest of the episode played out as we saw it. Except...

The March 13th revisions (for the airing after "Exodus") originally had a short bit at the end of the episode where we come back to Wade and Remmy in the present to close things out...

QUINN Good thing they bounce.
Quinn takes a look around, up at the planets, then dives in too.



Long shadows fall across it. A white hand appears on the edge.

Creature #3 pokes his head up, eyes adjusting to the light. His large red eyes search the landscape, waiting for night to come. And then he sees Keegan. And Keegan sees him.


seeing each other bathed in the light of three bright objects in the darkening sky.


Wade is crying softly. Rembrandt comforts her...

REMBRANDT We gotta promise to keep the Professor's memory alive, Wade. Burying your feelings about him is probably the reason behind your nightmares. WADE Do you think the Professor knew how much we loved him?
Rembrandt smiles wryly...

REMBRANDT I'm sure he did.


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