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Murder Most Foul Script Outtakes
Sliders DoC   Lost and Found   S3

These are scenes from the November 5, 1996 production draft of the script for the episode Murder Most Foul written by David Peckinpah. These scenes did not make it into the final episode due to time, story considerations, and a need to throw away most references to Sherlock Holmes.

First is the major change which swept this entire script. Originally, there was no Reginald Doyle. Arturo was Sherlock Holmes, and all characters were appropriately matched - Quinn was Watson, the head inspector was Lestrade, etc. Since Sherlock Holmes was still mentioned in the final version, we can assume it wasn't a copyright problem. Likely the change was made to give it more of an "alternate earth" feel (since it's mentioned that that world's verion of Sherlock Holmes must be Reginald Doyle).

Originally, the Sliders were immediately supposed to go to their suite after arriving...


The Sliders are relaxing in the suite. Remmy's at the window, watching the street below.

REMBRANDT This is the first world we've been in with a dress code. You see the way people looked at us when we checked in? ARTURO (comes in from the bedroom) A man covered in garbage would draw stares in any world, Mr. Brown. QUINN (re: his suit) That looks alot better. ARTURO Now it looks like a badly stained suit. I'm going out to get a replacement. WADE Want some company? ARTURO No.
Quinn moves to intercept him, speaks quietly, concerned.

QUINN Are you okay? ARTURO No, Mr. Mallory. I am not "okay." QUINN Look, about the disagreement on the last world, if it makes you feel any better, you were right and I was wrong. ARTURO Cold comfort. I am trapped in a game I no longer wish to play.
Arturo slams out.

He continues out into the public as we saw in the final version...with the exception that he is splashed by mud thrown up by a speeding bicycle instead of being hit by spilled coffee. Also, the people who capture Arturo are referred to as the "thought police".

There was also to be some interesting alternate history given to us by the female doctor who believed Arturo's history to be electronically cloaked by the government...


this could futuristic-looking government building. OVER THIS:

VOICE Professor Maximillian Arturo doesn't appear in any national data bases, nor do his fingerprints, biothermal scans or dental records. The man literally doesn't exist. (smiles) At least in this dimension. Maybe he's a bigshot on some parallel world, like he claims.

A pretty young woman EVALUATOR named DR. PUNCH gazes through observation windows at ARTURO lying on an exam table in the next room, wired up to all kinds of scanning monitors, EKG's, etc. He's conscious, but sedated. An eager young government WONK has just given her the news.

DR. PUNCH He's a bigshot here. His identity has been electronically cloaked, and that happens only by executive order. WONK So what do we do, just put him back in the park and wait for the goverment agents to find him? DR. PUNCH (a dry laugh) You weren't here for the Gates fiasco. Same situation. Gates was picked up swinging naked from a sailboat mast in the marina. There were no records of his existence, either. The E-vals in charge shipped him to country unit, where he hanged himself with piano wire. His wasn't the only head that rolled. WONK Who was he? DR. PUNCH The First Lady's psychic medium. Now she's the *only* one he communicates with. (scans a file folder) Arturo's a Sherlock Holmes aficionado. He'll be happy in Park 21 until they come looking for him, and we can be damn sure they will. Get me a video link with Dr. Bolivar.
Then we cut to Quinn and co. walking in with their black outfits on...ready to impersonate government agents...

The script also gave us a bit more insight on the hiring process for "The Park"...


A staging area of sorts, outside the park proper. Still more an industrial look here, hi tech and cold. Lots of people -- all in "business uniform" -- mill about, being organized by officious young PARK GUIDES in distinctive uniform barking orders on BULLHORNS, separating the people into small groups: "TT's to the right, Civvies to the left."

CAMERA FINDS the SLIDERS alighting from a cab. They pay the driver, move toward the entrance, checking out the action. One of the GUIDES with an electronic bullhorn calls to them on horn.

GUIDE You three...TT's or civvies? (how stupid *are* you) Training Therapists or civilian workers? QUINN Civilians. GUIDE To the left. Board the trams.
The Sliders move to join a group waiting in line at a tram stop.

