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Captain Maggie Allison Beckett
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Maggie is yet another relatively simple figure to make. The only figure used to make the Captain was Ninja Psylocke from the X-men Ninja Force set distributed by Toy Biz. All that's really needed is some acrylic paint in order to make this figure look like a Marine in a flight suit ready for action. Sculptey was used on the wrists give the sleeves of the suit subtle cuffs. Maggie's aresenal comes from the Twitch figure used to make the Conrad Bennish Jr. figure on this site. The handles of the guns need to be whittled down in order to fit the figure's hands, however.

Psylocke is a copyright of Marvel comics and is licensed by Toy Biz for production. Twitch is a copyright of Todd McFarlane. Maggie Allison Beckett is a copyright of Universal Studios and St. Clare Entertainment.

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