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Love Gods Script Outtakes
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These are scenes from the December 4, 1995 sixth revision draft of the script for the episode Love Gods written by Tony Blake & Paul Jackson. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time and story considerations.

The beginning of this episode originally featured a gag we saw later in season two with "Invasion" (I assume it was pulled from Love Gods and saved for that later episode):




emerging from the wormhole. Arturo lands hard.

ARTURO Bloody asphalt again! QUINN Don't complain. Next world it could be spikes.

hits the street hard, rolls. But unlike his friends, he rises unhurt, thanks to the tube-like day-glo pads that cover each arm from wrist to shoulder. Bicycle helmet, knee guards complete the surprising picture.

REMBRANDT (exhilarated) Yeah, baby! Definite E ticket! ARTURO So glad you enjoyed yourself, Mister Brown. REMBRANDT Hey, I offered to make you a set of sliding pads, Professor. You said they looked ridiculous. (removing his equipment) I ought'a get a patent on these.
As Arturo glowers at him...

QUINN How long are we here for? WADE (checks timer) Three days, sixteen hours.
And the rest is as we saw it from there...

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