REMBRANDT What's going on here, look at all these people...
A pretty, harried looking young WOMAN hurries up on them, collides with Quinn. Her name is ERIN.

ERIN Oops, excuse me. I can't *believe* I'm here, I submit an application every year and I finally got picked! Have you worked before? WADE It's the first time for all of us, pretty exciting. What kind of job did you apply for? ERIN Oh no, am I in the wrong line? I'm going to be a theme character, aren't you?
Quinn looks around; they have no idea where this is going.

REMBRANDT Sure, absolutely, what else is there? ERIN (relieved) For dedicated actors, there's nothing else. I haven't had much experience, I'll probably get a small part, but I'll be inside! I'll be a park player! QUINN There are no small parts, only small actors, right?
The TRAM PULLS UP; people start filing aboard. Erin moves away.

REMBRANDT I think we just got jobs. I hope we don't have to wear stupid costumes. QUINN Still steamed about the elf suit on mall world, huh Remmy?
They board the bus as we cut to Arturo waking up in the study of Sherlock Holmes...

This next lost scene offers an explanation of what a PERCOM is. This was actually mentioned in the final version, but never explained until now...


A large, nondescript room lined with rows of chairs filled with new "civvies" and "TT's". All are in period costume now. CAMERA FINDS the SLIDERS in one of the rows up front. QUINN is dressed as a young gentlemen-of-the-period, REMBRANDT looks the proper British Bobby (Policeman), and WADE wears the frills and lace of a music hall performer. Their new friend ERIN wears a similar costume.

REMBRANDT We're burning time, Q-Ball. We should be out there looking for him.
Personnel AIDES move amoung the crowd, handing out laminated ID cards and small personal communication devices (PERCOMS). During this, a young WOMAN addresses them from a raised platform at the front of the hall. We'll call her ANNE.

ANNE Each of you is responsible for your PERCOM. You lose it, you buy it. Carry your PERCOM with you at all times. Dr. Dunhill... People, please welcome Dr. Dunhill, park supervisor.
Applause as a handsome YOUNG MAN in period dress -- a suit and bowler hat -- makes his way to the mic, acknowledges the applause.

LESTRADE Good afternoon, and welcome. Outside this room, I am Inspector Lestrade, Scotland Yard. You must remain in character at *all* times while in restoration areas. Breaking character will result in immediate discharge. The illusion of a different time, a different *world* must be maintained in order for our therapy to be effective.

trade smiles.

WADE (sotto voce) I think we can handle the different world thing.
CUT TO Arturo reading the paper's reports on The Ripper back in study...just as we saw....

There is also some missing dialogue that was meant to be shown at the beginning of Act Two...just after the Sliders have seen the first murder and the timer has been stolen...




A spacious, comfortable area for the park employees to relax and socialize. Tables, couches, video games, etc. REMMY AND WADE sit together at a table with coffee, deeply troubled by what's transpired.

REMBRANDT It can't be as bad as it looks. The Professor's rock solid, no way he's jumped the track. WADE Maybe they've got him drugged or something. (beat) If we can just get him out of here...once we slide, maybe he'll be okay. REMBRANDT *If* we slide. We'll grow old here if we can't find the kid that swiped the timer. (beat) This place is too weird for my blood, a girl gets murdered and it's business as usual. Nobody's even called the cops.
Scattered APPLAUSE pulls their attention toward the front of the room, where:


and a young WOMAN still in "tart" costume has just come in. The woman's costume is blood-soaked, but she's smiling and waving as the other employees applaud. Lestrade holds her hand up like a winning boxer.

LESTRADE Ladies and gentlemen, our D.V. for tonight, Jack the Ripper's latest victim, Jennifer!
Then as the applause erupts again, Wade turns to ask what a D.V. is and the scene plays on...

Also, directly following...there was originally some more dialogue when the Park manager walked over to talk...

LESTRADE (as he gets there; he's got eyes for Wade) Good evening. Are you enjoying your time in the park? ERIN It's fabulous!
But Lestrade is watching Wade, and she's aware of it.

