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Welcome to the Lost and Found! Archived here are missing scenes from Sliders episodes, as taken from various drafts of the original scripts. This is how the writers originally intended the stories to be.

As you will see, there are tomes of information that were left out of the episodes. Also, these missing bits fill in practically all of the gaps and questions the series' "plot holes" left. So, as it turns it out in most cases, the writers did think of the problem...the answer was just cut due to time constraints.

At the beginning of each set of outtakes there is a script version listed. The Production Draft is the earliest version there can be. If you happen to have a script that is an earlier version than what I have...or if you have a script for an episode not listed...please contact me. You will get full credit for any information you contribute (including a link to your website for publicity).

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The Lost Episodes

The Lost Comic: "Get a Life"

S2 Gag Reel

S3 Gag Reel

The Edited Pilot FX Scene

"You're Watching Fox" Promo

US S4 Missing Scenes

Year 5 Journal

Sliders DoC : Lost and Found