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The Disappearance of Logan St. Clair
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Logan St. Clair

In the now infamous third season episode "Double Cross," viewers of Sliders were introduced to a most intriguing character...Logan St. Clair. The only problem is that after making such a stunning debut...this character who vowed to track our Sliders across the dimensions for revenge just simply vanished, never to be seen again. Why?

There are actually many theories on the subject. The leading theory has Logan losing our Sliders after they switched out timers in the third season episode "Slide Like An Egyptian." The theory is that Logan was unable to determine who to track upon reaching that world where sliding was quite common amoung royalty. You see, Logan had the ability to track objects through wormholes...but there was never any evidence she could track specific objects based on signatures. This would mean that upon arriving on Egypt world, she would have to guess...and the odds were that she would guess wrong. Thus, Logan would become lost without a way to determine where the Sliders were going...therefore momentarily being robbed of her revenge and left to wander aimless through the dimensions until she is discovered again.

Then we come to the theories which go along with the belief that Logan will never appear again in the series because she is dead. One such theory has Logan landing on the earth from the third season episode "Exodus" before the pulsars hit. The problem would be that her time limit wasn't even close and she wasn't aware the pulsars were coming (unlike our Sliders), she met her demise along with the citizens of Maggie's homeworld. Along with that theory is the possibility that Logan slid in after the pulsars destroyed Exodus earth...thus leaving Logan to unknowingly slide into the silent cold of decompressive space that earth held after it exploded.

There is one last death theory, however, that is quite intriguing. It centers on the strange action of the bullet Logan fired at the end of "Double Cross."

Logan St. Clair

At the end of the episode, Logan tracks our Sliders after their escape and demands that Quinn give her the re-entry coordinates for her earth (she was having a problem with that...due to not having the right re-entry coordinates, anything that came back through her vortices was burnt to a crisp. Quinn had found the right coordinates just before his escape, though...). Logan's bluff was that Quinn give her the correct entry coordinates in the 30 second time limit she set for that world, or she would shoot and kill Wade before she was sucked back in.

Quinn seemingly obliged and threw her timer back into the vortex just as the 30 seconds was up...Logan fired her gun anyway (because Quinn wouldn't come with her) but the bullet was sucked back into the vortex (along with Logan) before it could hit Wade. This principle is exactly identical to the way the timer was originally meant to work. If you remember the Pilot episode, Quinn's first use of the timer (which took him to "red means go" world) acted this way. Once time was up, the vortex opened and sucked him (and everything he took with him from his dimension) back into the vortex and returned him home. The same principle applied to the basketball he threw in earlier in the episode...and the same principle applies to Logan's bullet.

Here is the interesting part, however. Once Logan is gone, Quinn explains that he just put in random coordinates and that Logan is now "lost like us." Was that true? We already know that if Logan didn't have the correct re-entry coordinates that she would burn up upon going back through the vortex, and Quinn gave her the wrong coordinates. Further proof is found with the bullet itself. If you watch the sequence of events I just described in the episode, then you will notice that the bullet begins to glow red hot as it is sucked back into the vortex...and Logan lets out a shrieking scream. Pretty compelling evidence to this theory of Logan dying at that instant.

Do you want more? Watch the expression on Arturo's face as Quinn explains what he has done with Logan's timer. Arturo would be the only other person there who could understand what Quinn actually did...and Arturo's expression could be interpreted as one of morbid shock and disbelief in reaction to what he realizes from Quinn's words...that realization being that Quinn, seeing no alternative, purposefully killed Logan St. Clair in order to keep her from using sliding tech to ravage worlds and to stop her from tracking his friends into vengeful oblivion. And that sense of protection toward his friends extended to letting them believe Logan was just "lost" instead of actually having to live with his split second action as judge, jury and executioner. That would be a burden he would wish to carry alone...

It makes you wonder...doesn't it?

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