WADE Yes, it's really incredible. LESTRADE Civvie or TT? REMBRANDT We're all civvies. That murder was very real, you even got Sherlock Holmes on the case to help you. ERIN He must be someone really famous, that's a starring role. LESTRADE Yes, but policy prohibits even speculating about patient identities. (back to Wade) Enjoy yourselves. I hope we'll see more of each other.
He moves off.

ERIN Something tells me you'll be moving up to a featured role. REMBRANDT Uh-huh, remember us peons when you get to the top. WADE You guys, he's just being friendly. Who's that he's talking to?
They look to SEE Lestrade talking to DR. BOLIVAR across the room.

ERIN That's Dr. Bolivar, the Senior Director, he runs this whole park.
And the rest is as we saw it...

The next part is some missing dialogue attached to the end of the scene where Arturo reads the second letter from Jack the morning after the murder. This explains how Quinn just walk in and snatch the important role of Watson even though he was a rookie...

DR. BOLIVAR Can you give us *nothing* to go on, Mr. Holmes?
Arturo moves to the hansom as Lestrade moves Quinn a short distance away.

LESTRADE Who assigned you to Professor -- to Holmes? QUINN (scrambling) He glommed into me last night in the alley where the girl was killed, started calling me Watson. I'm supposed to play along, not break the illusion, right? LESTRADE (nods) The override's been maintained, Holmes remains dominant. The murder was real to him, and he's trying to solve it.
Quinn reacts, pieces it together.

QUINN Absolutely, he's on the case. This therapy is fascinating. He really believes he's Sherlock Holmes. His *real* personality's still there, but somehow you override it, then restore it. Do you use drugs, or --- LESTRADE (sharply) -- You're a *Civvie*, not even a T.T.! Look, how or what we do isn't your concern. Just stay in character, there's a bonus in it for you. QUINN Whatever you say. DR. BOLIVAR Lestrade, let's not keep Mr. Holmes from his work.
Quinn rejoins the Professor as Lestrade climbs back into the hansom. We should note a distinctive Scotland Yark crest on the hansom door. The hansom pulls away.

ARTURO Blundering fools. It's no wonder they can't get along without me.
They continue up the street.

The next scene is then Quinn, Wade and Remmy at the street cafe discussing how Arturo was brainwashed...just as we saw in the final version...

There is also a missing quip by Wade when Erin is running off to do what she thinks is act like a victim...

WADE Congratuations. I'd say break a leg, but in your case I guess it's more knock 'em stiff. ERIN (gives her the note; touches up her makeup) Hang onto that for me, wouldja? I want to put it in my scrapbook. I better get out there, I don't want to keep Jack the Ripper waiting. Do I look okay? WADE You'll make a beautiful corpse. ERIN Thanks, Wade. See you in the morgue!
Erin hugs her, grabs her shawl and goes OUT as Wade looks at the note, shakes her head; It's a little creepy.

And then poor Erin meets her fate in the same manner as the final broadcast...

There was also originally an extra line for Lestrade at the murder scene...

ARTURO Good heavens man, you act as if you've never seen a dead body. These wounds are clean, decisive, a skilled surgeon, our Jack. The weapon was undoubtedly a scalpel. Watch where you step! LESTRADE I need some air...
He makes his way out to the street, passing Quinn, Rembrandt and Wade. He gets out his PERCOM unit, punches in a code.

LESTRADE (into PERCOM) There's been a of the civvies, a young girl...a *real* murder, damn it!
And then we are made privy to the Quinn/Wade/Remmy conversation that we saw in the final version...

And there was a little more to Dr. Bolivar and Lestrade's private conversation about the murder soon after...

LESTRADE (there's no political way to say this) Our patients are some of this country's most greatest minds! To put their recoveries at risk over this civvie worker would be reckless and irresponsible. (pointedly) Careers are at stake here.
Dr. Bolivar stares at him a long moment, mulling it; self-interest elbows conscience aside.

DR. BOLIVAR How do we handle it? LESTRADE No one knows what goes on inside this park. We keep it under wraps until the killer's caught. We have ample security forces at our disposal. I'll impose a curfew, double foot patrols... (a wry smile) ...We've even got Sherlock Holmes on the case. He always gets his man.
Then the scene cuts to Quinn and Arturo back at the lab making the discovery about the shoe fibers matching...

