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Logan St. Clair
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Logan is another relatively simple figure to make and one which I'm especially proud of how it turned out. The only figure used to bring Quinn's extra X chromosome to life was Mystique from the X-Men Mutant Beast set distributed by Toy Biz. The first order of business was to sand off the skull on Mystique's forehead (she has a small skull in the center of her forehead at the hairline). This is best done using a Drummel tool which allows for precision sanding. The next order of business is to use the infamous Sculptey (found at any craft store) in order to make Logan's trademark vest, collar and outside shirt tails seen at the end of "Double Cross". In order to give these items their edge, use an Exacto knife to cut in the sharp angles needed. From there it's a simple matter of using acrylic paint to bring this bad girl to life. Logan's timer was made completely from Sculptey and painted to match what we saw on the show. The Scupltey is still somewhat malleable after painting, and you will find that you can press it into her hand (where it will mold to her hand and stay) without damaging the look of it.

Mystique is a copyright of Marvel comics and is licensed by Toy Biz for production. Logan St. Clair is a copyright of Universal Studios and St. Clare Entertainment.

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