Sabrina Lloyd takes the 5th (dimension) on 'Sliders'
June 13, 1996
By Christy Slewinski
New York Daily News

"Sliders," Fox's inter-dimensional actioner, has placed its female lead in a sticky predicament.

Throughout the first season, Sabrina Lloyd's character, Wade Wells, has had an unrequited crush on series centerpiece Quinn Mallory, played by Jerry O'Connell.

But, with a second season on the horizon, the one-sided story could go a different way.

Which way? Who knows.

And the actress' call-waiting has inadvertently increased the intrigue.

During a phone interview this week, Lloyd debated the pros and cons of a matchup between the two time travelers. But, as she was likening the situation to an in-office romance, the incessant beeping of the call-waiting on her end of the phone knocked out every 10th word or so.

"They're always traveling together, so that could get pretty -- ,'' she said.

Could get pretty what?

Lloyd laughed.

"You could just leave that blank,'' she said. "Fill in whatever you want it to be. In fact, we could
just leave 'fill in the blanks' throughout the interview, and let people use their own imagination.''

Not that "Sliders'' (Fridays at 8 p.m. ET) lacks imagination to begin with. The show, which is still in first-run episodes through the end of June, routinely takes its viewers to worlds where history has been turned upside down.

But, hey, back to the important stuff - Wade and love.

"Well, of course I want to see Wade get something,'' Lloyd, 25, said with a laugh. ``She's been traveling by herself for a long time.''

Then, seriously: ``I don't know if I would actually like to see them become a couple, but ... I would like to see them start playing upon the sexual tension thing - it could be a little more of a tease.''

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