There was also originally a bit more when Arturo makes his surprise visit to Scotland Yard...

A hansom pulls up in front of a building ID'd by signage as "Scotland Yard" -- in fact, this is the rear of the office complex housing Dr. Bolivar and staff, dummied up to look turn of the century. Arturo climbs out, goes into:


It looks like the Yark might at the turn of the century, on a much smaller scale. Arturo approaches the Sergeant on duty.

ARTURO Please inform Inspector Lestrade Sherlock Holmes is here to see him.

Bolivar is at his desk, going over some reports with Lestrade; they've turned their attention to the video monitors and Arturo.

DR. BOLIVAR You better get in there. (Lestrade starts for the door) You're out of costume! LESTRADE Damn!
He hurries out.


Arturo is waiting when LESTRADE hurries IN, buttoning his period suit coat.

LESTRADE Mr. Holmes. What brings you out so early?
Then the rest carries on as we saw it...with one exception. At the end of the Arturo/Lestrade conversation, Arturo was supposed to get a smile on his face after Lestrade answers that his shoe size was 11...

Yet another missing segment...after the Quinn stops the park plain clothes security guy from catching the kid, there was supposed to be a little bit more...

SECURITY MAN He's a fracture, some kind of boy genius that's gone psychotic. He's dangerous. I oughta run you in for interfering.


walk through the quiet alley, both winded and breathing hard from the chase. No sign of Trevor [the kid].

WADE He's gotta be here somewhere. REMBRANDT Listen up, kid. I know you can hear me. You have something of ours and we need it. We'll pay you a nice piece of change.
Now QUINN comes into the alley.

QUINN That guy's a security man. The boy's in trouble. Every cop in the park's after him. (calling) We helped you out back there, that should mean something to you. Maybe we can help. You've got nothing to lose trusting us. So how about it.

WADE Damn.
And then we cut to the cafe scene we saw directly after Quinn was stopped by plain clothes security in the final version...

Then there is a lost line from WADE when they find the other kid on the street...

QUINN Where's your friend? BOY I got no friends. Won't give me nothin', huh? Well hose you then.
He throws a balled up piece of paper at Quinn and takes off.

WADE Nice manners, makes you want to settle down and have a few.
Then Quinn spreads out the wad of paper to find the message from Trevor as we saw...

In explaing fractures, Trevor originally gave a bit more description...and also told a bit more about the other parks...

TREVOR Man, you guys are so yesterday. This stuff is neuroscience 101. QUINN Humor me, all right? TREVOR The brain reaches stress thresh, fractures. Useless, right? So the neuroscientists started manipulating the hypothalamus, cingulate gyrus, all that stuff that affects cortisol secretion, looking for a way to manage stress. (taps his head) Long story short, they figured out a way to erase the hard drive up here, override it with a new personality so the brain can rest and recharge. Then they restore the original, good as new. QUINN You're a fracture? TREVOR I'm a *kid*. I still work a hundred hour week like everybody else, but kids get to come to the park for a month every year to play. We don't stress as easy as adults. Play restores us. Last year I went to Sherwood Forest ---
Then Remmy comes walking up causing Trevor to run off...and Remmy grins and screams "All right!" when he sees the timer back.

Another interesting twist comes when Arturo figures out Dr. Bolivar is the real murderer...

DR. BOLIVAR (shocked) Lestrade...I can't believe it. ARTURO Nor can I sir, no matter the great lengths you went to to be sure I did. Lestrade wrote the first two Ripper notes, but the note card from the single rose and Lestrade's crime reports delivered to my rooms this evening were written by a different hand -- *yours*, Chief Inspector. Or shall I call you Dr. Moriarty?
The scene then carries out as we saw it with only one addition on the end...

ARTURO Professor...I'm..Holmes. And you, you are the fiend... DR. BOLIVAR Hardly a fiend, Professor. Just another player in the game. The villain is always the best part.
And the rest of the episode plays as we saw it from there...

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